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No ifs ands or goat butts

I made a new friend today… a goat.  Well, a few friends but one in particular seemed to enjoy my company.

My new goat friend ate some bread out of my hand and proceeded to sit underneath my chair. Horns and all. The chickens joined in the party for the bread and pecked it off the ground.

Cici and I stayed on the property of “Manifest” aka Shaun in Joshua Tree. He has 37 goats (and two dozen chickens on his land plus a rabbit or two, a scorpion, squirrels and some bats (who eat mosquitoes).

Cici thinks that the goats are fun to chase, except when they let her know when she is out of bounds. She does not seem as interested in the chickens and roosters. Maybe she thinks she is a goat without any horns? She wants to play and is learning how to play nice.

There are also UFO sightings in the area at Great Rock and Integratron in Landers and other places near the Joshua Tree National Park. Looks like we may have caught something on camera. What do you think ?



Manifest’s story with goats begins with his wanting to get an awesome Australian Shepherd as a pet dog, doesn’t everybody? Instead a goat named Dada Aye followed him around and has become his mascot. Dada is 5 years old, half-Nigerian dwarf, half-pigmy and four years later, she gave birth to a daughter named Shou Aye. He has trained these two to be his service pets. And they go with him practically everywhere he goes to swap meets and other places.

He also has a dozen males and three of each breed, Nigerian, Nubian and Pygmy, that he is hoping to breed with females to get a Griffin. The little baby goats are adorable.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Manifest spent much time rock climbing in Joshua Tree from the time he was 17 to twenty-five. He also was a captain of a sport fishing boat in the waters off San Diego.

He thinks goats are special animals and here’s why.

“What I love about goats is that they are the closest animals to nature and source. They are the elves of the forest. They cultivate plants, grass and trees. They bring vibrancy to the land. Goats are simple like a four wheel dog. Their bodies are durable, endure weather better than dogs, like micro-camelettes,” he explained.

He has about two dozen chickens and roosters, Golden Phoenix, American and Cochin.


photo-on-9-25-16-at-9-22-am          photo-on-9-25-16-at-9-21-am

Manifest has a dream of creating Eco pets, animals that clean your garden and neighborhood, provide superfood (milk), without hormones, no pesticides, and no preservatives), pets that give back and have a job to do.

He has been learning a lot from his goats. “Goats live a simple life. They enjoy their days. Watching the world go by. Chewing their food. They go to sleep and wake up the next day and do the same thing all over again. People, meanwhile, live to work and work hard and have no time in their lives to enjoy life. Everyone’s working too many hours to keep up the Joneses and just to get by and we cannot even afford to live anymore. We don’t respect and honor products that are made well to last. Instead, we buy items that last a month rather than years. Everything is temporary not permanent. Throw away junk.”

Goats have a different perspective on life than humans do.

“Goats interact with nature every day and enjoy trees. They preserve and protect and grow life. They use trees to mark their territory, sharpen their horns, to convene together, come back together as a community. They have their favorite trees and do well eating Mesquite, Palo Verde and non-fruited Mulberries. Will eat creosote and non-native grasses in a pinch. They limit growth and keep the grass short. They give something back.

“The way they communicate with one another is through their actions and activities. Food makes goats happy. They respond to whistles and commands. And interact with one another through rubbing the nape of the neck, stomping of hooves, mane and tails, and howling and other noises. During mating season, late August through early October, the males are especially loud with snorts and hollering, stomping their feet, pawing the ground, and showing off to the females their level of vibrancy. This is very equestrian in nature.

“I think the Tasmanian devil was based upon a goat, emulating a goat. They get wound up and it can require a good amount of patience and persistence to train them. It did not take me as long as I thought it would to make my goats great pets. Goats want to be friendly and sociable with humans. Most humans have not taken the time to get to know them as pets. They throw them in a pen but the goats don’t want to be left alone. They are smart and want to communicate with us,” he concluded.

a new paper published in Frontiers in Zoology, (says that) goats have fewer commonalities with their dull farm counterparts and belong instead on the ungulate honor roll. These furry, hoofed eating machines appear more sheep- or mini-cow-like in their demeanor, but their IQs likely put even the most astute steer to shame, the researchers—real men and women who stare at goats—found.

“The researchers, who hail from Queen Mary University of London and the Institute of Agricultural Science in Switzerland, long suspected that goats might be more intelligent than they seem. For example, goats live in complex social groups; they are experts at getting at hard-to-reach foods (goats in the Morocco, for example, are known for climbing trees in search of tasty sprigs); they live a long time, meaning they are better able to build up a repertoire of memories and skills than some short-lived animals; and despite the misconception that goats eat garbage, they are surprisingly picky eaters, able to adeptly pick leaves off of thorn bushes or seek out just the right sprig of grass.


Did you know that the origins of the saying “getting your goat” references “an old English (Welsh?) belief that keeping a goat in the barn would have a calming effect on the cows, hence producing more milk. When one wanted to antagonize/terrorize one’s enemy, you would abscond with their goat rendering their milk cows less- to non-productive.”

So goats were known as the great calmers of nature and were kept in stables to calm down thoroughbred horses.


Goat Therapy = Goat Yoga

Were goats the original horse whisperers and/or cow whisperers?  And how about pairing humans with goats during Goat Yoga?

“You know, I’m in this horrible state but they’re making me laugh—that’s the therapy part, goats just being goats,” she says. “It was just so hard to be depressed and sad when—even when I was in pain I would forget about it because of them. They use horses a lot for therapy, and dogs, but nobody uses goats and I just wonder why. They’re hilarious animals!”


My new goat friend thinks goats are fun and  perfect for doing yoga with, for therapy purposes as well as calming people and other animals down.  He has his work cut out for him with Shaun, who has a rotten temper, is a bully, has a bad reputation with his neighbors and thinks he knows everything. Oh well…




The goat is not sure about interacting with my computer and becoming famous on the Internet. No ifs ands or goat butts …




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Gifts of Hope for Mother’s Day

Give a gift that changes a life… inspires hope and change… and is eco friendly

Gifts from Heifer International are the prefect way to show your mom, grandmother, aunt, or mother figure in your life that you care… fund a project in the USA, to give families in Arkansas and Appalachia in poverty, a leg up…  or give a goat, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, rabbits to help end World Hunger.






shopping at oxfamgifts.com for Mother’s Day can make a BIG difference.

 Shop now to print or send an eCard before Mother’s Day >>

Something as simple as a goat ($50) can be just what a family needs to fight hunger and poverty – in Sri Lanka, India and Kenya.  


Give your mom a gift that keeps on giving… Kiva… loan money (loans as small as $25) to people around the world… you choose… and they pay the money back… helps people get a hand up out of poverty…



Give a bow wow of a paw print lavendar scarf… for the dog mama …  Think Green 

this scarf is made in the USA, made of eco friendly fabric and printed with water-based ink… it is soft, shiny, and this company also makes tee-shirts for a cause (endangered species, eat your veggies and other great topics)… tees are made either 100% from organic cotton,  a blend of recycled plastic bottles (RPET)  and organic cotton, or other eco-friendly materials. To make the RPET, recycled plastic bottles are melted down and then processed into a fine yarn which, in turn, becomes a soft and silky t-shirt. They are made with No pesticides, less plastic in landfills.   It takes between 3 to 5 plastic bottles to make each RPET/organic cotton blend tee.  After the bottles are melted, the plastic fiber is blended with organic cotton to give these tees their soft, silky feel. These tees can be washed and dried over and over and they won’t shrink, fade or lose their shape.



Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link

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best pet 4 you

what’s the best pet for you and your family?

some things to consider when adopting a pet, go to your local shelter and find your new best friend… spay/neuter, and if you are able, think about getting a pit bull / mix… older pet, chi, or some of the other pets that get left behind such as the black beauties! also, most pit bulls do not make it out of the shelters alive in the US. California has an overpopulation of chi’s. Too many healthy pets end up on death row due to overbreeding, puppy mills, greedy breeders, etc.

Even Bo, the First Dog, wants us to help stop euthanizing sheltered and homeless pets… imagine how much money goes towards killing shelter pets. Thinking about how many thousands of tax dollars goes towards killing animals makes me want to donate my tax return refund to a No kill shelter.

 don’t forget some of the very special former Vick dogs are available for adoption… read all about how to give one of these amazing dogs a home…



what are the pets kids love most???

8 Pets Kids Love, Nannies Hate


how to create the best pet photo


now is the time for the Pet Blog Hop again, it goes so fast these days… thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the PlumeGrab the code and enjoy the ride.

very cute video at Life with Dogs, my cici likes to lick horse’s hooves…


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Choosing your child’s first pet

My first pets

I think that the article below by my guest Dr. Tim has good info for parents.  What do you remember about your first pet? was it a cat, dog, frog, fish, rabbit or bird? Name? Fond memories? Sad? Bad? Please do tell.

what struck me is how traumatic my two experiences with pets were when I was a child… because my parents were not good role models nor did they value pets. And those attitudes do stay with people later in life. The good news is that you can heal and change… which takes real courage, honesty and willingness to FACE the bad and make amends. It also takes knowledge, patience and support.

First, I had a parakeet, two parakeets actually. One died and I was blamed for its death at the ripe old age of 8. No child is able to be 100% responsible for the care of a pet at that age or younger, I would say until about age 16. I did not feed the bird consistently nor take care of its cage often enough but my parents should have supported me and set me up to win not lose. It is crucial for parents to monitor children’s care of pets to make sure that the pet is being properly cared for and that the child treats the pets appropriately. Any parent who lays a guilt trip and dumps shame upon a kid for THEIR lack of parenting is destroying that child’s self esteem and should NOT be a parent (or teacher for that matter) in my humble opinion.

Second, we were not allowed to have dogs or cats as pets in the garden apartments. But there were always neighborhood feral cats running around. At about age 11-12, sixth grade, going into seventh, the girls in the neighborhood found a mama kitty who had babies. We each adopted one of the kittens as our own cat to take care of. It was a BIG secret because if/when the super or our parents would find out about the cats, we would get into trouble and the cats would get taken away. My kitten’s name was Ginger, a sweet gray and white kitty. My mother HATED cats. I painted a cardboard box with her name for my Ginger to sleep in. We kept the cats “underground” constantly changing their safe place from bicycle / carriage room (storage) to laundry room surrounding the court. We fed them thru taking tuna and other food from our homes. We also had a carnival to raise money for our cats.

I do not remember specifically what ended up happening but I imagine that we were eventually found out and that the cats were taken away. And I was devastated.

Here’s a kitten similar to how Ginger looked, available for adoption at Animal Friends Rescue Project. Call (831) 333-0722 for more info. For senior dogs, check out Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.  Also check out animals available for adoption at the Salinas Shelter, the Monterey County Animal Shelter, the Marina Shelter – (831) 384-2528, the Santa Cruz SPCA, the Santa Cruz Animal Services, the SPCA of Monterey County, and the Los Coches Vet Hospital – (831) 678-2658.  Click here for a more complete listing of other places to adopt a rescued cat or dog in this area.  If you scroll through shelter and/or rescue pages, you will be overwhelmed with the number of pets that need homes. Perfectly good, healthy pets. Adopt don’t shop for your child’s first pet !


We never discussed it and I can imagine that it must have been really painful. On top of that, the girls and I drifted apart as they became involved in a mean, bullying gang. The two situations merged and growing up became synonymous with “bad” experiences. But I digress.

Later in my 20’s I got my own dog and my parents did not like it but I lived 3,000 miles away so it did not matter. Still, the legacy that they left for me regarding pets/animals was not very constructive. I always loved animals and my parents hated them. A conflict for any child. And it can be worked through as an adult.

There are many benefits to having a pet. Taking care of an animal can enhance a child’s self esteem and confidence and help them mature. A lonely child can have a companion and someone to talk to who won’t judge them or make fun of their feelings. A child who has difficulty reading can boost their reading skills by having a dog listen to them read. In a scary world, children are comforted by their pets who can also help them grieve. Having a loyal friend is a value that is priceless for many years to come.

Teaching Kids Animal Compassion
Choosing the right pet for your child is key
By Dr. Tim Hunt, DVM

Children can learn so many valuable lessons by caring for a pet. Having pets at a young age instills kids with a sense of confidence that they can take care of an animal and help it to live a thriving life.

More importantly I find pets can be great therapy for kids. Have you ever seen a kid talk to a pet and the animal responds by wagging its tail or purring? A pet gives a kid a way to share their feelings with another living creature that will never respond in a judgmental or bullying way. Animals are unbiased companions, just what many kids need.

Having pets also teaches children that animals are not expendable items. If children are involved in the daily care of animals, it can help to make them a more compassionate person later in life. Over the years I have been able to follow kids who first owned pets in elementary school as they grow up through high school, and I have seen them grow up to be compassionate young adults.

On the other hand, kids that don’t get the experience of having a pet early may become afraid of animals, especially if their parents don’t particularly care for animals. But even parents who aren’t crazy about pets or did not own them as kids can help change this trend.

People sometimes ask me what are some good pets for a young child to have, and why. Here are some pointers for choosing your child’s first pet:

When to get a pet – People often ask me what the best age is for children to have a pet. I believe between ages 4 and 8 is ideal, although older kids can also benefit. I got my first pets, mice and guinea pigs, when I was 8. I didn’t get my first dog until I was 20, but since then I have been making up for lost time. Today I own 40 outdoor dogs and two more who live indoors!

Start with easier pets – Many people don’t want to start with the responsibility of a dog or cat. For these folks, I recommend a nontraditional pet like a rat or a guinea pig. Rats are extremely cuddly, they don’t bite and they only live two years. Guinea pigs also do not bite, unlike hamsters and gerbils which can tend to be nippy.

Aim for “fail-safe” pets – Kids are so impressionable. The worst thing that can happen is a six-year-old kid gets bitten by a dog and then becomes scared of dogs for years to come. Choose pets that are easy to care for. Spend time with your child and the new pet, reading and learning together how to care for the animal.

Pick a pet that fits your family’s lifestyle – Look at the purpose the pet will serve in your family. Do you and your kids spend more time indoors or outside? Is your child very active or does he or she prefer reading or playing quietly. If a child has ADD or ADHD, I recommend starting with a calm dog to help give them an example of what calm can be. For a hyperactive adult, I recommend the opposite: a high-energy dog they can play with to form a bond, such as a Lab or Golden Retriever, German Short-haired Pointer or Border Collie.

Pets and exercise – With so many kids overweight, people wonder if a dog can help their child get more exercise. The answer is yes, and it has less to do with the kind of dog than the simple act of walking it. A particularly excitable dog is not necessary. It is more important that the child spend at least half an hour daily walking the dog. Get a kid away from the screens and electronics for that long and they will start to realize there is more to life.

Purebred or mixed breed? It is not necessary to pick a purebred dog for your first pet. Many mutts you can get from the pound or animal shelter make terrific pets. I strongly encourage people to adopt pound and shelter animals. Try to find out what breeds are in your dogs background to help you better understand your dog’s behavior. With purebred animals, it is especially important to do your research and make sure the pet fits your family’s lifestyle.

Cats for quiet kids – I find that cats are great pets for very introverted kids. Having a cat helps draw the child out in a non-threatening way. Once the child and cat get to know each other the cat will come and sit in the child’s lap. Cats also don’t require as much work or attention as dogs. I find that cats are particularly good for kids with physical or other disabilities that limit how much they can care for a pet.

No matter what kind of animal you choose for your first pet, remember that your attitude toward the animal can influence how your child treats animals for life. This is particularly important when an animal becomes sick or old. If a parent views the animal as disposable, the kid will too.

Whether your family chooses a hamster or a dog, be prepared to care for your pet in sickness and in health. If the animal gets sick at least seek treatment. Even if the outcome isn’t good and the animal passes away, children will remember “we tried.” And that will stay with them their whole life.



About Dr. Tim:

Dr. Tim Hunt is a licensed veterinarian in both Michigan and Alaska. Drawing upon his 22 years as a vet and 17 years racing sled dogs, he created Dr. Tim’s Premium All Natural Pet Food to replicate the natural, wild diet of dogs and cats. Dr. Tim is recognized as an expert on all aspects of pet health and a staunch advocate for the welfare of all animals. He and his wife Mary live on 50 acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with four house cats, two house dogs and 40 outdoor dogs. Learn more at http://www.DrTims.com.

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healing power of Oprah…

don’t know if you had a chance to watch Oprah yesterday, she had an animal show, with a bear, a hypo, who lives with a family, as well as puppies trained for Iraq vets by prisoners with Glenn Close reporting on the latter story… very touching… at the end, she had a bunch of people with their pets, snakes birds, rabbits, dogs and cats all on stage… a little much… but the hypo and bear stories plus the puppies were pretty amazing and wonderful…




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Does your Dog have what it takes to become a mooovie star? you’re the one that I want…hoo hoo hoo

another Pup-Lick Relations tip from Cici the wonder dog…

Maybe you have a doggie business, are a dog owner with a business, or just love animals and have a business. Whatever your situation, you might consider branding your business with an animal mascot, animal media spokesperson or by training your animal to become a media star, to do commercials, movies, or TV shows.  Shades of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Petey, Benjie, the dog on Frasier, Paul Anka on The Gilmore Girls, the cat on Charmed, Mr. Ed (the horse that spoke to Wilbur), Air Bud, and many others.  

There is a good reason why Geico has a Gecko in their TV commercials as media spokesperson. How about Tony the Tiger, Morris the cat, Ford Mustang, Taco Bell’s Chihuahua or Smokey the Bear. During the recent Superbowl, the average price for a 30-second spot was $2.5 million. In these ads, many companies had memorable cute, fun, cuddly, furry animals convey their message.

Animals, dogs, cats and others can enhance the message that you use to tell the world who you are and what you represent. Why? One reason is that Americans love animals.

Now is the time to train your dog to become a celebrity, bring home the bacon, work for their keep and supply you with an abundance of bling bling bling…



Charity Rents Animals Out for CommercialsBy PHILIP H. DOUGHERTY
Published: December 19, 1984

Because charitable organizations are always in need of funds and since commercials frequently need animals in their casts, Green Chimneys, a treatment center for troubled children that is also a working farm, has gone into the rent-a-pig business. And that is only the beginning, since there are also horses, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits.

Robert Schechter, who is on the board, promises that the prices will be reasonable and that handlers will be provided.One of his fellow board members is Gordon Bushell, recently named chairman and chief executive of the William Esty Company. So with that much recognizable talent on hand, no wonder the new program has been named ”Farm on the Moo- ve.” 

Now, this dog has all the right moooves…


my paw print will soon be on Hollywood boulevard…



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Have Dog Will Travel…

I recently had my dog boarded at a vet hospital. She had to stay in a little cubicle all day and night, cement floor, fenced in, listening to all the other dogs barking, moaning, whining and so on. In other words, puppy jail. She was taken out and fed on a regular schedule. Her basic needs were met but there was little TLC time. Little extra special belly rubbing, head scratching, and no playtime. Ok, she was not allowed to play because of the surgeries on her leg. Still, it seemed that the prevailing attitude was that it was normal for the dogs to make all that racket. Just ignore them.

As a pet owner, I don’t want my dog ignored. She had to go outside on a number of occasions and was ignored. When I was there I took her myself. There is no excuse for this kind of attitude especially when you are paying good money to have your dog boarded.

This is one of the reasons, I offer pet owners who’s animals I take care of the option of having their pet stay at home, and I will come to their home or stay at their home, to ensure that their animal is safe, healthy, comfortable and given extra special care… brushing, walks, lots of playtime and belly rubs. Dogs need love, too. And Kongs with treats inside and peanut butter on the outside… yum yum.

Here are some tips to ensure a happy pet sitting experience. With the holidays coming up, you might consider having a pet sitter stay at your home rather than taking your dog to the vet boarding facility. You might be surprised at how much happier they will be and it is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, I paid $30 a day for the privilege of having my dog ignored. I charge about the same to take care of your pet at home.

Pet Sitting Tips

1. Make sure that the pet sitter can accommodate both your pet’s daily feeding and walking schedule during your desired vacation schedule
2) Does the sitter offer regular progress reports and telephone and email availability?
3) Meet the sitter ahead of time with your pet(s) present to establish that it’s a fit for both you and the pet(s)
4) Be clear about the schedule you would like them to keep and give clear instructions about your pet’s needs, medicines, walking, playing, feeding, cleaning, favorite toys and other habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your pet
5) Provide medical and behavioral history about your pet(s) as well as veterinary and other emergency contact information, and gather all necessary supplies, including food, vitamins, toys, medicine, and treats in one central location… there is a really handy ceramic erasable babysitter tile that you can get that can be used for the same purpose…. at http://www.placetile.com

I would like to do pet / house sitting in southern and/or northern California over the holidays (beach areas such as Monterey area, south bay, north bay, peninsula, Half Moon Bay, Solvang, Santa Barbara, LA, Malibu and so on)… Thanksgiving and… so if you’re interested, please visit my website at:


Here’s a cool video that tells how to make chicken strip treats for your dog… it also has a ton of tips on pet care…

Click here for more on “Baked Chicken Strips : Homemade Dog Food Recipe”


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