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5 tips on helping a dog heal …

there are so very many good things to say about the Stanford Inn… the pet friendly zen-like inn, the superb vegan cuisine, and organic gardens show a rare commitment to sustainability, healing and animals…   Jeff and Joan Stanford have created an authentic healing haven retreat where stress and hectic lives are quickly left behind.

each room has a fireplace, phone, internet access, complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea with goodies in the lobby, this is the pet friendliest inn with llamas, cats, dogs, raccoons, ducks and other animals… and the wonderful conducive to healing environment, includes a sauna and pool with 24 hour access… ahhhh…

when you check in with dogs, you are given pet bowls, sweet potato treats, and pet sheets…

to make the treats: they slice jumbo sweet potatoes, cook them briefly to soften, then dehydrate them for 16-22 hours… the benefits of sweet potatoes , Okinawans who have the world’s highest proportion of people over 100 consume a diet very high in sweet potatoes…

there is a Stanford cookbook available in the gift shop for purchase with enticing and delectable vegan recipes.

The food is incredible.  Finally, had a huckleberry muffin… the eggs are organic, everything is fresh, I don’t even like veggies that much, but the food is soooo very tasty… the Raven’s Florentine with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce was amazing.  I don’t even like hashed brown potatoes or scones, but they have the BEST scones on the planet, plus the hash browns are not greasy and they are also made with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Plus,  at 4 pm, there was a knock at the door, and I was given two warm fresh from the oven chocolate cookies, with another dog treat and a handwritten note from Joan and Jeff… now, that is class and superb customer service !

cici enjoyed meeting other dogs, cats and other animals… and it was really easy to walk her around the property and fun to meet so many other dog friendly visitors such as the family with two rescued greyhound dogs and these two furry black and white terriers named Willie and Ziggy (zig zag)….

our room was in the Forest area not far from the duck pond and lobby.

the very real and moving tale about Jeff Stanford’s 12 year old dog named Gypsy also speaks volumes to the Stanford’s commitment to their animals… recently, Gypsy was diagnosed with cancer and is now recovering … much of the ordeal and recovery is outlined at Jeff’s blog… basically, Gypsy was given a very bad prognosis two months ago from the doctors. He is now doing well on a vegan diet with supplements, nori rolls and lots of tlc.  Jeff also had a ‘miracle’ horse who was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and lived until 2004 because of a leg injury.  His dogs Murphy (black lab shown above) and Gypsy have been on a vegan diet for four years now.


Jeff gave me some tips for other pet owners facing a grim prognosis for their dogs.  He says:

1. do what the doctors tell you to do

2. Find a trusted healer, holistic vet and create a healing environment; be calm and present with the dog

3. put the dog on a whole foods diet. (Jeff feeds his dogs Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance veg. food)  Dogs are omnivores, read the China Study by Colin Campbell

4. get rid of the toxins

Nori contains porphyran which has been shown to cause the death of cancer cells. (Nori is a red seaweed. Red seaweeds are the source of carrageenen and agar agar.) Algae are also an important emergency food. Spirulina contains compounds which help the body extract toxins (similar to brown seaweed) and in a variety of ways assists in killing cancer cells.

5. supplement the diet

BioPreparation for pets from Optimum Choices, check our their web site at BioPreparation_for_animals The founder of the company believes that the anti-cancer properties are due to realignment and re-balancing of the body through the metabolism of the algae.

Jeff is feeding Gypsy Nori rolls with BioPreparation supplements

Nori rolls recipe:



almond butter



Jeff also suggests that the grain quinoa is good for dogs… boil for 15 minutes, cool and feed with veggies.

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free weekly giveaway ends tomorrow… yurts anyone?

ok, you have one more day, the last few days no one else has submitted any entries… which makes us think that we should give people a shorter amount of time… for the next giveaway, you will have a day or two… Internet time is faster than real time…   we have some wonderful new surprises and resources coming up… 

yesterday, while writing about yurts and affordable and alternative housing for my blog for the Seattle newspaper, I came across two cute photos (below)… a dog in a yurt and a couple of llamas in a yurt…since I don’t yet know how to post photos there, and since they are animals, thought I’d post them here for you to enjoy… and if you don’t know and want to know what a yurt is, visit my other blog below (hint: a yurt is a round or circular or dome housing structure used by nomads in Mongolia, Russia and even in the USA)…  am thinking that they will come in handy on some land for the K9 healing center, some yurts for the animals, a yurt for myself, for staff and guests… yurts are in campgrounds across America, there are yurt bed and breakfast inns, and yurts have endured extreme weather such as snow, rain, and heat… they are extremely affordable… portable… and easy to put up, good for emergency relief shelter, nomads, dog kennels, dog weddings, mobile offices, writer’s retreat, artists studio, dog camps, doggie daycare and doggie education centers.  Women writers with dogs retreat and healing center… 

If anyone would like to donate land, yurts, expertise and other resources for the doggie healing and education center, please let me know.  we will need to set up a 5013c non-profit status, grants, and donations… am going to announce a Creative Expression contest this week which will help launch and fund the healing center so get in on the ground floor, for the pups. 








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ain’t just horsing around…

You know that I love horses and so does my dog… every time we go for a walk, there is a horse down the road from us and she loves to stop by and say neigh… yesterday, we also drove by some horses and she looked up with definite interest. When I was in Solvang, I stopped off to visit the Horse Whisperer’s ranch and visited with the horses there and saw my very first up close and personal zebra.  And last summer, I took care of a horse, sheep, cows, llamas and chickens. Still, I am not a professional horse walker or horse exerciser.

According to professional horse walkers and horse exercisers, many horses stand up in their stalls for 23 hours a day. It is important to get the horses in shape before training. A fit horse is less likely to have injuries so that’s why when I found out about the EuroXciser, a treadmill for horses, I thought this will help horse walkers, horse trainers and horse exercisers save on vet bills. Seems like a safe way to get horses into shape.

Besides, EuroXciser is the only company operated and owned by a successful horse trainer. EuroXcisers are handcrafted in Los Angeles by a group of certified and experienced welders. Now if I could find a way to exercise my dog with a horse, that would be great… dog runs with horses… that would wear her out… she went out twice yesterday for long walks and one long walk today, but she wants more… she is exploring the BLM land behind this house and enjoying sniffing the bushes and grass. There are supposed to be wild horses around here but so far, we have been here for six months and we have not seen one. Although one night, I did hear a few wild horses. And every night we hear the coyotes. Get along little doggie… Yee haw…



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dog meets sheep, a goat, a cat, llamas, some cows, a skunk and chickens…

This summer, we were living on a farm in Genoa, Nevada. It’s a very small town and affluent. Very peaceful and quiet.  Part of the living arrangements, was to feed the animals on the weekends or whenever the owners went away. It was fun for me to lift that bale of hay and for my dog, she was often frustrated because I didn’t let her run about and play with the other animals. I did let her sniff the horse’s hooves as well as let her near the fence to commune with the cows and sheep. The horse looked like big whup, he liked the apples I gave him so he put up with the sniffing dog. 

One time, I came outside the pool house and lo and behold, the horse was outside the fence. He saw me and ran back inside immediately. Funny horse. But he knew he was not supposed to be there. The sheep were not that aware of the rules. Or the sheep are not too bright. They decided to wander all around the property at a ieisurely pace. At one point, my dog and the sheep met up close and personal. She was thrilled. They seemed unaffected. The llamas almost bashed / kicked her head in. The chickens ran inside the hen house, and the skunk ducked under the house. The cows couldn’t have cared less, all they wanted was their hay, moooooooo.

Later, we were in Susanville, CA for a couple of days around the 4th of July. One morning, we went out for a walk and coming back, my dog spotted a goat. She decided to go play. I did not let her get near to the goat. The goat was tied up and looked like it could eat her for breakfast without a blink. She was very disappointed but survived the incident without a scar. Unlike the dog in the video below… it’s in German, but you get the drift…Moral of the story is some animals do not cohabitat well together.

Oh yes, I was hoping that I could get her a cat for a playmate. But when she found a stray cat hidden beneath the shelves at PetSmart, and she totally freaked out, that hope died and I fell on the floor, literally, holding onto my dog for dear life. The cat escaped and we lived to tell the tale.  Wonder what would happen if she met a bunny rabbit?  Oh that’s right, she did just the other day and she wanted to chase it. She loves to chase birds. Where we are living now, there are HUGE rabbits and quail…  When we go outside, I hold on tight for dear life. Tchuus or however you spell it… ok, the German video did not embed, so here’s a link to saving farm animals, some organizations are adopting farm animals, good and worthy cause and it’s in English…


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