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Pupdate 22

Had to take Cici to the vet AGAIN because her rear end was all red and swollen near her tail. Turned out that she needed to have her anal glands expressed (which I suspected)… and it turned out that she also lost 2 pounds (last time she gained 6 pounds, so this time she lost 2, she only gained 4 pounds then of the 14 she has lost in total)… have to pig this girl out, any suggestions???  vet said I just feed her even more food, am already giving her three meals a day plus treats. It is making me somewhat nutty that she is still so skin and boney.

The vet admitted that Cici’s skin is better even though she is still somewhat itchy. However, I did NOT enlighten her that I stopped the antibiotics. She wanted me to give her steroids but I have opted out of that too.

I called our local health food for dogs store (yes there is one in Carmel) and asked what they would suggest (sometimes the MOST obvious things you do not think to do until you do think of it)… this was after I ordered some special doggie shampoo from Amazon that turned out to be NOT so natural and made me ill… smelled like a combo of hair spray and those plug-in fragrances, two odors that are not not not all natural and get me sick.  I washed Cici with the shampoo and now she smells like that, ugh. But the company said they give 100% refund so I called Amazon and asked what their policy is and thankfully they said they would take it back, too. Refunded my card and sent me a link to print out a shipping label, too so I do not even have to pay the shipping charges. Gotta love Amazon for that !!!

Moving on in this saga, so I called the raw food doggie store, The Raw Connection, in Carmel and asked for their suggestion of an all natural doggie shampoo that would stop the itchies. And they told me about Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer (Liquid and Gel). She said it worked really well for her white poodle. I decided to give it a try. They had it on Amazon but I did not want to wait so we toodled on down to Carmel after the vet and got the moisturizing shampoo and gel.


miracle-2-products_s Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 9.56.48 AM

This stuff is lauded to be good for just about EVERYTHING (I googled it)… so far have not given Cici another bath because TWO baths in ONE week would surely make her leave me. But I have used the gel on her icky areas (where she chews on herself until red, raw and bleeding) and voila, works!!!  also have rubbed the gel onto my osteoarthritis knees and seems to eliminate the pain, so am a happy camper.

Not cheap and there is the gel (which I bought) and the neutralizer liquid which I still plan to buy. The liquid can be taken internally for various reasons.

Fleas and Ticks:
Shampoo dog and cat with Miracle Soap – rinse. Then spray Neutralizer and let dry.  It will not hurt their eyes. Heals rashes, and cuts on dogs, cats and horses. Animal lovers, you will love it!


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Putting on the Pooch

Update about my Cici girl….

SHE HAS GAINED SIX POUNDS… she had lost 14 pounds. Now to recap, she had fleas and possibly a tapeworm so I tried EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN and nothing natural really worked for her, the aromatherapies just made her rashy and itchy. Finally, I took her to the vet.  She is still somewhat itchy but I have ordered some doggie shampoo for her and an anti-itchy spray (herbal) that hopefully will take care of the issues. I talked to the company and found that I could get the products at a slightly better price and no shipping charge on Amazon.

I have been giving her an extra meal a day to put the weight back on and it is working.

No more fleas.  Now the vet gave me drugs to give to her including antibiotics. I gave her them for a couple of weeks but then it seemed to me that the drugs were making her rashier and itchier so I stopped.

And the medicated shampoo she gave us got Cici all greasy and did not stop the itchies.

So now am giving Cici the Herbal Internal Powder and No More Flea Drops from earthanimal.com that Kate suggested and it appears to be working since she is due for her flea medication and has NONE.  We shall see.

The powder and drops adjust the blood chemistry so that the fleas do NOT like the taste of it anymore. The powder is filled with good stuff like alfalfa, kelp, blue green algae, and the drops have wormwood (good to taking care of tapeworms), and other ingredients. I still have the confortis from the vet if necessary but am hoping that the powder and drops will work.

And we are not due back to the vet for a month and Cici should be back to her normal weight by next week. Am back to feeding her Canine Health by Dr. Harvey’s and a can of dog food (a huge can from Trader Joe’s). The rabbit and turkey burgers are great AND kind of expensive.


and the big lump you see hiding under the cover is Cici LOL… If/when I put a cover over her, she will just stay like that until I take it off again… what can I say, she’s weird that way…

Photo on 2013-09-16 at 00.28 #2


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cats and dogs and kids, oh my

9 Things Parents Should Know About Cats and Kids

The funny thing is that I was just talking on Facebook to a friend I have never met about cats and dogs and the different energies, benefits of both types of animals as pets. We love them all and she has a few cats and a dog and is going to be getting another dog, who is being trained to help her daughter with her peanut allergy. Cats are wonderful beings and can be trained, despite conventional thinking. If Cici did not have cat issues, I would have brought a cat into our home for us. On Must Love Cats on Animal Planet last week I saw a show where people were teaching cats to do agility and cats were competing at shows.  Cats are much smarter than people give them credit for. And you can walk them on a leash, too.

Here are a few of Nikhi’s fur babies, are these the cutest fur babies ever???


Alfie and Oliver, the cat…


Well, after my Facebook chat, I received this gift guest blog post and decided to post it here. Enjoy !

If you’re considering adding a pet to the family, cats can seem like the ideal choice. They don’t have to be taken for walks, housebreaking is a breeze and their largely independent attitude means that they don’t need the same level of attention and companionship as a puppy or even a full-grown dog. Households that count small children among their number, however, should take a few things under consideration before adding a feline friend to the family.

  1. Growing Up Together isn’t Always the Best Route – Common advice for parents considering a new pet dictates the addition of a kitten when children are still young. This recommendation is given with the assumption that the two of them will “grow up together.” In fact, adult cats are usually much better choices for young children than kittens. The fragility and delicate nature of a kitten’s physiology does little to protect them from accidental rough treatment, which may be difficult for very young children to understand.
  2. Proper Handling is Imperative – Before you adopt a cat, you should make sure that your child is well informed about safe and proper handling. In addition to running the risk of hurting the cat or causing it to become withdrawn, wary and antisocial in reaction to being handled roughly too often, you’re also increasing the chances of a hiss, swat or bite that turns your child off from cats altogether.
  3. Supervision is Required – Because cats are typically very independent, it can be easy to forget that they still need to be supervised all the time when they’re in the same room as a young child. If you’re present when a child pets too roughly or picks Fifi up by her neck, you can put a stop to the behavior before someone is injured or gets upset.
  4. Declawing isn’t the Kindest Answer – In preparation for bringing a cat into the house, some new owners opt to have their feline friends declawed. What most of them don’t realize, however, is just how cruel and painful the process is for cats. Rather than having a part of the cat’s body removed because you’re nervous about scratched furniture or children, you may just want to reconsider the idea of adding a cat to the family in the first place. The human equivalent of declawing would be the removal of each of your fingers at the last knuckle.
  5. Cats Can Help Kids Learn Responsibility – When your child helps to feed and water his new cat, clean the  litter box and look after her, he’s learning very valuable lessons in responsibility and compassion. There are plenty of reasons why adding a cat to the family may be the perfect choice for your family, but this is potentially the best.
  6. Sharing is Caring, But Not When it Comes to Chocolate – You may be aware of the fact that chocolate is toxic for dogs, but it’s just as dangerous for cats to ingest. Make sure that your child knows that even though she wants to share her chocolate candy, doing so can make her new cat very, very sick.
  7. Cat Scratch Fever isn’t Just a Classic Rock Song – If the only thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “cat scratch fever” is an old Ted Nugent record, you’ll probably want to brush up on the subject before you bring a cat into a house with children. Cat scratch disease is caused by the bacteria Bartonella henselae, and is spread through bites and scratches from an infected cat. While it’s generally not serious, cat scratch disease can cause fatigue, fever, headache, swelling of the lymph nodes and overall discomfort. If your child is showing any of these symptoms, it’s best to inform his doctor that you do have a cat in the family.
  8. The Great Outdoors isn’t All That Great – Your child needs to spend plenty of time outdoors engaged in physically active play. Your cat, however, has a statistically higher chance of living a long life and dying of natural causes if it spends its life indoors. Outdoor cats are much more likely to be injured or even killed by other animals and moving vehicles than their indoor brethren.
  9. Patience is a Virtue – When you first bring your new cat home, it’s normal for your child to be so excited that she wants to spend every moment with her new friend. As a parent, it’s important for you to understand that your cat will need time to adjust to new surroundings, and may be a bit standoffish until he’s more comfortable in your home.

Cats are beautiful and gracious creatures with their own individual personalities and quirks. For some families, they’re irreplaceable members of the household that are dearly treasured. Others may find them too aloof and disinterested, depending upon the temperaments involved. Before making the decision to bring a cat home, you should make sure that the lifestyle of your household is conducive to caring for a cat.  (Editors note:  Please adopt a cat or dog or pet from your local animal rescue or shelter, ie, save a life and spay and neuter your pets, thank you).


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Is Jack Frost Nipping at Your Paws?


The cold winter months are here, depending upon where you live. Many people are pulling out their heavy sweaters and jackets and turning up the heat inside. But what sort of preparations are you making for your dog? Dogs suffer from some of the same woes of winter as humans, such as sensitivity to the cold and the elements, dry, itchy skin from the indoor heat, and achy joints caused by cold temperatures. However, they also suffer from some issues unique to their species.

If your dog usually spends a lot of time outside, you might consider keeping the dog inside during the winter months. Depending upon your dog’s fur coat and size, you might supplement with a doggie sweater or coat when they go outside. And a comfy nap by the fireplace to get the chill out is always good.


PetMD.com suggests that if your dog is still spending a lot of time outside, either working or playing, you need to make sure that his or her water does not freeze. In addition, because they use more energy to generate heat, dogs may benefit from a high-calorie diet. Dogs that are used to frequent outdoor trips and exercise may need to switch to a low-calorie diet. Talk with your vet about a winter-friendly diet that will be right for your pet.


Other issues to look out for outside include chemicals. As more people load up their cars with antifreeze, your pet may be more likely to encounter spills of it on the driveway or sidewalk. Unfortunately, this chemical tastes good to your dog, but it can be deadly. Keep your pooch away from these puddles and get to your vet if you think your dog has ingested any. You should also beware of the salty solutions many people use to melt ice on the sidewalks. These salts are harsh on your pooch’s paws, so make sure to wipe off its paws after a walk or outfit it in booties.


There are some other wintery considerations to make for your dog when it is indoors. The air in your home may become arid when you turn on the heat, causing Fido’s skin to become dry and itchy. To prevent this discomfort, bathe your pet regularly with oatmeal shampoo for dogs or another moisturizing pet shampoo. Giving an Omega-3-rich supplement may also help condition your dog’s skin and promote a healthy coat.



Jackie Roberts is a writer for 1-800-PetMeds. She enjoys writing about dog health and wellness related topics. 

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fat cats

My cat Abundance was a sweet funny black cat with a few white markings on his belly and chin. I did not realize until after he left/ran away what a little piglet he was. He hogged the food so that Precious got shortchanged. When Precious and I were alone, he actually was able to eat properly and that is when I noticed how much he had been deprived by his brother.

Abundance was not a Fat Cat but he definitely liked his food so does Cici. She is not fat either but a lot of pets in the USA are overweight. People simply feed their pets too much and do not give them enough exercise. Sometimes pet owners joke and call their pets funny names like Chubby, Chunky, big butt,  or ahem piglet, teasing about their weight but pet obesity is not a laughing matter.

Pet Obesity is a problem that brings with it a number of health issues including shortened life expectancy.  Take a look at the chart below. It’s got a lot of good useful info that can help you and your pet.


more info about cats…


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Season’s Eatings

 Veterinarian Reveals How to Avoid Dangerous Trend Among Pet Owners

Do we pay the mortgage or surgery for the dog?

That’s the question a lot of pet owners face in this challenging economic landscape, and unfortunately, it’s a question that’s coming up a lot more often.

“The same thing that is happening to people who can’t afford healthcare is happening to pets, only with pets it’s worse,” said veterinarian Lori Pasternak, of Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care (www.helpinghandsvetva.com). “When people can’t afford healthcare, they self-treat their colds and flus and ignore serious symptoms until they eventually land in the emergency room. With pets, the same takes place, but in many cases, it leads to the pet winding up needing expensive treatments or surgical procedures that the owners cannot afford. The result is that they end up allowing the pet to be euthanized, simply because they cannot afford the much needed treatment. What’s even more tragic is that it can be avoided with a few simple and affordable steps.”

Pasternak – whose affordable surgical and dental practice works out creative methods of payment to help pet owners avoid making that tragic choice – wants pet owners to consider the same kind of preventative medical visits that their own doctors recommend for them.

Her tips include:

• Pet Healthcare Plans – Many pet clinics and veterinarians offer some variation of a pet healthcare plan in which the owner pays a nominal monthly fee of $20 to $30, which entitles them to a number of free check-ups and wellness visits for their pets. Some plans even include a limited selection of prescriptions and diagnostic tests in that plan, or they discount them deeply. Routine checkups can catch some serious illnesses before they become serious, and prevent a situation in which the treatment is not affordable.

• Preventative Dental Cleanings – The most common way for dogs to get infections is through their mouths, so keeping their teeth and mouth clean is a great way to prevent disease. Keep in mind, one of the most expensive procedures for dogs is dental work. What’s worse, because your pet doesn’t know how to complain, you won’t know how bad its teeth are until after your dog stops eating. Just because they are eating does not mean they don’t have tooth pain. They will eat until they cannot stand it anymore. Then it may be too late. Routine dental cleanings will go a long way to improve your pet’s health. Most infections are introduced through the mouth, so keeping the mouth healthy will help keep your pet healthy.

• Pet Your Pet – Pet and rub your pet often and all over. Not only will they enjoy the attention, but it will enable you to easily determine if they have any bumps or lumps that could be indicators of infection or disease. These growths are much easier and less costly to remove if taken off when smaller than a quarter, so actually petting your pet can help your ability to detect these anomalies early.

“Being a pet owner is not only a joy, but it’s also a responsibility,” Pasternak added. “They depend on us for everything and ask for nothing in return but our love and attention. The best part is that keeping them healthy is a lot easier and affordable than allowing them to get sick. Our goal is to eliminate economic euthanasia and we hope that every pet owner can help us accomplish that by doing their small share in helping all our pets live longer and healthier lives.”

She also has tips for the holidays, ways to keep our pets safe.

“The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy for our families, but in preparing for the season, many pet owners run the risk of exposing their pets to household dangers that could present potential life-threatening hazards to their pets,” said  Pasternak. “These latent hazards could derail a family’s holiday season if their pets become ill as a result of these hidden perils.”

Pasternak’s list of prospective risks include:

• Decorations – While holiday decorations can make a home feel more festive, they can be tantalizing traps for pets. Pet owners should keep decorations and ornaments higher up on trees so they are not consumed by pets. If a pet decides the colorful garland or tree trim might make a tasty snack, they can and will get stuck in your pet’ intestines, necessitating immediate surgical removal. Moreover, exposed cords from electric lights can cause electrocution or oral burns if chewed.

• Gift Wrap – When it’s time to pull all the gifts out of hiding to be wrapped, take care that your pet isn’t in the room as you spread out all the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. If a cat should starting gnawing on the ribbon, it will literally “stitch” the cat’s intestines together as it is being passed through the gut. Surgery is one holiday gift you don’t want to give your family pet.

• Holiday Feast – While turkey and ham make up the majority of traditional holiday meals, turkey and ham bones can become lodged in the intestines if swallowed in large pieces. Be careful that your guests don’t give in to the holiday spirit too much and choose this time to offer table scraps to your pets. Your pet could become seriously ill or even choke to death.

• Flowers – The poinsettias many choose to use as holiday centerpieces are also toxic to most household pets if they are chewed and swallowed in large enough quantities. The level of toxicity is completely proportionate to the size and weight of your pet, but instead of doing the math on that equation, it’s better to choose other types of floral arrangements that don’t endanger your pets.

“The holidays should be a time for fun, not an unscheduled trip to the animal hospital,” Pasternak added. “If something does happen, don’t hesitate to take your pet to the nearest animal hospital, and know that if you come to ours, we work with our pet owners on affordable payment structures in emergency cases. But we’d rather not see you this season. The best holiday gift you could give your pet is a hazard-free household so they can enjoy the warmth and joy of your celebrations safely and soundly.”

About Lori Pasternak

Lori Pasternak, DVM, graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She worked in a full-service practice in Richmond, VA for 13 years prior to opening Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care, where her mission is to help pet owners avoid economic euthanasia by offering “bare bones” fees for services and accepting creative forms of payment.





Fa la la la la la la la…


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A dog named Rocco

Update from NJ SPCA:

To All : Mayor of Clementon has responded to the Rocco case and promises to look into the case and if he feels Judge acted improperly will ask him to resign. The Mayor will be speaking with the Prosecutor and NJSPCA so a plan can be developed to protect the remaining two dogs. Thank you all for speaking up and thank you Mayor !! Capt


This is the first and last time I ever want to write a blog post like this. People who torture animals are criminals and deserve to be tried to the fullest extent of the law. I NEVER want to post a photo of a dead dog again. And I will keep on speaking up for dogs like Rocco. He deserved to LIVE, not die a torturous unnecessary death. People have to keep speaking UP for dogs like Rocco because dogs cannot speak for themselves.

Below is my letter, polite yet firm, about a dog named Rocco who was starved to death found dead in the back yard. His owners were given 10 days community service and a $250 fine each for willfully killing this dog in such a horrific manner. And they have other dogs and those dogs have NOT been confiscated nor have they been banned from having pets.  What is the point of having tough laws if Judges do NOT sentence criminals with a judgement to fit the crime???

This makes me ill. There is more info below… Please write to the Judge and Mayor and Council and the media and tell them how you feel about this. You can copy/paste any part of my letter if you wish to do so.  Please BE Rocco’s VOICE… He could NOT speak up for himself and the other animals cannot either. Thank you.

You can sign a petition, as well as write to the local news media in NJ…you can call too.

breakingnews@starledger.com, jbarna@sjnewsco.com


…the starvation was compounded by the parasite burden, intestinal worms and heartworms. The Prosecutor as well as the NJ SPCA had no intention of pleading this case out and in fact wanted this to go to trial. The trial was heard during the month of August 2011, in the Clementon Municipal Court where all parties testified.  Dr. Lingley explaining how Rocco died was most disturbing. Judge Larsen made his decision in September, 2011 in Berlin Borough Municipal Court. Ms. Tucker was charged with two Disorderly Persons for Depriving a Living Creature of Necessary Sustenance and Failing to Provide a Living Creature with proper food.  Brandon (Shroeder) Tucker was charged with two Disorderly Persons for Depriving a Living Creature of necessary Sustenance and Cause or Procure by any direct or indirect means any such acts to be done. The NJSPCA felt that these people would be held accountable for their horrible act of intentional neglect of this poor dog. The NJ State Statute allows for Jail time when found guilty for this crime. Judge Larsen stated this was a torturous way to die, it did not happen in a brief period of time, it was long term and there was no excuse why they did not take the dog to the vet or to the shelter or anyone that would have helped out.

So to recap the Tuckers WILLFULLY neglected this dog and allowed it to starve to death with parasites, in their own back yard, they DID NOT take the dog to the vet, and have other dogs in the home, and WERE GIVEN a tiny fine and community service plus are allowed to keep their other dogs (to abuse them too whenever they see fit to do so?).

poor Rocco… RIP sweet dog…

Judge Craig Larsen Clementon Court 101 Gibbsboro Road Clementon, NJ 08021 (856) 783-6464 Extensions #110 & #111 http://www.clementonborough.com/municipal_court Mayor: Mark E. Armbruster clementonnj@aol.com>; Members of Council: http://www.clementonborough.com/mayor__council ******************************
Dear Mayor Armbruster, Judge Larsen and Members of Council,

My heart went out to Patrick the starved dog in New Jersey back in March 2011. Millions of people around the world were moved to ACT and create the Patrick Movement with 60 Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of people. A dedicated, committed group of animal advocates who continue to be concerned about Patrick and all of the Patricks in the world. Rocco is one such dog.

A dog named Rocco was found dead of willful neglect and cruelty in his own back yard. The Judge said starving a dog to death is torture. Yet his cruel pet owners were given a very lenient sentence.

The judgement given does not even begin to fit the crime!!!!

How in the world could a person abandon, neglect and not feed a dog to the point of starvation and death is just beyond me. Even in tough economic times, people have choices to make. And one can always choose to feed their pets and get them vet care IF they are a responsible pet parent. People do NOT have to abandon, neglect or starve their pets. There are always other options.

This is NOT some grand theory but practical application. I have been there and done it. For myself, given the choice of feeding myself or my dog Cici, she comes first.  I take my responsibility to care for her very seriously. If not me, then who? And there have been times over the last few years where I had to make that choice. If I can do that, so can others.

To be responsible begins with, are you able and/or WILLING to RESPOND? If you are dying and/or so sick and disabled, then you may not be able. Otherwise, it is a matter of WILLINGNESS. Am I WILLING to STEP UP or NOT? Tell the truth. Would you condone the abandonment or neglect of a child, to allow parents to starve them, or give them away because of tough times? If not, then how about making pet parents responsible for their pets. A living animal is NOT a toy, accessory nor is it something to throw away when times get hard. People are able but either willing or not willing to be responsible. These people were able and UNWILLING to be responsible to the point of criminality.

As far as I am concerned, there are NO EXCUSES… I have ZERO tolerance for people who abuse their animals (and children and others). Starving, neglecting and/or abandoning an animal is a WILLFUL act, a criminal act, that should be punished harshly to the fullest extent of the law. It is a heinous act of animal abuse and animal cruelty.

Some people say, oh, it’s just a dog or just a cat as if that explains everything, as if that means that they can do whatever they want to do. As if that means that they do not have to be responsible.

In Florida, while going to college, I was studying elementary education in hopes of becoming a teacher. At that time, I taught pre-school and babysat a lot to earn money. I often worked for an agency that got me babysitting assignments, much like a temp agency. I worked for them, they paid me. The parents paid them. One Sunday, when the agency was closed, I had an assignment to babysit for two toddlers. I went to the house, was told that the parents would be gone about four hours. Fine. They left. It was only afterwards, I discovered that in this house with fancy furniture, stereo equipment and televisions, the children had NO milk, no juice, no cereal, no bread, no crackers, no fruit, NOTHING in the refrigerator to feed them and NO diapers. The parents did not tell me nor leave me any money for these items. And how was I to get to the store with two toddlers? Plus, instead of four hours, the parents were gone 12 hours. I had to call upon my father who was an hour away to help me. I was furious and the agency as well as the parents got an earful. What kind of parents leave their children without food and diapers yet had plenty of money for luxury items. Seriously screwed up PRIORITIES. Now, I know that I should have called Child Protective Services. Perhaps the agency did. I did not know that I could have reported them.

The point is, that if many homeless people, seniors on food stamps and others are able to keep their pets and feed and take proper care of them, then the Tuckers could have, too. Where there is a will there is a way. I can understand experiencing tough economic times and have empathy for that. But there are options and resources other than torture and death.

Rocco could not fend for himself and ended up starving, sick and dying a needless death.  Rocco’s owners made their pet suffer needlessly.   Starvation is a torturous way to die.

There are alternatives to the above scenarios. People can feed a pet with food from local resources such as pet food banks, Pets of the Homeless distribution sites, local churches may be willing to help, the local SPCA or animal shelter may have food donated for folks in need, all someone has to do is ASK. Seek and ye shall FIND. Pets of the Homeless also has programs/grants for shelters who will take pets inside shelter and volunteer vets who treat pets of the homeless and low income individuals.


Animal rescue organizations are also a great resource. There are networks of animal advocates such as the Patrick Movement. Best Friends Animal Society also has a national network of animal advocates.

YOUR decision to allow these criminals to starve Rocco has consequences for their other pets. If they are taking care of their other pets then surely they could have taken care of Rocco but chose NOT TO DO SO willfully. Therefore, their other pets ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER and should be taken away. When are they going to decide that the next dog is not deserving to live and should be punished, too???? The Tuckers should be charged/fined TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAWS and that means the maximum JAIL TIME.

Your choice in this matter is love and responsibility or indifference and irresponsibiity. Please choose LOVE. There are way too many suffering animals in this world. Thank you.

My dog Cici and I are proud to be a collection site for Pets of the
Homeless… Patrick’s Pet Food Bank in Seaside, California. We have helped
a 78 year old lady feed her three dogs during a dire time, several
military families as well as lone individuals feed their pets.


CeliaSue Hecht
Freelance Writer/Editor
Seaside, CA 93955


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