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My dog’s a genius, I knew it…

This basic canine intelligence test was developed by researcher Stanley Coren, PhD, at the University of British Columbia. “Animals who keep trying until they succeed are brighter,” Coren says, “but the longer it takes, the less bright they are. Giving up is not a good sign.” With your dog watching, put a treat under a can; then see how long it takes for her to retrieve it. Less than 15 seconds is very good. Set up three cans, and place a treat under one while your pet watches. Remove him from the room for a couple minutes and then let him back in. Does he run straight to the cans? Does he find the right one? How many commands, hand signals, and noises does your pet respond to? More than 200 means you have a superpet.

not only did CC get the first and second treats right away, but I didn’t know that she had gotten the first one… duh… she was sooooo fast at retrieving and eating it up in a flash…  such a genius… she also continued looking for the treats afterwards and sniffing at the bowls, where did those treats go??? it’s like when she eats up a raw bone or rawhide bone and finishes it and looks around, wherever did that bone get to?  (in your tummy, silly)… 

she knows a few commands but not 200 … so she’s not a superpet… oh well, but this morning, first thing upon arising, she looked for the raw bone that I had taken away from her last night, that she had been chewing on for a couple of hours, and now she is happily chewing it again… but the point is that she remembered the bone overnight… smarty pants.

Doggie IQ test

some of these are too too much… but a few are fun to do…




and here is that children’s book, Flat Stanley, that inspired me to come up with the Flat Fido idea…


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