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Adopt a dog

do not talk much about Cici’s spots/Dal side, but this is a wonderful resource about Dalmatians…


now on to the pit bull side…

first, the good news…

Seven happy and healthy former Vick dogs have reunited, five years later


how to adopt or rehome a pit bull


Now, the not so good news, a”vicious” pit bull KTLA banned from the show.

email: sarah.grooters@ktla.com, Nancy.Cruz@ktla.com

Yesterday morning, Sally was scheduled to be on KTLA, a local news station in Los Angeles, with two adoptable dogs, Gideon and Franklyn (see Franklyn’s video)

Franklyn’s foster lives an hour away and arrived early to be there.

Prior to the day, the producers of the show asked for descriptions of the dogs and were given them.

When they arrived, one of the show producers came out, looked at Franklyn (who was busy kissing a human admirer) and said, “Oh no. We have an anti Pit-Bull policy.”

I calmly told her that we were not informed of this, and had we been, we would have cancelled our appearance as breed discrimination is not something I tolerate, and more so, is against public policy.*

She stated that I could go on with Gideon but not Franklyn. I told her that if Franklyn was not allowed, I was leaving as well, so she went in to talk to another show producer. 30 minutes later in the freezing cold, she came outside to say that they would not allow Franklyn on the air. I explained that this is also a violation of law and that they would have to find something else to fill the spot since there is no way I would support or be in a show that discriminates.

Gideon, Franklyn, and his foster Sally then left.

* California Food & Ag code Section 31683 states, in relevant part: “Except as provided in Section 122331 of the Health and Safety Code, no program regulating any dog shall be specific as to breed.”

JOIN ME IN TELLING KTLA THAT YOU WILL NOT SUPPORT BREED DISCRIMINATION.  KTLA can use some education about pit bulls and could do a show about pit bulls. Be polite and professional. Thanks.

Contact details are below.

Producers for today:

Nancy Cruz

Sarah Grooters
sarah.grooters@ktla.com and 323.460.5530 (DIRECT)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ktla5?fref=ts

Fax Number: Morning News: 323-460-5404

To send an email to the morning news in general:

Fill in online form for “Contact the Morning News:”


Twitter: @KTLAMorningNews


Address for letters:

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Breed of fools

 Pit bulls

there are numerous breeds all lumped together and called pit bull…American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds…


Pit Bulls are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. “Bulldogs” were bred to hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood. When baiting large animals was banned in the 1800s, people then started to fight their dogs against each other instead. But they were Bred to be EXTREMELY friendly to PEOPLE, since the handlers were HUMANS and did not want to get hurt. If a dog exhibited any aggression towards humans, they were bred out. NO HUMAN AGGRESSION WAS ALLOWED.  Any hint of human aggression was considered unacceptable.

True fighting dogs do not show any aggression towards humans whatsoever. Human aggression was in fact considered a major fault, so if a dog showed any human aggression it would be destroyed and the line would not be bred from anymore. Handlers were in the pit with the dogs during a fight and would not be so if they thought there was any danger.

Later, Pit Bulls were considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children.

“…for over half a century in between, 1920 to 1970, millions of Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers,  American Staffordshire Terriers and all their mixed breed cousins served Americans well in every possible capacity and circumstance.”    ThePit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise

Bad rep

My kids are around pit bulls every day. In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, in the ’80s they blamed German shepherds, in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the pit bull.”    Cesar Millan.  “Pit bulls get a bad rap because of irresponsible owners….”

In the book Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise, discusses how dogs of various breeds have been demonized since the 1800’s. People’s perception of ‘dangerous dogs’ has changed over the centuries.

l. Eliza and her baby (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) being chased by snarling teeth gnashing Bloodhounds.

“During the second half of the 19th century, Bloodhounds were frequently reported as the breed most responsible for severe and fatal attacks on humans.”

2. Super-predator Nazi guard Doberman Pinscher dogs perform became a symbol of cruelty and depraved acts.

3.  The Time Bomb Pit Bull depicted on the cover of Time magazine…

By the early 1980s, the Pit bull was on the fast track to becoming the new super-predator.

In 1987, over 800 newspaper articles were printed in which “Pit bulls” were headlined.

In 2006, the media continues to exploit the Pit bull with an unprecedented 2,800+ newspaper articles vying for their readers’ attention with the words “Pit bull” in the headlines.

Goofy personalities




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Demand Proof of Life for Lennox


https://celiasue.com/2012/07/11/for-brooke-justice-for-lennox/  RIP LENNOX


First Minister Peter Robinson calls for Lennox to be rehomed to the USA


from Victoria Stilwell... Still no response or movement from the BCC today, but NI’s First Minister has publicly joined the calls asking them to let me take him to the US. Let’s hope the mayor and council are willing to listen to him. Meanwhile, news outlets continue to apply pressure…http://on.msnbc.com/NaUN01

please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams.  When you write ask:

Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams,
Please offer another application to the court for other options to be reconsidered for Lennox!




Mr George Richardson from the HIGHCOURTS of Belfast has just confirmed that although there is a destruction order that the matter of rehoming Lennox to Victoria Stillwell is ENTIRELY in the hands of BCC!! Needless to say keep polite in all emails to bcc and Mrs O’Neil of DARDNI whilst asking for them to release Lennox for rehoming with Victoria Stilwell.
please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams

Latest Update from Victoria Stilwell and URGENT email request…


pls share, latest UPDATE, join protest in NYC Mon. July 9 to #SaveLennox the dog #End BSL

If Lennox was already dead why would Victoria Stilwell be going to Belfast to see what can be done about getting Lennox to sanctuary in the USA????



I apologize for jumping to unconfirmed conclusions after reading several articles written by the North county Gazette.  I did NOT know that the North County Gazette should have reported that the BCC was IGNORING requests to rehome Lennox because the NCG published that the requests were DENIED. So I thought that the BCC had refused Victoria Stilwell’s request. That has NOT happened.  Nor has Jeff Coltenback’s request been denied (ignored but not denied).

But when I thought that it seemed that the unthinkable had happened, that either the Belfast City Council has already killed Lennox or he is in such deplorably ill condition and at death’s door that they do not want anyone to see him, I wrote to demand proof of life. Otherwise, why refuse to allow him to be rehomed in the USA and deny that the family to see him one last time????

I still wonder cannot the family hold the BCC accountable for their deplorable treatment of Lennox, no vet care, sleeping in feces, etc. ???? seems cruel, inhumane and unusual punishment…

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck- odds are, it’s a duck. When was Lennox last seen alive by someone other than than the BCC, Animal Control and court officials? Where is the “Proof of Life”? Has this entire affair been a simple cover-up of the fact Lennox died in the care of officials long ago, and they simply can’t admit the mistake? It all looks very duck-like. I”m not stating this as fact- I’m asking the questions. Let’s see the dog. ~John

There was an article published by June Maxam from the North County Gazette which was an UNconfirmed Denial of rehoming Lennox which should have stated that the BCC was ignoring requests.  Either she made up the Denial to incite people or ?????  see below…

WE DO NOT KNOW THAT the BCC has Denied Any Request to Rehome Lennox

What we DO know is that the Belfast City Council has so far IGNORED requests to rehome Lennox as stated here…

ignoring requests is different than denying requests (denying is what the North County Gazette wrote). May be semantics or splitting hairs to some but a DENIAL is a definite NO while ignoring leaves a door open, a sliver though that might be at this point.


Here is Jeff Coltenback’s latest letter as of July 5, 2012… he has not heard back from the BCC.

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been contacting your Government for a few months now regarding the dog, Lennox, who has been at the center of attention worldwide due to an ongoing legal issue surrounding Breed Specific Legislation in your Country. I have not heard back from anyone regarding my plea. Yesterday, July 4th, I called three of your Government offices: Parliament, Belfast City Council and Northern Ireland Court Systems. I was bounced around between the three offices and was finally given an email address to forward my mail to. However, I have decided to email as many of your Government’s addresses as possible in the hopes it gets to someone with the authority and compassion to facilitate my plea.
I wish to adopt Lennox into my care here in New Jersey, USA. I have been a dog trainer since the mid- 1990’s and I also have been rescuing animals for over a decade. Additionally, I am a New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer (Certified in 2003). My websites are below if you would like to learn more about me. I have also included my phone numbers and email as well. I have a large support group willing to help me financially and logistically with the transfer of Lennox to New Jersey. I urge you to consider this plea of mine. In fact, I beg you to have compassion on this dog and allow him to live and leave your country. I live in a State where Breed Specific Legislation is actually prohibited.

So, between my experience and the laws under which I live, I would be a great fit for Lennox. I understand this issue has been emotional for many. I also understand the criticism and turmoil your Government has faced while dealing with this.
So, how is this a solution for you? Well, if you decide to euthanize Lennox, it is unclear what type of negative ramifications this could have on Northern Ireland. Being from the US, I have no idea what those ramifications might be. I do know that your Country will experience further ridicule, criticism and maybe even worldwide protest. I know no one wants this to end badly for anyone, especially Lennox.

So, the solution to your problem would be to show compassion to the world and allow him to leave your Country alive! Doing so will accomplish two things. First, your Country’s laws will be upheld and you will continue to enforce your local laws, as misguided as I think they are. No precedent will be set for other citizens to attempt to challenge your law. This certainly will keep your legal infrastructure intact. Secondly, and most importantly, allowing Lennox to leave alive will show the world that your Country does have compassion. The world will be more forgiving and this situation will likely pass without any negative ramifications.

I beg you to please allow Lennox to leave your Country and come into my care where he can live out his life in a safe environment with lots of parks and dog friendly settings. Thank you for hearing my plea. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Jeff Coltenback
Bloomfield, NJ USA





we await word from Victoria Stilwell and hope and pray for the best outcome for Lennox and his family.

Here is Victoria’s latest update from Ireland…


If you want, please email the Lord Mayor of Belfast:

ask him to let Lennox Come to America.

Thank you.

no matter what happens, remember that Love is bigger than hate… and Truth and Justice WILL prevail eventually.


Please send requests for mercy for Lennox, asking that he be allowed to move to the United States to the following e-mail address:


The world is watching, Belfast City Council. How do you want to be remembered when it comes to the case of Lennox? As the finally-compassionate people who did the right thing and allowed a much-loved dog to live, or the ones who killed him while hundreds of thousands of voices begged for mercy for him?


PS: here is the Gazette writer’s response to my questions as to what specific request was denied and could she please correct her article… she never answered my question. Instead she called me names and blocked me. Completely unprofessional and irresponsible. as you can see below.  Note: some time after this happened, she also banned and deleted other folks who dared to question her about her facts and the situation. Do the math. If someone is defensive, calls people names, refuses to answer questions, accuses others of attacking when that is what they are doing, what does that tell you about them???

June Maxam jmaxam1@nycap.rr.com
8:16 AM (2 minutes ago)

to me
listen, my article was correct so don’t come over here trying to pick a fight because I won’t tolerate it.  The motion to the COURT was denied.  My article clearly states that the  family is in negotation with the BCC regarding the offers by Stilwell and others  I’m not CORRECTING anything.  Stay off my website
June Maxam jmaxam1@nycap.rr.com
8:17 AM (1 minute ago)

to me
you are an ass
quite a Professional Journalist, huh… NOT…
so now we know that her articles have little credibility. Other articles are actually FACT checked with due diligence. I have it on good authority that Bonnie Snider is one reporter at the Examiner who double checks her FACTS and does not try to MISLEAD her readers.  Thank you very much.
DENIAL ain’t just a river in Egypt… when someone continuously supplies incorrect and/or unreliable info, why would anyone rely on them as a source of news info?  I do not ESPECIALLY when the person refuses to admit she has made any mistakes and bullies other people.  recently in 2013, she posted info about the Patrick/Kisha Curtis case, info that was turned out to be false. (see below the irrefutable proof of a conversation I had online with Capt. Yocum of the NJSPCA who said that there was NO court case on Jan. 18, 2013. Someone from the Patrick movement apparently had gotten info from the Gazette and posted that Kisha Curtis was going to court on that date. I did not know the source of the info and posted it and now she is accusing me once again. I explained how I got the info (from the Patrick movement) and she has her panties in a twist once again. I guess she enjoys accusing the world of doing her wrong. I did nothing wrong as you can see below)…
Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 5.59.59 AM


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Dog lovers mural

February has started with a bang of fame, a fiasco. It all started because someone had written graffti on our fence and the neighbor’s fence. After a year of the graffiti being there, a month or so ago, the neighbor finally painted white paint on his fence. I tried to find an artist to paint a mural over ours.

During the past year, NO ONE SAID A WORD or DID ANYTHING about the graffiti. Not the city. Not the neighbors. Not the police. No one. Nada, zilch nothing.

A few people said they would paint a mural for me but flaked.

Finally, a few days ago, I found a group

831 Art Walls on Facebook…


831 Art Walls is an advocacy group that is pushing for the creation of a public art space where ANYONE can paint legally and freely.
We would like a legal art wall where anyone can come and paint to express themselves and experience the joy of creation. Our public art wall’s goal is to allow for artistic expression, as well as allow for more experienced artists to be noticed. Our neighborhoods are seemingly stale according to the youth. We feel that these walls can bring some life to the Monterey County. Like our page in a show of support for our cause!

So I contacted them and said Seaside Artists could come and paint on our wall/fence. And they came to our house yesterday and painted away. I asked for a garden scene, with lots of vibrant colors. Maybe flowers with dogs/pit bulls coming up out of the center. Frank, the head artist said he wanted to ask the neighbor (since their fence is much larger than ours) if they could paint on their fence, too.

All was good. Everyone was happy. A lot of neighbors started coming by and asked Frank for him to come over and paint on their walls/fences, too.

About noonish, a police officer came by. She and I chatted about our dogs. She said that one of the neighbors had called about the graffiti that was going on. She was sent out to find out what was going on. I assured her that I had given Frank permission to paint.

Then about 4 p.m. the neighbor who hates pit bulls was out there bullying and threatening the artists. He said he was going to have 30 police cars and neighbors come out and stop/halt the painting. I told him to go away. His dog was running loose.

About an hour later, another police car came by. We chatted and he said that there was some city ordinance. I explained that the graffiti had been on the fence for a year and NO ONE came by but now that we were trying to make a mural to COVER the graffiti we were in trouble? He said he was just the messenger. That the artists cannot come by today to FINISH the work, and that I need to go to City Hall and get permission.


The neighbor received no such notice as I did so I thought that they cannot have different rules for neighbors. Besides, our fence is about two feet and the neighbors is about 12 feet. Hello. And the neighbor’s fence is almost done while our fence has just begun. And I found out looking thru the fence, they are now keeping poor Lola the mini poodle chained up on a short leash. Lobos, the Siberian husky, found a way to peek his head up out OVER the fence. If he ever gets out, there will be trouble. I wish I could get those two dogs a new loving home.  I digress. Both dogs were barking a lot.

Frank should have painted MY wall first, completed it and then done the neighbor’s which I asked him to do and he went ahead and did what he wanted to do.  now I’m not happy because my mural/garden did not get done, plus the neighbor who called the police is up in arms, and I got a notice  to go to city hall and my adjacent neighbor did not and it was my adjacent neighbor’s fence that the other neighbors objected to.  My fence is maybe 2 feet and the adjacent fence of my neighbor is like 12 ft.

The 831 Wall Art folks are going to talk to the Mayor and the Police Chief. I will call a lawyer and we shall hopefully get this resolved.

They did take photos and are supposed to send them to me.

Moral of this tale?

if/when someone asks you to do work for them, paid or not, DO IT… complete it… Give the customer/client what THEY want. That is YOUR job (not doing whatever you want to do).


✦✧✦ I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. – John Lennon

the city, neighbors, media did nothing about the graffiti that was on the fence for a year and it was ugly… f bombs and now all the entities are up in arms because I had artists paint over the graffiti…

I was on TV twice tonight, did an interview, TV crews all day here… the neighbor caved and painted his fence,  whitewashed it…

and I got another neighbor to do an interview so at least there were two sane people talking on the interview… and his daughter painted some of my fence too… and he said there should have been a compromise but it was just knee jerk reactions, hysteria.

it occurs to me that what happens when/if graffiti artists come and paint on the neighbors fence AGAIN… how many times will the home owners be expected to paint over the graffiti???

there is a city council meeting tonight and the loud mouths are supposed to be there running their mouths, negatively…

here is our fence… with the mural… am sure my roomie will paint over it… sheeesh…

me on the news… meanwhile Cici was running around wild, barking, wanting to be famous, on the news, too… but alas she is confined sort of. am doing a poor job of keeping her off her leg but at least she is not hopping/limping… what a day !



Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away…


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police and puppies and peaceful solutions, oh my

Police making friends with puppies at #occupymonterey Camp, compassion needed everywhere…  tis the season to cooperate and make friends and be jolly, right…

at first, it was all warm and fuzzy, exciting and fun, even invigorating and it seemed as though most Americans, even politicians and the White House agreed with the Occupy Wall Street protesters… but then we’ve all been seeing the police brutality, 5,000+ protesters arrested and evicted and pepper sprayed meanwhile NO Wall Street criminals have been charged nor arrested… maybe that is just a coincidence (I do not believe in coincidences, do you?) …

so do you think that what the media is showing YOU is ALL that is going on everywhere??? like the above, peaceful camps with cooperating police and cities are happening across the nation…and NOT being shown on TV…in newspapers… hmmmm…

could it be that the TV/media/government want citizens to STOP no more protests no more showing up and no more dissenting, making noise, being visible, so they are scaring taxpayers who have the right to dissent/protest in public spaces with all of the coverage of pepper spraying, batons and arrests, hmmmmm… could that be right here in America, home of the Free and the Brave or is it Home of the Free and the Slaves???

gee whiz, we will let you decide…

but first, a new law in Nevada has led to a 75% decrease in foreclosures because they are holding the banks accountable, gee golly willickers, could it be that simple/easy, YES…


a coalition of Occupiers and other groups are Occupying foreclosed homes and/or stopping foreclosures and even putting up tents in their own yards…


poignant, how occupiers are helping homeless, mayors/police/government NOT so much


Author Naomi Wolf made a brilliant suggestion for people to book a room at their local City Hall, where residents have the RIGHT to call a meeting in a public space and hold a meeting, press conference, and talk about important issues and organize and solve problems… huh…

I thought that Keith Olbermann had a good idea, too…


If they evict an occupation dressed up as a huge nativity scene, isn’t that a War on Christmas?

but if you put your tent up in a national park and your tent has a sign on it, uh oh,  FREEDOM of SPEECH…


Jingle Bells ringing…


…The simple fact is we do not live in a democracy. Certainly not the kind our Founding Fathers intended. We live in a corporate dictatorship represented by, and beholden to, no single human being you can reason with or hold responsible for anything.

The corporation has but one obligation, which is to increase profits for it’s shareholders by any legal means necessary by the next fiscal quarter.

They have no moral, patriotic, social, environmental, generational or even sustainable responsibility…

We need to eliminate all private finance from the electoral process…

Campaign finance doesn’t need reform. It needs elimination.

To accomplish this we must overturn Buckley v. Valeo, one of the two or three worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court.

The ruling makes the extraordinary decision that money is protected by the First Amendment…

More money can beat Big money…


We are ALL Occupy Leaders Now…


Deck the Halls with boughs of Liberty and Justice for ALL…



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pit bulls have feelings, too

October 22, 2011 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day 

Get involved, send a press release out to your local media… here’s more info:


new pit bull movie, guilty until proven innocent


an example of a dog smiling, A PIT BULL


The art speaks for itself…



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one big happy dog and phoney show

You know I’d be tickled pink, thrilled and jumping for JOY happy if it were actually true, that Vick had changed, learned the errors of his ways and was truly remorseful and wanted to help kids and dogs, no one would be happier than me. Do you honestly think I enjoy droning on and on and on going on ad nauseum about his crimes until I am SICK to my stomach?  NO, I do not !

We certainly would have a great proponent IF the whole story were true. No one can speak better than someone who has been there and done that. But the problem is that I’ve NOT seen one iota of authenticity, sincerity or truth come out of the mouth of the most notorious animal abuser of all time. The doggie serial killer has yet to CONFESS his sins before the world, most people do not know what he did, they think he “just” financed some dog fights and got caught and went to jail for dog fighting. These are BIG LIES. He did NOT ONLY finance dog fights but he killed dogs with his own hands and in horrific ways (read the court documents and/or The Lost Dogs book by senior editor of Sports Illustrated Jim Gorant) and he ENJOYED IT.  Killing dogs in nauseating ways was FUN for him.

And he spent NOT one minute in jail for animal cruelty nor dog fighting but he got a plea deal and was charged with gambling. Similar to Casey Anthony being in jail for lying when most people believe she killed her daughter.   So for him to run around publicly proclaiming that he’s changed and reformed while continuing these LIES of omission is symptomatic of his sociocpathy. He confesses to lying in the past while continuing to lie in the present.

He has no remorse, seemingly no conscience, and the only thing he would change in his past is he wishes that he did not get caught and/or that his sentence had been shorter. He has said this publicly. So the crux of the problem for humane people with hearts, eyes, brains and ears who love animals is he has NOT stopped lying and through his actions (which speak louder than words) we do NOT see him doing anything but pretending to be good not actually DOING GOOD.

Ok, it is nice for him to be on board this bill to penalize spectators  at animal fights but it’s a whole lotta too little too late. How about outting the real criminals, the dog fighters he knows. I recommended a five step plan (below) for him to follow that would convince even the most skeptical among us that he truly had changed. C’est la vie.

Note: With all of the polls and articles to comment on about Vick yesterday, and we DID turn the polls around, thankfully, I started feeling sick. Having to write sickening details about what Vick did to people who do not want to know gets to me, especially when it’s an onslaught as it has been. Please know your limits. And I also have a suggestion. Besides taking frequent time outs, get away from the computer, walk your dog, hug your fur kids, etc. there is a technique to release your anger/outrage that who knows can even have beneficial results on the person targeted… I’ve used this with my ex-hubby and it works beautifully.

In your prayer/meditation place, bring in your guides, ask your God/Higher Power /Angels/Higher Self, whatever/whoever you believe in to be there and help you. When you are surrounded by love, white light, good vibes, whatever, imagine/picture/visualize the person you are angry at… And then imagine yelling at the person, hitting them, beating them up however you wish to do so, this is your fantasy. You can pretend to wipe that smirk off his face, kick him in the groin area, tear up his contracts, imagine sponsors fleeing and him being in jail, shunned from society, do whatever you want to do, say anything you want to say and imagine whatever you want, just keep on until you are done, complete, finished and your anger is released and they are who cares. You can do this with a group of people, and you can do this whenever you need/wish to do so. The point is that you release your rage in a nonviolent fashion. And get that energy OUT of YOU. You can also tear into magazines. Tear them up. Whatever works for you, but I enjoy beating the crap out of those who need getting the crap beat out of them, works for me. And that is all that matters. Better than taking out your rage on those you love.  Try it and see if it works for you.

Now with all of these goings on in the media and in Congress, there is a big dog and phoney show (an elaborately staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people. It is often used in reference to a series of informational events put on by a company or group or a derisive term for a small circus) aka

Pretending to be something you’re not or doing something that you want people to think is important when it really isn’t.

A dog and pony show is meant not to actually DO anything meaningful but to pretend something is being done which is the whole point of Vick’s PR Image Rehab Express. Is it no wonder then that he and Pacelle spoke yesterday to Congress… people can pat themselves on the back and say good job… Vick’s image brigade can go on reforming his IMAGE while his person remains as tarnished as ever.  And Congress can pretend that they are doing something against dog-fighting.  And Pacelle can pretend he cares about animals…Win win win.


Here is my problem with the legislation and the antique Vick road show…

Did they have the RESCUERS, ADOPTERS and people who take care of hurt, maimed, abused dogs or animals speak to Congress??? NO… people on the ground, in the field, who give their lives every day taking care of the animals hurt by dog fighting are the ones who are the REAL spokespeople… People from BadRap, Best Friends, Our Pack, and others, Knock Out Dog Fighting, folks who are SINCERELY making a difference…

OF COURSE NOT, duh, and children should NOT NOT NOT EVER be brought to barbaric animal fights. People that bring their children to dog fights should definitely be penalized and in my humble opinion sterilized. Have their kids taken away. But none of that is going to happen.

Kids learn by example. And if their parents engage in violence, then the kids learn by their parents actions not words. Even if their parents receive a fine, or go to jail, ok. But Vick’s words are still bogus. Dog fighting is on the rise because they think Vick is cool and want to be like him. Do they listen to his insincere words? NO !  they listen his actions… arrogance, hey, I got away with murder and am making millions and all I have to do is give a few lame speeches and pretend that I am sorry and you can, too… just don’t get caught…

this bill penalizes people who watch the fights instead of the top dogs, the dog fighters at the top, people like Vick with the real $$$ who put the dog fights on to begin with… it’s like putting addicts in jail instead of going after the drug cartel, the drug dealers, the real criminals. Or let’s penalize gamblers not casinos. What’s wrong with that picture?  Millionaires protect other millionaires. They think we’re suckers. Of course, Vick is on board with THAT… then the people that he associated with (who we all know were responsible for killing dogs not him, never him, although HE was the one who killed dogs with his bare hands and did horrific things to the dogs, it was his background, culture he grew up in and his friends who were really to blame for what HE HIMSELF did) so then his friends would have been fined and gone to jail not him… hey, that sounds pretty nifty, a good deal, a sweet deal for him, duh… plus he gets to look like he’s actually doing something for animals and those who want to believe this kool aid do and the PR folk are happy and the NFL is happy and the REAL moneymakers are happy…

and so what if a few parents, kids and dogs get hurt in the process…   Vick tried, hah. Vick likes the idea of a few spectators getting penalized so does Nike, the NFL, Subway and so on down the line…  hold the wrong people accountable and the real criminals get off scot free, hey, who cares about a few parents, kids and dogs when you can make boatloads of money pretending you care about something you don’t give a shit about???

Please vote on whether you think Vick is a good anti dog fighting spokesperson


and someone start a petition going after the REAL dog fighters at the TOP and have Vick NAME NAMES… now THAT would be DOING SOMETHING TRULY BENEFICIAL… and have Vick and Pacelle bring that to law enforcement and Congress… HAH !!!

Now, we do have a real redemption plan for Vick to follow, check it out :


Warning: below interview is enough to make one barf,

Nathan Winograd

Ryan Clinton, No Kill Advocate sent me this link and it really is beyond the pale. He couldn’t get through it. I couldn’t get through it.While Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of HSUS, and his spokesman Michael Vick, the most notorious dog abuser of our generation, claim they are pushing a bill to crack down on those who finance dog fights, the statements each makes reveal who and what they really are:  Monster Vicks says his is “a different kind of loving dogs.”

(Note: if hate is love and love is sick twisted abuse)

And rather than condemn Vick for it, Pacelle says “obviously people who are involved in dog-fighting, cockfighting, they really do value the animals in certain ways.” And then he goes on to suggest that we are all “sinners.”

They are meant for each other: The two-faced charlatan who has enriched himself while he betrays the animals, time and time again, calling for their killing, fighting efforts to reform abusive pounds, defending the right of pounds to gas animals to death, and defending animal killers while turning his back on the animals those killers have abused; and the dog abuser who continues to avoid any responsibility by claiming shooting dogs, drowning dogs, hanging dogs alive, electrocuting dogs, beating dogs to death and watching them tear each other to shreds is his way of expressing a “different kind” of love.

Here’s the link if you can stomach it:


his greed pays priceless dividends, what happens when you lie all the time: (remember he failed his polygraph)

Michael Vick May Have Screwed Himself With His New Endorsement Deals


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