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Dog laws pros and cons

California has now made it legal for people to break car windows in order to break a dog out of a hot car.

“As of August 2016, Vermont joined forces with Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio in passing laws to protect good Samaritans who assist dogs locked in hot cars.”

Palm Springs has made it illegal for people to leave their dogs in their cars.

Many people applaud these measures. Don’t get me wrong, dogs shouldn’t die in hot cars AND there are other issues about this to consider and SOLVE which these laws do NOT DO.


For instance, people like me who take their dogs on trips, who are single and alone and cannot leave their pooches in the motel, and must take their dogs with them wherever they go, sure, these laws are meant to save dog’s lives… but in Palm Springs it is illegal to keep your dog in a car, even if it is COOL weather or night, this goes TOO FAR. if dogs are not allowed in stores, there is NO PLACE FOR THEM TO BE. Where am I supposed to put CICI, tie her up outside a store ????

A woman called the police while I was shopping at Trader Joe’s one cool morning. I usually take Cici inside with me and did not know about the law. She was fine with the windows wide open. As I was at the cashier and leaving, the manager asked if that was my car and told me about the woman and the law.




There are laws that DESERVE TO BE BROKEN or should never have been made to begin with in my humble opinion.  What do you think ?


Speaking of which, MONTREAL’s wrong minded response to an incident and just passed a really horrible BSL law that will put too many dogs lives at stake. Rescues are trying to get dogs out of Montreal ASAP as we speak but families are being torn apart and heartbroken for what ????? outlawing dogs for the WAY THEY LOOK IS JUST PLAIN INSANE and goes against EVERYTHING dog experts agree upon on how to COMBAT effectively dog bites and dog aggression. Breed Specific Legislation does NOTHING but waste taxpayer dollars and has proven to be completely ineffective at curbing dog bites. In fact, in some places, dog bites went up because BREED and dog’s looks have NOTHING TO DO WITH whether  a dog will bite or be aggressive or not.

There are 5 or  red flags that are PROVEN that can lead to a dog attacking or biting.

A dog who is or has been abused, a dog who is left alone in a yard, all day and night and is not socialized nor trained, a dog who is left to roam the streets, a mama with puppies, a dog who is sick and NEVER LEAVE A CHILD OF ANY AGE ALONE WITH A DOG, NO DOG, NONE. These are the RED FLAGS … AND APPLY TO ALL BREEDS of DOGS!!!!!!

“legislators voted in 37 to 23 favor of breed-specific legislation, effectively outlawing any dog that resembles a pit bull — unless owners meet a strict set of conditions.

“Under the ban — which loosely covers American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — no dog considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters.

“For dogs that don’t have an ‘owner’ on the day of the passing of the legislation, the way the legislation is drafted, the dogs have to be euthanized,” Alanna Devine, of the Montreal SPCA, told The Dodo last week.

“…The legislation was proposed after a spate of dog attacks in the city. Among them, the most notorious resulted in a woman being killed by a dog in her yard last June. But, even in that case, there’s doubt whether the dog that attacked her was even a pit bull.

“Under the law, people who own dogs deemed pit bulls have until March to undergo a criminal background check and pay $150 for a special permit. Their dog will have to be sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped —as well as muzzled and on a 4-foot leash at all times in public.”





What you can do:

Sign the petition, write to the officials, speak out against BSL and adopt a dog from MONTREAL asap.






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Cici needs surgery


I have a concussion from bashing my head during a recent fall. Along with the other health issues I am dealing with, and other crises (last blog post). We are on our way to hopefully get housed in the Palm Springs area.

Right now, we are stranded about 30 miles away without gas or a cent to buy any.

At least there is a Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot, grocery store and other stores here but it is also 20 degrees colder here than in Palm Springs. Not fun when you are sleeping in your car.

Thankfully, CIci was able to go to a vet to see about a lump / tumor on her leg. Pets of the Homeless paid for the exam. She is going to need surgery to get the tumor removed and biopsied.

Put up a fundraiser to help pay for the costs. If you can, please share and/or donate.

Here is the link:


Thank you.

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Relaxing Spa in the Desert

If your dog could speak s/he would tell you to Leave the hustle, bustle, traffic, noise and smog behind and bring them to The Dog Spa Resort and Wellness Center for a fun time together. The DogSpa is the pet friendliest place on the planet, never mind Palm Springs and it is for both humans and canines. Talk about dogitude. The place oozes dog friendly vibes. For one thing, dogs go unleash everywhere, there are no pet fees, no restrictions in terms of size, weight and breed, and you can leave the dog in the room if the dog will behave.

That does not mean there are no rules. Guests are reminded not to feed their dogs in public, no treats in common areas, to pick up after their dogs, and to supervise their dogs at all times. The DogSpa is the brainchild of Paula Terifaj, a holistic vet, who knows dogs, knows dog body language and she watches out for any problem dogs. She wants the DogSpa to be a really fun relaxing place for everyone. She also rescues dogs and wants to get the many dogs in shelters adopted into forever homes.

“I wanted to create some place unique, different, a really dog friendly place for people and their four legged family members, to unwind, unplug and relax with fresh air, sunshine and mineral water pools,” she explained. The soothing mineral water is what really attracts people to this area. Year round swimming in a hot springs pool and getting a stress-releasing massage, who could ask for anything more?

Paula bought the intimate hotel in 2009 and spent two years renovating it to her specifications. There is a dog park that is fenced that dogs can enjoy. Dogs Vacation Free here. And if your dog happens to fall into a pool with you, well then, whoopsie. This resort takes dog friendly into a whole other realm.

The point is for you and your dog to share the experience. You do not want to have your dog stuck in some kennel or room while you are away having fun. People benefit from the whole experience and their dogs get to be part of it, too.  Imagine lazy days lying in the sun, swimming in the pool, enjoying the hot tub, and your dog is lying on a towel next to you relaxing, too.

A dog named black lab mix named Jake greeted Cici and I. He was running around the pool with a ball in his mouth that he would not let go of come heck or mineral water. Cici also met one of Paula’s dogs, Brad Pit, a brown beagle and pit bull mix. He was guarding the area between the kitchen and the dog park (a relaxation area). We did not get to meet her other dog, Black Beauty.




We stayed in a luxury Suite 4 (with café kitchen).Cafe Kitchens feature a full sized refrigerator, ice, coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, sink, and dinnerware. There are only six unique rooms including Wellness rooms with purified water, air, magnet beds and so much more.




  • Two hot mineral pools kept at the perfect temperature year around. Large swimming pool at a comfortable 88° F and Jacuzzi at a therapeutic 102° F. Both heated without gas by an underground hot water well.
  • Complimentary health conscious buffet breakfast from 8am until 10am.

If you live in LA or San Diego and want to spend a weekend or vacation and enjoy the mineral hot springs pool in Desert Hot Springs (a few minutes from Palm Springs), then this IS the place to visit. It is only two hours from LA and San Diego and you can bring your pooch(es).


Speaking of dog parks, Paula suggests:

l. Be prepared and be vigilant.

2. Bring a spray bottle of water, know where there is a hose, or bring an air horn or a whistle to use if dogs are not getting along.

3. Be mindful

4. Keep your eyes and ears on your dog at all times.

5. Be aware of the weather. Dogs should NEVER be left along in a hot car and in the summer, the pavement may be too hot for their paws and can burn their pads.

If you are seeking a small intimate healthy environment to do workshops or seminars or retreats, you may be able to rent the entire property for a yoga workshop, a cooking, meditation, or healthy retreat.

Ask for the Double the Fun special as well as a dog spa gift certificate. You and your dog deserve stress-free pampering time!   Click on the link below to find out more.


You can also go shopping with your dog at The River (a dog friendly shopping mall in nearby Palm Desert, yes indeed)…

and there are hiking trails. Click the link below to find out all about the trails, dog park and where to eat with your pooch, too.



There are some other dog parks in the area in case you want to visit (but you will enjoy the one at the Dog Spa Resort more than any of the others, we betcha plus who wants to drive all the way to Palm Desert or Indio when you and your pooch came here to stretch your paws and woof it up !

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Top 20 Pet Friendly Inns in California with Dogitude

You may recall that back in March we created a list of the top Pet Friendly Inns with Dogitude in California… well, we have to add a few and change the list… and please do go on and read about our travels to California dog beaches at bodega, carmel, half moon bay, huntington, mendocino, newport, san diego, and so much more!

we have some exciting new developments traveling along the K9 highway… to be announced soon…

Visit each Website for Very Important Pet packages. Bring your best
friend with you and you will always have a paw-fect time.


five bones, Superb Exemplary brimming with Dogitude
four bones, Excellent service, lots of Dogitude
three bones, Average accommodations, amenities and Dogitude
two bones, Less than Average, little Dogitude
one bone, lacking Dogitude. fur washing

Top 20 Pet Friendly Inns in California with Dogitude

Visit each Website for Very Important Pet packages. Bring your best
friend with you and you will always have a paw-fect time.

1. Rosewood Sandhill, Menlo Park
This magnificent property is owned by Stanford University. Every single staff member we met made a big fuss over Cici and the customer service was unmatched / simply superb. Pet amenities include a lush dog bed (that they gave us to take home), treats, bowls and dog bone mat.

1. The Island Hotel, Newport Beach
http://IslandHotel.com (exemplary service, large grassy area, delicious handcrafted bones and pet amenities including in the Spa)

2. Stanford Inn, Mendocino
http://stanfordinn.com (extremely dog and animal friendly, including dining with Fido indoor lobby, delicious sweet potato treats and gourmet vegan cuisine)

3. 3 Peaks Resort, South Lake Tahoe
http://www.lake-tahoe-california-hotels.com/lake-tahoe-coupons-deals.php (organic treats in a doggie jar in the lobby), dogs are welcome to be in the lobby and by the swimming pool plus there is lots of grass, trees, bushes all over the property and various types of suites and motel log cabin-like rooms at various price ranges, all clean, fresh and nice furnished

4. Hotel Solamar, San Diego
http://www.hotelsolamar.com/ (excellent concierge and staff customer service, dog bed, dog bowls and treats)

5. Casa Carolina, Sebastopol
Casa Carolina is 5 minutes from wineries and 5 minutes from downtown, so you can enjoy all of the shops and restaurants, the location is in the Russian River Wine Country, too. The innkeepers, Lila, Josh and Trevor are very friendly and helpful. There is a wonderful home away from home atmosphere that is very rare. Plus, there is Olive, Cici’s dog pal.

6. Luxe Hotel Sunset
http://www.luxehotelsunsetblvd.com/ This pet-friendly hotel is just 12 miles from LAX Airport. There are 160 spacious upscale and modern non-smoking guest rooms and suites and a Doggy and Me package, guest and their dog both receive an in room massage. There are 12 pet friendly suites and they are all on the upper floor for access to the grassy area plus a doggie menu.

7. Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, Huntington Beach
waterfrontresort.com (gorgeous ocean views and dog beach sponsors)

8. Seafoam Lodge, Little River
www.seafoamlodge.com on site boxer dog (Lucy) who loves to play with other dogs…and they deliver breakfast to your door every morning (hot muffins, cool orange juice)

The Andiron and Seafoam Lodge, Little River
The Andiron is a very dog and eco friendly property, refurbished in FUN ways, perfect for girlfriend getaways, romantic weekends, and/or a peaceful and quiet relaxing beach vacation…

9. Casa Cody Inn, Palm Springs
this is the ONLY pet friendly inn that I HIGHLY recommend in Palm Springs, in the heart of downtown … inn has four huge grassy courtyards for dogs to sniff around and explore, when the cats are sleeping, that is, there are three cats in residence, big mama, biscuit and marmalade… four paws up !

10. Harmony Ridge Lodge, Nevada City
fabulous forest, spacious suites, on site dog, as well as great homemade dog and human treats and cookies, the food is wonderfully yummy, too…

11. Blue Whale Inn, Cambria
bluewhaleinn.com (dog lovers delight, across from the ocean, scrumptious dog treats in doggie jar in dining area), dog bed, dog bowls and toy

12. Union Hill Inn, Sonora
treats, treats and more treats, from steak to ground beef and more… need I say anything else? cici loved the special treatment…

13. Beazley House, Napa
lovely suites, on site dogs, wonderful cookies and treats for humans and dogs, beautiful gardens, as well as pet friendly staff…

14. Fleur de Lac, Lake Arrowhead
www.fleurdelac.com quaint inn with five cozy suites and very pet friendly staff…

15. Rancho Caymus, Rutherford
location, location, location, and wonderful pet friendly staff…

16. Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria
gorgeous gardens, lovely forest in back, with deer, grass, great place to walk the dog… and doggies can eat outside with humans…

17. Highland Ranch, Philo
a 3-4-5 doggie day/night experience, plus horses, cats and other critters, and three meals a day, an awesome getaway resort, with pool, lots of green grass and trees to explore, roam and canine party…

18. Svensgaard Inn and Hofsas House, Carmel
Svensgaard Inn has a grassy courtyard and pet amenities galore including the barking treat jar in the lobby.

Hofsas House http://www.hofsashouse.com/ is a Bavarian-style, four-story house built on a hill with ocean views. There are 38 rooms, 19 are pet friendly. Dogs are allowed by the pool with their owner. An inn with a sense of what Bavarians call Gemutlichkeit.

19. Surf Motel & Gardens, Fort Bragg and the Andiron Seaside Inn
http://www.surfmotelfortbragg.com, in my humble opinion, this is the pet friendliest motel in the area with beautiful gardens, a great location and a pet fun run on the property.

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tuscany manor resort…

The Tuscany Manor offers 1 and 2 bedroom suites with kitchens, and all the modern amenities including wireless Internet. Each suite is appointed with southwestern decor and cable television.

All of the suites are located around the courtyard which offers views of the heated pool and spa plus BBQ.  Enjoy the fragrant flowers, or take a dip in the hot tub after a day of golf or shopping.

This is a nice place for an affordable home away from home family vacation or business retreat, family reunion, girlfriends getaway, mancation and more. Located a few minutes away from the busy downtown area, the peace and quiet is very relaxing and your dog will enjoy the grassy lawns inside and outside the gate. A safe place to walk your pooch.



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puppy playtime…

oh yeah, yesterday was my birthday… had breakfast and went to see a movie, got some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia… the movie was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, kind of sad, but did not see anything else I wanted to watch… not as heartwarming nor uplifting as I hoped… very sad actually…  met a young guy at the Palm Springs Home Show and it was his birthday, too, 20 years old… geez… we were going to get ice creams together but he was busy… I did get a foot detox bath there, and tried out some beds, smoothies and samples of dog food, which did not agree with Cici, so we will not be getting any…  it maybe because it had liver in it and she has never had liver before…

we finally did it.. went to the Palm Springs dog park this morning… and were overwhelmed with the sheer number of dogs… Cici has been needing puppy playtime for awhile now (couple of weeks), so I broke down and took her… there is a place for little dogs… as we walked by them, they greeted Cici with barks and woofs… and for large dogs… I took her to the big dogs place since she is medium size…a couple of dogs came running over to greet her, and she ran and chased and played with about 30-40 dogs… there were mutts and pretty dogs and all sizes and shapes… I think Cici was overwhelmed at first, too, but then she fit right in…  got in some good play and run time… the owners were pretty welcoming, which was nice, too.


Location: Behind City Hall
3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

The Palm Springs Dog Park consists of 1.6 acres of fenced-in rolling grass with fire hydrants, dual purpose canine/human drinking fountains, picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials, solar lighting and shade structures. Dogs run and play leash-free; park never closes. Separate play area for small dogs. Beautiful fence designed and built by artist Phill Evans; double-gated for safety.


unlike at the Palm Springs Convention Center, we were there for a home show and the first night Cici was the hit of the party, everyone loved her, but security kept coming over and telling me she could not be there, we finally left, they said it was because they served food there… ok, but yesterday we went back during the day and they told me she had to leave because no dogs were allowed in the building… people do not understand that when you are traveling with a dog, there is no place to leave them, especially when it is hot hot hot temperature wise, you cannot leave the dog in the car or in the motel/hotel/inn room… so you have to bring them with you wherever you go…

don’t know what we would do without Office Depot and Pet Smart, two places that allow doggies… and have a/c… there are malls, but they are iffy…

anyone have tips about traveling with your pooch in hot weather?  (I realize the rest of the world is experiencing cooler fall weather but Palm Springs has been in the 90’s)…

we were at a rest area and she played for a few minutes with a long hair chi, little cute boy, first he was a  bit reluctant until cici won his heart over and then he was wagging his tail and they ran around a bit.


Dog Park Etiquette

New to the dog park scene? Here are some guidelines:

  • Only friendly, well-trained dogs are welcome at public dog parks. If you can’t control your dog off-leash, exercise him elsewhere.
  • Supervise your dog at all times in case play gets rough. Just like children, dogs sometimes get over-excited and that’s when accidents and injuries occur.
  • Wait until your pup is fully immunized (usually by 4 months) before introducing her to a play group. Until she gets bigger, play dates are best with dogs of a similar size.
  • Take a young or timid dog to a play group when there are just a few easygoing dogs, not when it’s a free for all. Peak hours on weekdays are usually just before and after work: 7-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.
  • If your dog behaves aggressively or starts a fight, remove him from the park at once.
  • Keep your dog leashed until you are within the park limits. Also check for leash laws within the park; some don’t allow dogs to run free.
  • Spayed and neutered pets are less aggressive than non-neutered dogs. Leave dogs in heat at home.
  • Is water fresh?
  • Pick up after your dog. Many dog parks provide “poop bags.” If yours doesn’t, bring one from home.
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    idyllwild dog friendly…

    If you and your dog seek peace and quiet and a cooler climate, a couple of hours away from Los Angeles, an hour from Palm Springs, why not visit dog friendly Idyllwild.

    the town of Idyllwild offers pet activities and accommodations for four-legged friends and their owners.

    Here are five dog friendly activities to enjoy with Fido and Fluffy…

    l.  Idyllwild’s numerous art galleries welcome pets.

    Oh My Dog pet portrait photographer Frank takes wonderful photos of dogs. Frank has taken photos for Cesar Millan and celebrity rescue dogs.  He has a gallery in LA and Idyllwild.

    2.  Dine together

    Cafe Aroma

    The Gnome

    3.   Don’t forget to visit the Arf animal rescue which houses kitty cats and fosters dogs while they are waiting to be adopted.  Also Living Free animal sanctuary is nearby.

    4. And if your dog wants to visit the dog park, there is a little dog park that is fenced across from The Strawberry Creek Inn.  There are also hiking trails and the creek where you can take the pooch for a doggone good time.

    5. A few places to rest with your puppy

    when traveling it is nice to be able to stay in a cabin with all the amenities of home including a kitchen and several inns offer this kind of pet friendly accommodations.

    If your dog is yearning to stay in a cabin in the woods, consider Quiet Creek Inn…  Innkeepers Jim and Mike offer studios and one bedroom suites with kitchens and fireplaces, suitable for couples looking for a romantic getaway, romping with Fido, and/or scenic inspiration… trees, trees, trees, babbling creek and views  mean stunning sunsets and sunrises.  Internet access throughout the property and a guest lodge with movies, popcorn and hot chocolate.


    The innkeepers of The Strawberry Creek Inn, Rodney and Ian, are taking over A Lodge and making it pet friendly… At the new cost effective property, there are 18 studios, each with kitchenettes and a patio plus two stand alone cottages. The level of service at the Strawberry Creek Inn surpasses many inns. The special touches, such as handwritten notes welcoming guests, as well as the delectable breakfast meal (apple pancakes like you have never eaten and chicken sausage), hor’deouvres in the afternoon (chocolately fudge brownies, a variety of snacks, cheese, egg rolls, little Mexican treats, and more. Plus, they are eco friendly, are raising chickens who will be producing organic eggs and a certified wildlife habitat.  The charming gazebo, patio, hammocks, and paths around the property make it very easy to enjoy time spent.   A four paws up memorable experience will be had by all.


    The Fireside inn offers cute little homey cabins with kitchens and small private backyards, plus barbecues and movies. Internet access throughout the property. There are eight cabins, all are pet friendly.

    The Fireside Inn offers comfortable, single-story, smoke-free, duplex cottages. The second location, is located on a larger, more private property, and is called the Fireside Cabins, and offers eight more spacious cottages, cabins and lodges. All but one of the sixteen properties come complete with fireplaces and kitchens, and many have bathtubs or Jacuzzi tubs.The Fireside Inn provides outdoor seating and barbeque facilities and daily feeding of the resident birds, squirrels, and raccoons…

    Owners Larry and Pam Allen also own Wooley’s clothing, hats, gloves, sheepskin slippers…


    Woodland Park Manor

    offers a variety of redwood cabins, from studios to larger ones. All of the cabins have a fully equipped kitchen and all linens are provided. And they have telephone,TV and VCR/DVD.  Some have Hot Tubs, some welcome pets.

    Bluebird Cottage Inn has 17 rooms, all are pet friendly, cabins and motel units, some with fireplaces and kitchens. All rooms include refrigerator, microwave, TV and wireless internet.  Owners were changing at the time we stayed.

    Some nearby parks include:

    Mt. San Jacinto State Park
    No more than a two hour drive from either Los Angeles or San Diego, the mountain’s magnificent granite peaks, subalpine forests, and fern-bordered mountain meadows offer a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy a scenic, high-country Wilderness area. 

    Idyllwild’s wilderness offers over 275 miles of hiking trails. Choose from the easy Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail for the novice hiker or one of many more challenging hikes. Perhaps a long strenuous hike to the peak or a trip to Long Valley and the top of the Palm Springs Tramway.

    pawprint_3 pawprint_3


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