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Hare today: rabbits in the raw

If you live in the Monterey Bay area from Carmel to Pacific Grove, Marina to Gilroy, there is a rabbit farmer in Hollister who delivers raw ground rabbit food for dogs for FREE in the area with a minimum purchase of 10lbs..

He feeds them native grasses, each package is 2 lb. which can be fed to a 60 lb. dog for a week, approximately.

Cici has been scarfing up the raw rabbits. She loves it.  I try not to think about the bunnies. The 2 pound package lasts about a week, so five packages should last the month, if you mix the ground rabbit with kibble or Dr. Harvey’s as I do and feed twice a day. Longer, if your dog is smaller than Cici. She weighs about 53-60 pounds. She has stopped itching, too. No more allergies… allergies be gone dog food !

It is all natural raw dog food, ground rabbit with bone and organ meat included. It has NO preservatives, additives or antibiotics. It is all fresh and healthy. It comes frozen in 2lb packages. And it is very affordable. I did some research on other sites and found prices of $100 for 10 pounds of raw rabbit meat.  Feed your dogs rabbit tartare. Or you can cook the meat and feed your dog cooked rabbit. Either way, it is a nice change of pace (see health benefits below).

Check out the Rabbit in the Raw facebook page


If you have any Questions feel free to call Charly at 831 673 2287. He can answer your questions and will enjoy meeting you and your dogs!

Rabbit Meat:  Is classified as poultry.  Like chicken or turkey but is extremely lean with more protein and significantly less fat.  But unlike the common proteins of chicken and turkey dogs and cats that are allergic to poultry can usually digest rabbit without allergy symptoms.  Other benefits of rabbit meat include the following:  there is no cholesterol found in rabbit meat making it a fantastic option for dogs that have a history of cardiac disease.  Rabbit meat contains fewer calories when comparing ounce per ounce of chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb making it a fantastic option for dogs needing to lose a few pounds without significantly cutting the portion size.  Rabbit meat is a very “heart-friendly” protein source, and makes a great choice for allergic, overweight or sensitive pets.

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on the road again with your pup…

having had five hours (barely) sleep at this motel in Florence, Oregon, i am cranky… and decided that i am going to put my crankiness to productive use and name names of the crappiest motels I’ve ever stayed in, as a warning to you, dear readers.  Run do not walk away from these places or get your money back…

and why does it seem that too many Visitor Center employees are rude?  aren’t they supposed to be paid friendly, kind and helpful???

for instance, the Visitor’s Center in Bodega Bay has a very cranky old lady there who got annoyed because I asked her a few questions…  she is NOT doing her job, fire her !!!

now the Visitor’s Center folks in Medford and in Ashland, OR were wonderful, for the most part and the Visitor’s welcome centers in Yucca Valley, CA and Barstow, CA are really great… as are most of the visitor center folks in Laughlin and Jean, NV

a word about budget motels… this is any motel under $100 these days.  Now as far as I am concerned, $50-70 is not so budget, $50 a night is $350 a week or $1,400 a month, when you can rent a place for $600-800 a month, $50 a night is not budget…  now $10-30 is budget… and even so, if some innkeepers can provide a DECENT room for that price, then so can others…  I don’t think that it is too much to ask for a motel for $50-70 to provide a decent room that is CLEAN, quiet, without bugs, fleas or other creatures, has amenities that work, like showers and toilets, does not smell, is nontoxic, etc. But apparently, some innkeepers provide crappy motel service and icky rooms and don’t mind charging for the bad experience.

The designation AAA approved apparently also does not mean anything anymore either so don’t be fooled. The motel we stayed at last night is supposed to be that.  And I even looked at the room and thought it looked decent but I was wrong.

A couple of years ago, i stayed in Jean, Nevada, about 20 minutes south of Las Vegas at the Whiskey Pete’s and Nevada Landing (NL is closed now), for $20-22 a night, that’ s right, in 2006 i used to book rooms in casinos (pre-Cici)… with Travelworm (the regular rack rate was $27 a night)… they do not take pets. The rooms were not luxury suites but for the most part, they were decent, as were most of the casino rooms I stayed at in both Jean, Primm, Mesquite and Laughlin, Nevada.  Yes, casinos offer great incentives such as cheap rooms and cheap food so that you will gamble your money away while you stay there. And they give comps too if you do.  And who else can compete?  Well, i think that if one motel can provide decent accommodation at an affordable price then so can others… period end of story.

it seems like any motel in or near Sacramento is the pits, the best place I stayed nearby was the Red Roof Inn in Rancho Cordova, but I went to a few other motels and blah, ick, eeewww… need I say more? and why is this????
i stayed at your motel and paid a few hundred dollars or $50 for one night and all I got was this lousy shampoo, body lotion or pastry…  orange juice, coffee, donuts and english muffins do not a continental breakfast make… how about some fresh fruit you cheapskates for $80 a night, give me SOMETHING TO TAKE HOME ….

Top Ten Worst Motels on the Face of the Planet

1. Edgewater Hotel and Casino, Laughlin, NV, registration was a pain, I had to wait until 3 pm (never a problem anywhere else if i arrived early), after 3 pm, the room was still not ready, the people at the front desk were rude, and the room when it was supposed to be ready was not exactly clean, i yelled a lot and got a comp, $50 worth of food that i had to use all that same day, i ate in the restaurant and threw up all night, the maid threw away all of my shampoo, toothbrush, and other supplies because i traveled light, without luggage, and she thought that i checked out, so they comped me for the replacement of these items…   I would definitely never stay there nor at the River Palms, who were rude on Xmas day… my favorite places bar none in Laughlin are Harrah’s and the Ramada Express…  they do not allow pets though…

2. Blu Lite or Ripon Motel in Ripon, CA, back when i had my kitty cat Precious, who was the worst furry traveler ever, he cried the entire time i drove, we had the misfortune of stopping in this tiny town. I paid for the room, started to bring Precious inside and was told they do not allow pets and not only that but the guy would not give me my money back. I was exhausted and spent half the night in my car trying to console my cat.  There is no reason to make people miserable. People make mistakes, why would you want to make an unhappy customer even unhappier by forcing them to pay and stay???

3. Motel 6’s used to be a good bargain place to stay.  In a few locations, they still are pretty good but $50 a night is not such a bargain. Anyway, the Carson City, NV location is decent so is Ukiah, CA but some are decidedly not…  I did write to the corporate folks because of the locations below and did get comped for a few nights.  There are others in cities that i would not even consider staying at. Why doesn’t Motel 6 provide decent accommodations for an affordable price anymore???  They charge an extra $3 a day now for wireless internet, don’t have refrigerators in the rooms nor free breakfast and jack the rates on the weekends, holidays and in the summer.

Motel 6, Eureka, CA just plain stinks… the room was dirty, nothing worked in the room and when I complained, I got attitude. At least, they gave me my money back.

Motel 6, 29 Palms, used to be decent, but last time we were there was awful, bed bugs, noisy and not a great experience

Motel 6, Marina and Watsonville, CA, I was disappointed in the Marina because i had stayed there before and it was nice, but when I went back last year, i could not find a clean room, and finally settled for one i was not thrilled with.  Watsonville is just plain NOISY.

Motel 6, Gilroy, used to be good but seems to be going downhill.

4. Budget Inn, off the 101, i never stayed here but i went there once when i was looking for a motel and it was JUST PLAIN DIRTY, i got my money back and left

5. Monterey Surf Motel, Monterey, CA, it was a hassle checking in with the dog and then the bathroom was not working properly and i woke up with bed bug bites, and they were rude about it all … recently, i stayed at the El Adobe Inn for $70 which was ok and I would stay there again… but affordable motels in Monterey are getting hard to come by…  The Motel 6 is pricey and it was decent, i used one of my comp nights there…

6. Old Towne Inn, Florence, OR, the kid at the front desk does not have a clue about anything, cannot breathe due to stuff some places like this one use on the carpet, ugh, I was itchy all night, it was too hot, then too cold when he opened the window, i could not get a phone call through and he told me he did not know what to do, finally i suggested that he make the call for me which he did, but it was noisy and they have a million rules about pets, made me give them a credit card in case my dog did something terrible, ok, some pet owners make it bad for the rest of us by letting their pets go nuts in motel rooms, tearing up the places,  you cannot bring your pet traveling and leave it alone in a strange place, duh…

7.  Two motels in Laughlin, NV or Bullhead City AZ, for new years eve, i had to pay $100 for this DUMP because there was no other possibility… but the      Lodge On The River had fleas and seemed dusty

8.   El Rancho Delores motel in 29 Palms, CA, have had mixed experiences here, some good, one really bad, there was a rat or squirrel in my room, ick eeewww, need i say more?  stay at the Best Western or the Roughley Manor B&B

9.  Avi casino, Laughlin, NV, it was ok, but saw a bug or two

10. Aquarius, Laughlin NV

there were bedbugs, they took photos of the bites, red itchy welts i woke up with and they asked me a lot of questions and had me sign waivers (in case i decided to sue them afterwards)… i did not want a comp, why would i ever stay there again?

you are now warned… beware… and if any of the innkeepers at any of the above motels want their guests to have a good experience and are willing to take care of the problems, in other words, take responsibility, please let me know and I will let my readers know that you have repented and seen the light !   on the road again with your pup…


from the sublime to the ridiculous… paid $30 a night at the vet hospital for boarding cici in a cage, now these pet hotels charge $40-100 a night for pet lodging, cage free suites…  so if these places are good enough for the dog, they might consider having motels that are decent for humans, too !!!



more pooching on the ritz…carlton that is…


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I left my heart in Mendocino, Little River and Westport…



At Abigail’s B and B in Mendocino… 




We had the whole house to ourselves thankfully the way cici was carrying on…  not sure if it’s Mendocino or cici is just whacking out, having a dog breakdown or what but she was pretty crazed yesterday with all of the dogs, cats and people around here. Abigail’s smells very fresh and not chemical like some places do. The feather bed is very comfy and also very fresh.

We stayed in the Drawing room downstairs. A large, very private sunny room with a view of the garden. It contains a queen sized four poster bed, a large closet, sitting area and full bath with shower/bath combination.

The wine and cheese spread at 5 pm was fabulous… there were different cheeses, two wines, olives, salami, rumaki, a hot dip with artichoke that was scrumptious, different kinds of crackers, and cookies. Slept well and so did cici. got her a new halter instead of her collar, which i like a lot.  she also needs a new stronger retractable leash… They have some nice toys and treats for the pups at the gift shop at the Whitegate Inn, bully sticks for $1 and squeaky toys. 

It was a little confusing to get to Abigail’s so here are the directions. Exit Highway One to Little Lake Road. Turn left on the second street which is Howard. Go two blocks to the Whitegate Inn on your left.  Go to the office, and they will check you in and direct you to Abigail’s which is just down the street . 

At breakfast, which was an egg souffle, some banana bread and fresh fruit, I met a family from the Netherlands and several couples from the Bay area.  after I had breakfast, I came back to the car and cici was shaking a lot, so i decided it would be good to walk her around a bit. 

We went to Evergreen Barn which is around the corner and has pet supplies. She threw up at Evergreen, there were two dogs there that she could not play with so we left… the woman there was kind and suggested I get her some rice. Did some errands and drove north up the coast, a bit twisty and windy but beautiful, a little like driving to Big Sur… we stopped at a beach along the way and got out… and cici had a great time running around getting all of her pent up energy run off, so much fun getting all sandy and wet… she finally sat down so then i took her back into the car and we drove the rest of the way up to Westport… it is a tiny little town, smaller than Little River which is saying a lot…

We looked for signs to the Howard Creek Inn and Farm and found it and drove in the driveway passed some sheep grazing along the grass. 

Howard Creek Ranch Inn is an historic, 60 acre, ocean front farm bordered by miles of beach and mountains on the beautiful Mendocino Coast.  Charles (Sunny) and Sally have been working on the Howard Creek Ranch for the last 20 years. They met, fell in love and bought the property from people who had a commune on the land. Howard Creek Ranch is a Mendocino County Registered Historic Site nominated to the Federal Register of Historic Places.


The Ranch has farm animals, nine cats, award-winning gardens, fireplaces/wood stoves, a 75 foot swinging foot bridge over Howard Creek, hot tubs, on-site hiking, sauna, 1000 year old redwoods, and horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains.

Accommodations include cabins, suites and rooms furnished with antiques, large comfortable beds, and handmade quilts with views of the ocean, mountains, creek or gardens. 

Sunny and his wife Sally came here in 1973 and renovated the old building and built new buildings with some modern amenities of Internet and TV videos of old PBS shows and Star Trek… wireless was intermittent in my room… There also is no phone in the room. Atrium B&B and Abigail’s also had no phone in the room. The Little River Inn, Pacific Mist Inn, Surf Motel and Pine Beach Inn all had phones in the room.  If you want to get away from TV and Internet, Howard Creek is a good place to disconnect.

There is a deli in town for food for lunch and dinner, or you can bring your own. The market/deli is not like the one in Little River, I asked for Chicken Teriyaki and got some hot spicy Indian food instead, I did not know until I got back here. I also brought some hot dogs and breakfast is at 9 a.m. in the dining room. 

Breakfast was the heartiest breakfast ever, delicious… eat until stuffed, lots of portions… strawberry banana pancakes, whipped cream, fresh juice, apple granola muffins, turkey bacon, fresh fruit and edible flowers, spinach and cheese quiche, and the best mint tea ever, fresh from the garden… the gardens are spectacular, gorgeous flowers… and it’s soooo peaceful…  the antiques are real, too… 

The ambiance is very peaceful and relaxing and rustic, and very down homey. You can walk to the beach from here and there is a community living room. We stayed in the Walden room.  It is quite large, with a fridge, sink, coffee pot, hanging plants…  deep rich brown wood walls and reddish brown tile floor. 

I had hoped that Cici would be mellow from her run on the beach, but she was up all night, nosing around sniffing everything. We took a few walks and met the other people staying at the farm. It is lovely to be out in the country a hop skip and a jump from the beach. There is a nice grassy area to relax, sunbathe, and barbecue. You must keep your dog on leash at all times so as not to disturb the animals.

If you stay in the Redwood Suite, there is a beautiful view of the ocean from the upstairs bedroom loft and downstairs… if you stay in the Walden room and people are upstairs in the community room, you can hear them walk around up there. There are 12 rooms, four of which are pet friendly. There is a Beach house, and a cabin, which have ocean views, too. 

Visitors come back to the farm on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Some notables include billionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, and regular folks from cities near and far. the inn is non-smoking as were most of the inns I stayed at this trip.

Takes about five hours to get to San Francisco, Tomorrow we will travel to Branscomb Road to go across to the 101 and go south to SF. 

Branscomb Road takes about an hour, you get onto 101 (and don’t necessarily know it) and you are above Willits… it was easier than the 128 and took less time and was nice and scenic… 

San Francisco was a whole other matter… the best thing that happened was I found a way OUT of SF easily and fast, by not knowing where I was going… I got off the 19th and had a stop at Geary and 5th. Afterwards, I got onto 19th Avenue, it dead ended and I proceeded towards the 1, the beach and took Hwy 1 south to the 280… easy… no getting lost and driving along the beach, no traffic either… 

We were supposed to stay by the airport but that did not work out so we went to Gilroy and Monterey beach… now we are at a secret location near Lancaster, CA… it is a very nice place is all I can say…  the Mystery and Adventures continue…


Walden room at Howard Creek Inn 





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here’s the fountain…


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Four Paws Up, K9 Approved Carmel’s Fountain of Woof

This is my third try to post this… from Publicity Hound Joan Stewart’s ezine, she gave kudos to Dan Poynter for this tidbit… The California town of Carmel-By-The-Sea has created the nation’s first official doggie drinking fountain. It’s called the “Fountain of Woof” and features a life-size dog’s head spurting water from its mouth onto a step arrangement of rocky pools from which pooches can drink. Mayor Sue McCloud said the fountain was created “by pupular demand.”

Cici and I missed this on our recent visit to Carmel… we will have to visit another time…







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