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Vick to Congress: I must speak out on the evils of getting caught

Two exemplary speakers are going before Congress today to speak about the evils of dog fighting to help get a bill against animal fighting passed.  No, not someone from BadRap, who regularly rescues dogs who have been involved in fight busts like 11 of the former M. Vick dogs. No, not someone from Best Friends who also sees the effects regularly with dogs taken from fight busts and who took in and cared for 22 of the former M. Vick dogs. No, not someone from the ASPCA or Our Pack or SPCA who also know firsthand the evils of dog fighting as evidenced by the dogs.

No, instead the speakers are… wait for it:

M. Vick, dog killer and dog fighter for six years aka the most notorioous animal abuser of all time who never got charged with animal cruelty but instead got a plea deal and Wayne Pacelle of HSUS who thinks Vick will make a good pet parent.


Vick will speak on the evils of getting caught. Dog fighting is wrong (but I loved it and would still be doing it if I had not been caught) if only you could expunge my record if I pretend I am sorry, although I am not one bit except for having gotten caught and my plea deal should have allowed me to get out of jail earlier. Can you please erase everything so that I can continue to make millions and pretend I am not the sociopath I am ?  And oh yeah, and can you arrange for me to get another dog to have fun with, I mean, as a pet for my kids. I’ve got a pool all set up out back for my enjoyment.

Wayne Pacelle:  what a guy who else but Vick (a serial killer in the making with a long history, six years of  enjoying committing animal abuse)  could I bring with me so that I can make money and pretend everything is honky dory?


Politics does indeed make strange dogfellows … Highlights of his Sociopath in the House meeting other Sociopaths Speaking Tour: Vick will meet Bachmann, Palin and others.  Bachmann was overheard to say Let Us Pray for Gay Dogs while Palin was letting Todd and the kids eat freshly killed Moose. Now Vick and Pacelle can cross off one more whistle stop on the Vick PR Rehab Express… aka Vick is really human tour aka Second Chances for dog killers who play football Tour. suckers all aboard… choo choo choo… That is if Vick actually shows up (he’s been known to chicken out, cancel last minute speaking arrangements due to foot in mouth aka I cannot help spouting off how I am, an irredeemable and unrepentant dog killer no matter how much money they are paying me to say otherwise, disease)…

Afterwards, Vick and Pacelle will be having lunch with Obama and talking over old times, like when Obama congratulated Vick’s manager on his second chance a few months ago. Rumor has it that the lunch will be freshly catered by Subway and feature Green Ham and Baloney sub sandwiches.  For dessert, a lovely four tier dog cake will be served in Vick’s honor. Said dog cake will be dunked into small tubs of champagne in honor of Vick’s former pet dog Champagne who Vick threw into the ring and laughed at while his dog got brutally hurt.  The dog cake dunking will begin a cool new tradition at the White House and give a whole new meaning to the saying Let Them Eat Cake. Subway’s new motto: Let Them Eat Baloney.

A couple of surprise guests, will include Oprah Winfrey, who will be on hand to give Vick, Obama and Pacelle a trip to dog fighting country where they will meet up with old and new friends and continue the celebration. And reps from Nike will be giving out $200 shoes to throw at children.   Nike’s new motto: Let Them Eat Shoes.

Not to be outdone, in the West Wing, apparently Obama will be showing off the puppy Second Chance that his staff is grooming and training. Obama will be giving the poor dog to Vick as soon as Vick’s ban is up in 2012.  Some say the pup is a consolation prize but no worries there are more than 4 million shelter trash dogs to choose from. First dog Bo will be at doggie daycare for the occasion. Just in case. Obama would not want to have to explain to his children what happened to Bo.

Also on the agenda for Congress this week:

Tomorrow, Casey Anthony is going to be speaking to Congress about the evils of motherhood… oh correction evils of killing your child and getting a book deal… correction… evils of abusing your child and getting a movie deal… evils of getting caught lying and going to jail.

The day after that, Rupert Murdoch is going to be speaking to Congress about the evils of getting caught listening into people’s private phone conversations and deleting their messages and then discuss ways AT&T and other phone companies should make it easier for phone hackers aka Fox News reporters to do their job.

By the end of the week Congress and the President are going to be having a party on the taxpayers without the taxes that they’ve NOT gotten from the big corporations nor the elite 1% millionaire/billionaires… and pretend our economy is not in the toilet for the poor and the middle class and the job creators with job creation disorder (who sent our jobs oversea) will give themselves a new raise/bonus.

from the Green Dogs Baloney and Ham Gazette Special Edition aka Cici and me


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Dear Oprah

Updates: It seems God/Goddess heard our cries and O/Vick heard our comments, because Vick canceled the interview.


It seems Piers Morgan may be doing it, so if you want send him Lost Dogs books, and/or a link to the O comments… scroll down to bottom, pages and pages. yay !!! yipppeee!!!


this should cover all the icko sickos excuses, ok.



Since I do have a Dogtime account but cannot figure out how to login to it and have had no assistance from their support team, this is the comment I was going to make on Leslie Smith’s blog post. My own Dear Oprah letter.

Dear Oprah,

Since you were supposed to have BadRap on your show a little while ago with the dogs and flaked on that, I highly doubt and am very skeptical that you will ask Michael Vick anything but softball b.s. PR crapola.

I am personally sick, disgusted and fed up with hearing about Vick, from HSUS, Oprah and Obama. Am ill almost every day, crying all of the time.

If you are reading this and want to make a difference, please sign the petition on facebook and send it along to all of your friends and relatives.  Also, read others remarks to Oprah here.  You are NOT alone.

You can also write to Oprah’s Executive Producer Sheri Salata on Twitter, @SheriSalata and @Oprah and @OprahWinfreyNetwork and @PiersMorgan and @CNN and @Cnnbrk and @andersoncooper  with the hashtag #Vick

Look at my 4PawsUp page at all of the Victory dogs, and you tell me what kind of a person could torture and kill those dogs FOR SIX YEARS.  NO EXCUSES, Oprah.

I have a pit bull mix that I rescued from out of the hands of a homicidal maniac. Vick is a psychopath and should be in jail and / or a psych hospital.

If you saw the Richard Hunter video from Dallas, Vick showed NO REMORSE and his bodyguard said they don’t care about the dogs.  Video below and for context, this was not the Mayor, but the Mayor Pro Tem Caraway who had no authorization to give the keys to Vick and who has been laughed at and was supposed to get the keys back according to the real Mayor Leppert.

Vick has had THREE+ chances to meet the dog rescuers who’ve lovingly cared for the dogs and has refused.

What is it going to take for America to wake up???  Does Vick have to abuse, kill and maim children / people????  Law enforcement and ASPCA says there is a well documented correlation between people who do horrific things to dogs and then to people.

No one in their right mind could have done the things that Vick did, enjoyed doing, and got a thrill out of doing.

As Hunter said in the interview he did, Vick is MENTALLY ILL. And if he had ANY REMORSE he would give up the names of the dog fighters not just do what he has been mandated to do. There is MUCH he could do but what is he doing but playing football for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS???

It’s all a big show for greedy people.

No, I am DONE with you Oprah. I used to be a BIG FAN of yours, but I AM DONE.  I WILL NOT WATCH OPRAH ANYMORE until you have BEST FRIENDS, BADRAP, Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs and a few of the dogs on your show.  If you do not do that, you are a BIG FAKE.

The audience should have a copy of The Lost Dogs at the very minimum and Oprah, you should read from the book to Vick.  If you let him off the hook, YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE and DEFINITELY NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE !!!!!

I hope I am wrong about you and am praying for a miracle.

CeliaSue Hecht & my beloved Cici

a former fan




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send oprah an audio book for her birthday

Is America tired of Oprah, asked Jimmy Kimmel?  funny… be sure to watch the video…



an article I just posted online:



Some of the lost dogs were featured Friday, Jan. 21 on PBS:  (click link below for the video)



a release I sent out to the media:

http://pitbullpositive.ning.com/profiles/blogs/betting-on-the-real-american, who are the real heroes?


There are 77.5 million dogs in America.  Piers Morgan wagered Oprah on who would be first to interview Michael Vick. Some twittered that the winner of the 200 pound bet should donate the sum to worthy pit bull rescue groups Best Friends and BadRap who have and are taking care of a majority of the dogs rescued from the Bad Newz Kennels.

What happens when you are NOT rich and famous
Carlos Olivero was convicted of dog fighting in 2009 in Florida; he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Recently, two men were sentenced after Georgia dog fighting raid and were sentenced to five years in state prison and five years of probation.

What happens when you are rich, famous and play football


Now ickVick will be interviewed by Oprah … BUT you can have impact…  the link below, read and do something !


Oprah’s birthday is coming up:

Date of birth: 29/January/1954

so how about sending her the New York Times best-selling The Lost Dogs book as gifts, email messages, twitters, etc. to read or listen to the book before she does the interview.  don’t know the best address, this is what I found online…  She just launched OWN, her new network, so is she still in Chicago???

you can send her an audio version, and/or this sample about Little Red, the cover girl of the audiobook… it is powerful to listen to this…


more about Little Red (not the little red dog)…

Vicktory Dog, Little Red, has come a long way since arriving at BF 3yrs ago: http://bit.ly/eiok8u

I created this poochecard for you all to send to Oprah, too, if you want…


I would urge her to play the sample of the New York Times best-selling audiotaped book to the audience. (someone also suggested she make it one of her books for the book club). And tell Vick to CONFESS his crimes (for REAL) to author Jim Gorant, Donna Reynolds from BADRAP and Francis Battista from Best Friends Animal Society. Have Vick admit what he did on national TV directly to the people who have been taking care of the dogs and to America.  No more dog and pony show.  Tell Oprah that Vick should have gotten 65 years in prison !   (warning the link below does contain a gory photo and graphic language, but he goes step by step from court documents, how he came up with th 65 years, powerful !!!


Mail Address:

Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Studios, Inc.
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

Address Information:

Harpo Studios, Inc.
(Production Company)
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 633-1000

Oprah’s Mansion In California? 1633 East Valley Rd, Montecoto, CA, 93108.

O, The Oprah Magazine 300 W 57th St Fl 36. New York, NY 10019-3741



there is another twitter for the O magazine…

Let me know if you do send Oprah an audiobook, a book or a message and I will enter you in a new contest, the O contest…

fyi, Vick is just one in the 20,000 to 40,000 people that are estimated to be involved in America’s multi-billion dollar illegal dog fighting industry. The operation Vick sponsored was so cruel that many of the losing dogs either died in the pit, or they were electrocuted, hanged, drowned, or shot. Vick and three others (Taylor, Peace, and Phillips) were charged with competitive dog fighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines. Vick was not charged with animal cruelty, a felony in all states.  He got a plea deal.

you would think I’d know how to do this by now (this being my third or 4th time), oh gosh…

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proud history of the pit bull video

watch this beautiful video and pass it on to everyone you know !  send this video to the white house, send it to oprah, ellen degeneres, rachael ray, martha stewart and your local media people, newspapers, magazines, TV media, and let them know you care about pit bulls, send it to your local animal rescue groups, no kill shelters, SPCA, humane societies, and thank them for their hard work on behalf of the dogs…

dog files, Kenn Bell, thank you, the dogs thank you, woof woof !

this is the story of the real pit bulls, loving, sweet, loyal, strong, funny nanny dogs….


[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hpd2goPBYAA%2Em4v%5D

blog hope code hopefully

i did this about 10 times, put in the code, best I can do, don’t know how to do codes.

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Start a Foot Licking Spa Salon for Fun & Profit

Start Your Own Foot Licking Spa Salon (Shoe Cleaning and Tail Lashing Extra) a Lucrative Home Business …

You can make a big pile of cash at home with a FOOT LICKING, (SHOE CLEANING and TAIL LASHING ) spa salon business!  This is perfect for multi-tasking dogs everywhere, honest.  Utilize shelter dogs, for a bonus and/or give a small % to animal rescue groups and you will have a faithful following. HIRE HOMELESS MUTTS !!! You will get TONS OF PRESS. You will never have to be concerned about cash flow again !

Wild exotic sounding spa treatments take place all over the world every day. Hot stones on backs. Mud spas. Seaweed, sea salt, herbal, even chocolate slatherings.

In Japan, tiny fish that nibble away all the dead skin on the feet, and in other areas of the body are all the rage at foot spa salons. The Japanese find this very relaxing and pools of foot nibbling fish are everywhere. Well, here in America, with our CAN DO spirit, we can make our Best Friends Foot Spas that offer FOOT LICKING a Huge Success!!

Here in California, folks are known for being the first in the country to do just about anything. We have raw sushi places on every block or mall, koi fish in our pools (similar to gold fish, only bigger and different colors) plus whales and dolphins in the ocean, some we swim with. None of these sea animals would work for a successful foot licking spa salon.

Have a menu of services and tell people what to expect. Give them what they pay for and more.

First, when people come inside your foot spa, if they have shoes on with laces, NO PROBLEM !  Your dog, if she is anything like mine, probably can untie the laces in a flash. Then s/he can help with taking the shoes off the feet, already beginning the spa treatment with some showing off.

Have a bowl of warm water ready for spa participants to put their feet into after your dog gets to cleaning the feet. Meanwhile, another dog can clean their shoes.

The dogs will take care of the shoes, put them in a special place. Then the customers feet are put in a pan of warm water. Very soothing. Feet are greased and wrapped as suggested below. After that, the foot licking treatment begins. Wonderful! The dogs are happy, the customers are, too.  And you are making loot, to boot, Heavenly!!

Felines welcome?

Some people may also like the feel of a different type of licking. One done by a very special tongue, a feline’s. Yes, you heard me right.  The sharp razorlike cat tongue treatment may precede the canine licking or happen afterward, whatever the customer wants !  Be sure to let them know that toe chewing or clawing is an extra benefit.

Similarly, tail lashing can happen at the beginning or the end of the process and may or may not be included in the spa treatment. No more than three dog tails are advised at any given time. And if you can train the dogs to wag in sync with one another, the better the effect.

A foot licking salon just might become your American dream. Your ship will have come in. All you need is a few enthusiastic dogs, a comfortable room with relaxing reclining chairs, some soothing music, incense, aromatherapy and/or a few scented candles to set the mood.

Put up a website, invite customers to your Open House and let them try their first treatment free or with a discount.

Your family pets can help earn their keep, utilizing their foot fetishes for good and help you make a small fortune in the foot licking business.

This could be a very lucrative full-time or part-time venture. Whatever floats your boat. And you can charge whatever the traffic will bear.

If you grease the feet with a thin layer of butter and then wrap them doggies (feet) in meat (hot dogs, turkey, sausage, bacon, chicken or deli meat, even spam will do),  the dogs will be motivated to lick longer. Foot licking can be a lot of work for a working hound. I can see the signs… Will work for hot dogs or Hot dogs lapping up the luxury. Creamy peanut butter is another possibility, depending upon the dog. Cheaper than meat, to cut your expenses when you are first starting out.


I would suggest that you call these spa treatments pet therapy for your clients. So they can tell all of their friends and brag about how special it is. Every American loves to prove their high class status and tell their friends and relatives about the new therapy treatment they’ve gotten and the more expensive, the better the therapy. And, soon you will even be writing off your vet bills, butcher and dog food as business expenses. Win win woof.


Your dogs will be pampered and revered. When you relocate to Bev Hills, and Paris Hilton, Doris Day, Betty White and other dog loving celebs jump on the foot licking bandwagon,  you will know that you have ARRIVED. You can also offer these foot licking services as part of a Doggie and Me package, part of your B&B. Also, when your dog has its own cell phone or beeper and Martha Stewart, Animal Planet and/or Oprah ask you to come on their show for a demonstration, your 15 minutes of fame will have begun.

Give the dogs whatever they want so they’ll treat the customers right !

Little yappy dogs may be too pampered and cause too many ego problems. Not showing up for work. Nipping at feet. Big, sloppy or medium dogs may be the best dogs. The kind of dogs that love to please and will lick feet all day long, every day if you let them. Doggie heaven and money too.


You can advertise that your spa is green and eco friendly, too… Dogs cleaning up the planet one foot at  time!


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healing power of Oprah…

don’t know if you had a chance to watch Oprah yesterday, she had an animal show, with a bear, a hypo, who lives with a family, as well as puppies trained for Iraq vets by prisoners with Glenn Close reporting on the latter story… very touching… at the end, she had a bunch of people with their pets, snakes birds, rabbits, dogs and cats all on stage… a little much… but the hypo and bear stories plus the puppies were pretty amazing and wonderful…




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a GRAND project…






a GRAND Project…

since NO ONE deserves to be exiled in a shelter, not animals nor humans… am putting out that women of means over 50, women like Oprah, Suze Orman, Shirley MacClaine, Tina and others support women with low and no income over 50 with pets… giving a new leash on life… One on one, a woman of means can Adopt a Woman and help her get back on her feet, ( giving her a strong support system)…

the mission is to create a community of women supporting one another…

l. Eco friendly Home/B&B with gardens …. each woman has her own room and bathroom (whenever possible)… and works a rotating job on site such as answering phones, taking reservations, tending the gardens, housecleaning, pet sitting and dog walking, fencing the property, doing construction, renovation and home improvement tasks as needed…

2. RV/Mobile home park, each woman has her own RV/mobile or park model and works a rotating job on site such as answering phones, taking reservations, tending the gardens, pet sitting and dog walking…

3. Yurt Motel, each woman has her own Yurt and works a rotating job on site such as answering phones, taking reservations, tending the gardens, pet sitting and dog walking…

In addition, women can choose to train a dog from an animal shelter/rescue to give the dog manners and get the dog adopted…

If you are a 501c3 organization (animal rescue, shelter or other), pet business owner, have land you would like to invest in a GRAND project or would like to donate items such as gardening supplies, fencing, computers, food (dog and human), prepaid cells phones, prepaid phone cards and more, please contact me and I will send you more info…

An Idea Whose Time Has Arrived…


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