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Doggies wanted 4 Free Treats

UPDATE: We have a winner… Cici picked Susan Christy and her dogs Foxy and Lucy. Thank you ALL for participating in the contest.


Your dog is invited to try free samples of Milo’s Kitchen® treats so you can figure out which varieties will have your four-legged friend begging for more.

AND one lucky winner will receive a gift pack. The gift pack will include three varieties of Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, and a $25 VISA gift card . All you have to do is write a comment (below) telling us how much your pooch LOVES treats and what is their favorite taste sensation (peanut butter, chicken, beef, turkey, lamb etc).

·         There’s no such thing as too many pictures of dogs. Receive family portrait photos straight from the Milo’s Kitchen photo booth or take your own selfies. Don’t forget to show off your dog’s look on Facebook, or via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MKTreatTruck.


Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck:

·         The Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck will be coming to your area so plan a special date with your dog :

o   July 3rd – Los Angeles, CA, Airport Dog Park

o   July 5th – Los Angeles, CA, Redondo Beach Dog Park

o   July 6th – Los Angeles, CA, Huntington Beach Dog Park

o   July 10th – San Diego, CA, Balboa Dog Park

o   July 11th– San Diego, CA, Ocean Beach Dog Park

o   July 12th – San Diego, CA, 6th Annual Doggie Street Festival, Liberty Station / NTC Park

*Dog parks are subject to change due to weather and foot traffic

Milo’s Kitchen® Treats:

·         are made in the U.S.A. with real chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient, and no artificial flavors and colors.

·         Milo’s Kitchen® Home-style Dog Treats believes dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want for your food.

·         Each recipe is carefully prepared to bring out all the flavors your dog loves. Milo’s Kitchen makes a unique line of mouthwatering varieties for your dog including: Chicken Meatballs, Beef Sausage Slices with Rice, Steak Grillers Recipe, Chicken Grillers Recipe, Grilled Burger Bites, and Chicken Jerky Recipe.


For more info:


·         Milo’s Kitchen website: http://bit.ly/1wW01FG

·         Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck: http://bit.ly/1jN7Of0

·         Milo’s Kitchen Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1nIvxoF

The Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, gift cards, and information have been provided by Milo’s Kitchen®.


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14 Valentine’s Day gifts

We Love Our Pets 

According to the The American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owning Survey 2011 – 2012, there are currently 72.9 million pet owning households and they regularly purchase lifestyle products for their pet, especially for holidays. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day (2/14), Love Your Pet Day (2/20) or both, the sentimental holidays are coming up soon.  Last year, over $120 million was spent on gifts for pets (up from the $90 million recorded in 2008).

Below are 14 suggested gifts for your pets that will show them you care… Each of the gifts have been paw picked and reviewed by Cici and I to make sure that you and your pooches will LOVE LOVE LOVE them… Enjoy !

Loving Pets shows dogs and cats how to dine in style!  Cici loves her Bella Bowl with hearts and I love the ease of cleaning it.

Black Label Vintage Diners:

  • Three-step finish creates vintage styling, such as “aged copper”, and “vintage black”
  • Unique designs complement Craftsman, Mission, and Rustic home decor
  • No-skid rubber bases/feet prevents sliding and tipping

Bella Bowls in New Designer Expression styles:

  • 8 new designs sure to suit any taste or season!
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Removable rubber base prevents sliding and tipping

CritterZone Air Purifier


We have been putting The CritterZone Air Purifier to good use 24/7 for days now. It is powerful, filterless and chemical-free and you can take one with you while traveling. Put one in the car and one in the hotel room and one at home. I was wheezing before using this purifier and Cici’s bugs were making her itchy. Plus, Cici can be a stinky girl. No more doggie smell, no more bugs, no more wheezing ! We love love love this little hard working product.

CritterZone air purifiers are odor neutralizers. They quickly remove the particles from the air that cause odors, restoring it to a healthier, fresher state.  An all-natural process virtually eliminates odors, bacteria and other pollutants such as mold, mildew, E-coli, Staph, Salmonella, Listeria, and more.  It safely and naturally kills germs in the air and provides a surface of protection to PREVENT germ and mold growth.   Featuring 3 settings, you control the amount of natural charged flow to clean your room or vehicle;  Virtually eliminating odors, bacteria and other air pollutants for up to 800 SQ FT!

As a busy pet owner, you may not have time to clean your home top to bottom constantly. That’s where a pet air purifier can help.

CritterZone, an ionic pet air purifier, can get to the root of the odor caused by the smelly cat or stinky dog in your life. It targets the odors and removes them, rather than covering them up. The CritterZone creates a continuous charged flow that restores the air to give it the natural cleaning power it has in the outdoors. The result is that odors are neutralized and removed from the air.

Another benefit of the CritterZone:  It can pull the odors out of fabric and carpet. If your cat or dog had an accident, hold the unit over the spot or set it nearby, and you’ll be able to tell the odor has been neutralized in minutes.



Incognito Pet Carrier in LE prints and solids is styled for pet travel when discretion is required. The design begs the question; “Is it for pets or people?” /Sturdi says, “You decide.”

This gorgeous, comfy red bag is only for small dogs under 40 pounds so Cici (does not fit) and she wants to Give It Away to someone with a small dog … All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us why you’d like to have it and it could be yours !!!! 

There is a double zippered side door entry and top for easy access to your pet. When you are not traveling, your pooch or your cat could use it as a comfy crate house…

When you want to be Incognito, cover the mesh windows with attached privacy flaps and no one

knows what’s in the bag! Additional large pockets on each side will keep paper work dry.

Other features include, slim padded carrying straps, zipper safety security clips, safety tether and a luggage handle loop. A washable fleece comfort pad is included!

go bag


Hot water bottle for doggies

Cuddling with pets keep us humans nice and warm and cozy. And sometimes our pets (and we) need a little extra warmth and comfort. We love this hot water bottle… it works!

www.WarmTradition.com offers  some really unique hot water bottles that are great for pets to use. Pets like to curl up on a hot water bottle to keep themselves warm, comfortable and relaxed. Also great to use on dog or cat’s aches, pains or arthritis. Cover is removable and machine washable. Hot water bottle keeps pets warm for hours.


Boil water, pour into a hot water bottle and slip it in between the sheets of your bed (perhaps down by the feet where your pet is lying down) a few minutes prior to bedtime.  The hot water bottle will stay warm all night  An eco friendly and affordable way to keep warm throughout the winter.

Zuke’s Superfood Treats 

Cici loves Zuke’s treats, all of them. Super treats, she scarfs them up no matter what flavor.  They are Super nutritious and super delicious and the superfoods keep her going.  The naturally powerful nutrients found in superfood berries, betas and greens are just plain yummy in her tummy.


Zuke’s Z-Bones

Z-bones are grain-free, anti-oxidant rich dental canine chews that breath and clean teeth- perfect for your favorite canine!


Music for dogs CD

Relaxing music for your pooches …  a natural solution to pet anxiety and stress. This is classical music designed specifically to calm pets. You can play a CD for your pets when they are alone, recuperating from surgery, adjusting to new environments, or reacting to foreign sounds such as thunder.  The music is very soothing and all selections have been re-orchestrated using the sounds, chords and harmonies proven to soothe “stressed out” pets – and their owners!

Go listen to samples at the website…



Treats galore plus food from Evangers

Evanger’s, America’s only privately-held, family-owned pet food cannery introduces a new Grain-Free recipe and packaging for Nothing But Natural Jerky Treats for dogs.  Cici loves them and does not notice that they are only six calories each !!!

Like every Evanger’s dog and cat food product, Nothing But Natural Jerky Treats have always been prepared without a trace of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  But now the treats are also Gluten-Free, removing oat flour from its list of farm fresh ingredients.

Available in these delectable combinations:

  • Organic Chicken, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Natural Buffalo, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Natural Pheasant, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Natural Venison, Fruits & Vegetables



Goat milk soap is for humans, too!  This soap smells soooo good, I wish I could convey that thru the computer, it is heavenly delicious, lathers up like a champ and I love the peppermint lip balm and unscented soap for pets, too.

Goat Milk Stuff, offers these great lathering bars of natural chemical-free goat milk soap for dogs, as well as a wide variety of goat milk soaps and lotions for people and pets.

http://goatmilkstuff.com/Goat-Milk-Soap-Pet-Unscented.html for the unscented

version and http://goatmilkstuff.com/Goat-Milk-Soap-Pet-Scented.html for the

scented. Each Goat Milk Stuff scented or unscented pet bar costs $8 and is easy to use on your dog’s coat. It will get their hair clean, but is a lot easier to rinse off than most other pet shampoos. It is scented with essential oils that are designed to help repel irritating bugs. Plus, the goat milk helps to make it gentle and non-irritating on their skin.


While candy and flowers typify Valentine’s Day, gifts that pamper can make the day even more memorable. GoatMilkStuff is made by the Jonas family of 10 at their Indiana goat farm, the hand-made Goat Milk Stuff soaps and lotions are great gifts for loved ones and friends in a wide variety of scents.

With mom PJ and dad Jim overseeing soap making and marketing, each of the Jonas children (ages 5 to 16) pitches in to help milk the goats, mail soaps orders and help in many ways in the family’s growing business.

Goat Milk Stuff’s Valentine’s Day gift packs are reasonably-priced from $13 to $20, and each is presented in an organza bag with a variety of color and scent choices.

Online at http://www.GoatMilkStuff.com.

Chews On Belay dog tugs

Photo on 2013-01-20 at 16.01 #2

Cici chewed up the first one in 5 minutes but then the larger one has lasted and lasted and lasted. It is a tug toy with rope and a ball for chewing and tug fun.

To make these hearty tug toys, they use repurposed/recycled climbing ropes and hand make each and every tug. The tugs come in varying sizes and styles and have a broad range of colors. For Valentines Day, get some “love” tugs. These tugs are all red, as well as reds and whites and durable. Being made out of rock climbing ropes, they stand up to the toughest tug-o-war games. If the dog is a persistent chewer, they do not become stringy like other rope toys, meaning there is significantly less string swallowed as well as around the house. All the materials used are made in USA and the actual tug is made in Estes Park, Colorado. Tugs can be made in any color that is on the website. You can see the products at www.chewsonbelay..com You can also see pictures of the tugs in action on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChewsOnBelay

Doggy sheets

Cici and I both love her Valentine’s cute pink sheets with hearts on it for her bed. One of her beds.

Dogysheets come in many colors including Red for Valentines Day! They are easy to use, soft, pretty, machine washable and also come in different sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangle), made in the USA, 100% cotton and are fitted. Dogs love them!  (What is not to love?)

Get yours at the website at:  www.dogysheets.com


It’s a pouch and a dog rain poncho, all in one

Travel souvenirs for your pet… This is a cool product that is both fun and handy, to boot. Your pet can use the poncho to keep dry and you can use the pouch to keep stuff in it. Plus, it has iconic graphics of NYC (and other places) on it so you can show off to your friends where you’ve been or would like to go. They also offer doggie t-shirts (NYC) in different colors and sizes, too.



Night Dawg collar 

This collar is for the dark, comes in neon colors (Cici’s is hot pink) and you can get your dog’s info inscribed on it, to keep your pet safe at night and if your pet wanders off. This is a nifty and practical gift. Comes in different sizes, small, medium, large.

Here is the link to the website:


Send a flying card frisbee

Perhaps you are traveling for V-day and want to send your pooch a message. What better way than send a frisbee with a special message printed right on it ! They will woof it up !!!  This is a great gift for V-day, birthdays, Xmas and more.


Star in a Romance Novel Made in America This Valentine’s Day

Paperbacks start at $39.95; hardbacks at $74.95; ebooks at $14.95, but there are Valentine’s Specials on the site, so it’s best to look for a deal. Photos of the starring couple can be added to the cover for an additional $25. We ship worldwide. Ordering is fast, safe, and easy online at www.YourNovel.com. Order by February 8 for print books in time for Valentine’s delivery. Ebooks can be ordered up through February 14.
Does not have a specific field for pets but if you want to put your pet’s name in for the space usually used for “best friends” you could do that.


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uncommon cures for the common dog (problems)…

ok, I admit it, I am not always a great dog mom, sometimes my dog drives me completely out of my mind… and yesterday was one of those days… and I LOVE my dog and would NEVER EVER HURT HER, but you know dogs are not perfect little furry creatures (similar to kids) so how about a contest, send me your most creative (without being mean) solutions that have worked with your dog… and you will win a Free Giveaway Package from our friends over at Doggytug.com … the best dog tug toys in creation !

l. People, my dog is NOT a big barker, although she has been becoming more vocal. But yesterday at the park, she saw a critter/creature (it looked like a big rat to me, but maybe was a squirrel) and she was barking and barking until I could not take it any longer. Some folks have suggested using a squirt gun or water bottle to spray water on her but I had none, so I just poured water on her head (it was a hot day in the sun anyway) and you know what, it worked…

2. A variation on the same theme, she was wanting to chase bunny rabbits and going nuts on me last night and almost tore my arm out of its socket while we were walking so temporarily I tied her to the nearest tree and asked for help at the mall, but no one would assist me. I had no water squirter, so I eventually untied her, and found a shopping cart and tied her to that and got her back to the car. Whew and Sheeeesh !

Now she has her cute moments, too… like being the official licker/greeter and feet washer/slobberer over at our good friends Lowe’s and Best Buy and every place at the mall … recent comments, “oh, your dog is soooo cute!” “can I pet your dog?” “I love her markings, is she a puppy?” “Does your dog have babies and can I have one?” “I’m going to call her the Nibbler” “She licked me!”

Come on, people, fess up and win !!!

and this is a hysterically funny Letter to My Dog… to go with today’s theme… (bad dog)… my bad…


Here is Kelly Ann Stafford speaking about the Doggy tugs…


and a great article about How to play tug of war with your furry friend…



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born to be wild…

cici and I are enjoying our new digs, more spacious… more room to roam… more bushes, less neighbors… less noise, smoke, etc.

below are photos of inside and outside the yurt, plus photos of cici playing with her Doggytug green toy…  don’t forget to email me if you want to win the free giveaway contest this week… loads of fun for dog boys and girls !

the Oregon coast was just named one of the top 10 places to see and Florence, Oregon, where we are, specifically was listed… hee haw… it’s a beautiful place…

Cici has been very cuddly this morning… and would not move over when I got in the car, usuallys she sits in the driver’s seat while I am outside the car and then moves over, but she would not budge today… she is always full of surprises for me… made it a bit tricky to drive with a 54 pound dog squished up next to me… 🙂

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for all of your furshionistas… a new giveaway…


you remember our close friend, Dottie, the traveling bikini dog panties…


Dottie has been on the go and is in the know… she has gone underground and found the latest in doggie underwear,  black and white polka dot dog bra toy with a bright red bow for your K9 with matching red dog panties chew toy … 







You have until Friday, April 25, 2008 to tell us the name of my two cats … hint, their names appear in an earlier post… and a poem was written for one of them.  I can’t tell you the name of the poem or I will give away the name of the post and that would just make it much much much too easy for you… our friends over at Doggytug

have a fabulous new goodie bag all for whoever wins the new contest… so enter before Friday… 



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and the winner is… roll over Beethoven, dog radio…

Thanks to all of you contest particpants… Cici and are looking over your entries carefully, we think we may have a winner already, but you still have more time to send us your entries.

Here are more details about the free giveaway contest and other contests soon to be announced below… 



and kudos to Olga the traveling bra… 




Now, did you know that dogs (and cats) have their own radio station… TV too… dogs just wanna have fun… and according to these two articles, if you put them together, then you should play music for your dog while he tries to figure out where the heck you’ve hidden his/her food…  yummy…  music to capture prey by, just like in the wild… it’s true that cici has been scarfing up her food in two minutes and looking for more and more and more, and even barking at me for not giving her more at times, our pets are spoiled and bored and so on… she does love getting treats from her kong… i fill it up and put peanut butter over the opening, and it takes her five minutes to eat instead of 30 seconds…  is this an answer ? 



Songs to Soothe the Panicked Pooch

or Music to woof by…


The fact that music can calm the panicked pooch is no surprise to music therapists who have studied the effects of rhythm, sound, voice, and song on humans for many decades, demonstrating its health-giving affects on everyone from pregnant women to older adults with dementia. Researchers have long known that music affects the nervous system and cardiovascular system. Now, hundreds of animal hospitals, kennels, and rescue shelters have taken notice of music as therapy for dogs, as well as devoted dog owners themselves. We can purchase specialized CDs with music designed for doggy listening and there is even a pet-friendly radio station (www.dogcatradio.com)…


Classical music-and Bach in particular– reduces separation anxiety and stress behavior, including reactions to loud noises such as thunderstorms. And pop music had no effect at all, possibly because dogs, like humans, are used to hearing it regularly. So apparently, Paul McCartney and Barry Manilow pose no known harm to canine mental health.

Dogs are known also to take comfort in music with slower rhythms, fewer instruments, and simpler melodies. Because dogs hear at much higher frequencies than people do, music to calm the particularly panicked pooch should be played a low volume. But is all classical music Fido-friendly? The answer isn’t in yet and dogs, like humans, seem to prefer a little variety. So, roll over Beethoven, your dog may also dig a little rhythm and blues.





did you  know that it is important for dogs to work for food …

if your dog is bored, lonely, frustrated, depressed, you should  make your K9 work for their supper!









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