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Military pets rescue

The Guardians of Rescue, an organization headquartered in New York, has teamed up with
Animal Aid USA, and is headed to Hinesville, Georgia, to help rescue
over 170 dogs from a high-kill shelter on Saturday, January 19, 2013. This
shelter is located near the Fort Stewart Army base where,
many soldiers end up having to surrender their dogs as
they feel there are no other alternatives while they are away on duty.



“Sadly, many soldiers simply don’t know what to do with their dog when
they are serving our country, so they take them to the shelter,”
explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue. “The problem
with the shelter is that it is not open to the public for adoption, and
the animals that enter the facility are ultimately destroyed. Our goal
is to help save the lives of these animals.”

The group will be teaming up with Animal Aid USA to rescue over 170
dogs from the Liberty County, GA area. This weekend’s rescue is the
largest animal rescue operation in the history of this community. They
plan to identify the animals and then relocate them to Miracle Ranch,
which is run by Animal Aid’s volunteers. The Guardians of Rescue are
committed to helping soldiers care for their pets when they are called
up for duty. They are currently in the process of creating a national
service to help soldiers care for their pets, so that they don’t have
to give them up to shelters when they are serving.

Guardians of Rescue have been active in several states around the
country, including New York and New Jersey, helping people care for
their pets by providing a wide range of services, as well as helping
with spay and neuter programs for feral cat populations. They help
provide food, shelter, foster care and veterinarian services, and
routinely rescue animals in need.

There are alternatives to giving up a pet to a shelter, if it is deemed
necessary to find someone else to care for it while military personnel
are on active duty. These options include:

  —  Reaching out to military Websites, blogs, and support groups with photos
      of your pet, and a pet history.
  —  Search for, and contact, all local rescue groups.
  —  Post flyers in local pet supply stores and veterinarian offices to find
      a responsible person who can take the pet.
  —  Try to encourage a local Boy or Girl Scout group to take on the job of
      caring for the pet.
  —  Contact your local newspaper and see if they can help spread the word.

“Our military serve and protect us, yet they are routinely forced to
give up their pets when they are called up for duty,” added Misseri.
“We want to help, to the best of our ability. We can help keep these
soldiers’ pets safe and cared for. The soldiers watch out for us, so
now we need to pay back the favor and watch out for them and their

“It’s important that we take measures to help reduce the number of
animals that are being surrendered to shelters,” explained Prince
Lorenzo Borghese, of Animal Aid USA. “But to also help people find
viable alternatives to that option to start with.”

“By teaming up with Guardians of Rescue we can help meet the needs of
both the animals in the area, as well as those who need to find homes
for them,” said Karen Talbot, of Animal Aid USA. “We believe our
efforts this weekend are a big step in the right direction.”

Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets,
helping to rescue them, provide medical care, food and shelter, and
find foster home placements. Many families are still struggling, such
as from Hurricane Sandy, making it difficult for them to care for their
pet, either financially or while living in temporary housing. To learn
more, get involved, or to make a donation to support the Guardians of
Rescue, log onto their website.

About Guardians of Rescue

Based in New York, Guardians of Rescue is an organization whose mission
is to protect the well being of all animals. They provide aid to
animals in distress, including facilitating foster programs,
rehabilitation, assisting other rescue groups, and providing support to
families, both military and not, who need assistance due to economic
factors. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, visit the site at

About Animal Aid USA:

Co-founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot (M.O.M.S. Rescue
Founder) in January 2012, Animal Aid USA is comprised of a group of
volunteer animal lovers who drive more than 1,600 miles each month in
order to relocate animals from high-kill shelters to receiving rescues
and homes. In addition to finding homes for animals facing an uncertain
future, Animal Aid USA raises money to fund spay and neuter programs in
low income communities, and raise awareness of the legal cruelties
happening daily in the U.S., including gas chamber euthanasia. In July
2012, Animal Aid USA raised awareness of the cruelty of gas chamber
euthanasia through the Amazing Grace Caravan. This caravan also saved
144 shelter dogs. To date, Animal Aid USA volunteers have rescued more
than 3,000 abandoned and homeless dogs.

Borghese combines his animal advocacy commitments with his Royal Pet
Club product promotions by utilizing his on-air appearances to raise
awareness for animal rights causes. Royal Pet Club donates five percent
of its profits, plus $2 for every new customer to Animal Aid USA.

To learn more about Animal Aid USA, visit www.AnimalAidUSA.org. To
learn more about Royal Treatment, visit www.RoyalPetClub.com.


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Dog Ate your ballot

The Dog Ate your ballot: Really?

NO excuses… Get Out and VOTE !!!!

Four PM EST. Still plenty OF TIME TO VOTE. And if you are in line at closing time, they have to stay open until you, and those behind you do!

Once you’re in line, don’t get out!

if these voted, you can too !!!

“According to CBS, the man — who had a tracheotomy in his throat — took a few more breaths and then told his wife that there are only two things that are important to him: “That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote.”



Check out the makeshift voting place set up in Rockaway, New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy



prediction: the Obamas will return to the White House and the Romneys will return to 1954.



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Pets and Hurricane Sandy

It is in times of need that true humanity and love of one’s neighbors really shines. May we all remember these actions even when we aren’t caught in such circumstances.  Share the good, power, millions of folks are still without power…
Obama on Hurricane Sandy: “I am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. I’m worried about the impact on families.”



The Huffington Post

A resident and his dog are evacuated on Tuesday from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.J., one day after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast: http://huff.to/X1CaUz
Photo Credit: Getty Images

alley cats



Instead of donating $5,000 to the Red Cross, Romney spent $5,000 staging his own charitable event for a photo op with canned goods.  Red Cross doesn’t want canned food or photo-ops. It needs cash. Text “redcross” to 90999 & give $10.

From the NJSPCA:  Patrick and the Scavelli’s did fine during the storm just another new adventure for Patrick.  looks like at least 10 days before power is restored here at a minimum. Sorry for the disruption of information. We were hit pretty hard. Please contact your local shelters and see what help they need. NJSPCA is working with many hard hit shelters. Capt is dreaming of a hot shower sometime in the future…

“Hurricane Capt” will strike NJ next week dealing with any and all shelters that refused to accept people with their animal companions. Seriously there are still shelters that will not allow animal companions ?? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told people to keep their animal companions with them as they headed to shelters. Shelters that allow animals are comforting for all involved including children and the elderly. If anyone is refused entry into a shelter here in NJ because of an animal companion Capt wants to hear from you. Take your companions with you and do not accept being turned away. Stay safe and again do not be intimidated into separating from your animal family. Capt

I’ve lived in Jersey most of my life and have NEVER seen such devastation. I have close friends who lost everything they own including their home. Food is scarce and gasoline is a 2.5 hour wait if you can find it. Yet through all this NJSPCA agents and officers are fighting the destruction to help save lost/missing pets – starting with the hardest hit, the Jersey Shore. These animals need food, blankets, crates, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Donations are urgently needed. NJSPCA will transport and distribute the supplies to animals and shelters in need. Monetary donations can be made at njspca.org hurricane chipin. Thank you for your help! Tiffi

If you want to give / donate for pets, give to local rescues and no kill shelters such as our friends who have helped Patrick, at the NJSPCA,

  • 1119 Livingston Ave.
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Phone (800) 582-5979
Website http://njspca.org

Please DO NOT donate to ASPCA nor Humane Society of USA nor PETA. They do NOT help animals/pets.   More info at :  http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=10899

Friendly Fire…

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