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Advocates for Women

I have been back in the hospital now for two weeks. Three blood clots on my lungs, breast cancer was ruled out and ovarian cyst to be determined. Without housing, how can I get better?  Sleeping upright in my car night after night, my legs swell and blood clots develop in my legs and travel to other parts of my body and basically could kill me.


I want to create a nonprofit called ADVOCATES FOR WOMEN, the mission is to create, build or find housing for women 50+ who are displaced and have dogs since no one else is doing this and too many tell the women to give up their dogs.

What would happen TO HUNDREDS OF DOGS IF EACH OF THE WOMEN GAVE AWAY THEIR BEST FRIENDS, COMPANIONS, and FAMILY MEMBERS???? (Not to mention what would happen to the women sleeping on the streets or in their cars without the protection of their dogs) ?


As the Big Sur Sobranes fire burns hundreds of acres nearby, there are all kinds of fundraisers going on to help the people who have lost their homes due to the blaze. These people deserve the resources that they require. Yet this highlights and proves what i have been saying all along that where there is a WILL THERE IS A WAY. When people actually WANT TO DO SOMETHING,THEY DO IT.

For the past two years since I have been without a home, except for when I had a camper to live in and roommates, I have met numerous women of the hundreds of women also without homes and been displaced due to ECONOMICS. I have NOT seen the community come together in the same way, doing fundraisers to build, create or find HOMES FOR single women without children, women who are not mentally ill, not drug addicts, not alcoholics, with low income, not working or cannot find work, with dogs, many over 50 years of age, some illl and who’s health has deteriorated without having shelter.

We want to create CARETAKERS VILLAGE,  Land or a lot can be utilized to place SHIFTPODS, yurts, RV’s, campers, trailers, tiny mobile homes, etc. to CREATE a village for women over 50 with dogs who need HOMES ASAP.

WILL YOU HELP US ????  it takes a village…to get this DONE.




Cici has been with Mark Anderson again at the Monterey County Weekly, now for two weeks.


This week, she turned 10 years old and Mark gave her a big bone to celebrate.



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Hare today: rabbits in the raw

If you live in the Monterey Bay area from Carmel to Pacific Grove, Marina to Gilroy, there is a rabbit farmer in Hollister who delivers raw ground rabbit food for dogs for FREE in the area with a minimum purchase of 10lbs..

He feeds them native grasses, each package is 2 lb. which can be fed to a 60 lb. dog for a week, approximately.

Cici has been scarfing up the raw rabbits. She loves it.  I try not to think about the bunnies. The 2 pound package lasts about a week, so five packages should last the month, if you mix the ground rabbit with kibble or Dr. Harvey’s as I do and feed twice a day. Longer, if your dog is smaller than Cici. She weighs about 53-60 pounds. She has stopped itching, too. No more allergies… allergies be gone dog food !

It is all natural raw dog food, ground rabbit with bone and organ meat included. It has NO preservatives, additives or antibiotics. It is all fresh and healthy. It comes frozen in 2lb packages. And it is very affordable. I did some research on other sites and found prices of $100 for 10 pounds of raw rabbit meat.  Feed your dogs rabbit tartare. Or you can cook the meat and feed your dog cooked rabbit. Either way, it is a nice change of pace (see health benefits below).

Check out the Rabbit in the Raw facebook page


If you have any Questions feel free to call Charly at 831 673 2287. He can answer your questions and will enjoy meeting you and your dogs!

Rabbit Meat:  Is classified as poultry.  Like chicken or turkey but is extremely lean with more protein and significantly less fat.  But unlike the common proteins of chicken and turkey dogs and cats that are allergic to poultry can usually digest rabbit without allergy symptoms.  Other benefits of rabbit meat include the following:  there is no cholesterol found in rabbit meat making it a fantastic option for dogs that have a history of cardiac disease.  Rabbit meat contains fewer calories when comparing ounce per ounce of chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb making it a fantastic option for dogs needing to lose a few pounds without significantly cutting the portion size.  Rabbit meat is a very “heart-friendly” protein source, and makes a great choice for allergic, overweight or sensitive pets.

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Dog lovers mural

February has started with a bang of fame, a fiasco. It all started because someone had written graffti on our fence and the neighbor’s fence. After a year of the graffiti being there, a month or so ago, the neighbor finally painted white paint on his fence. I tried to find an artist to paint a mural over ours.

During the past year, NO ONE SAID A WORD or DID ANYTHING about the graffiti. Not the city. Not the neighbors. Not the police. No one. Nada, zilch nothing.

A few people said they would paint a mural for me but flaked.

Finally, a few days ago, I found a group

831 Art Walls on Facebook…


831 Art Walls is an advocacy group that is pushing for the creation of a public art space where ANYONE can paint legally and freely.
We would like a legal art wall where anyone can come and paint to express themselves and experience the joy of creation. Our public art wall’s goal is to allow for artistic expression, as well as allow for more experienced artists to be noticed. Our neighborhoods are seemingly stale according to the youth. We feel that these walls can bring some life to the Monterey County. Like our page in a show of support for our cause!

So I contacted them and said Seaside Artists could come and paint on our wall/fence. And they came to our house yesterday and painted away. I asked for a garden scene, with lots of vibrant colors. Maybe flowers with dogs/pit bulls coming up out of the center. Frank, the head artist said he wanted to ask the neighbor (since their fence is much larger than ours) if they could paint on their fence, too.

All was good. Everyone was happy. A lot of neighbors started coming by and asked Frank for him to come over and paint on their walls/fences, too.

About noonish, a police officer came by. She and I chatted about our dogs. She said that one of the neighbors had called about the graffiti that was going on. She was sent out to find out what was going on. I assured her that I had given Frank permission to paint.

Then about 4 p.m. the neighbor who hates pit bulls was out there bullying and threatening the artists. He said he was going to have 30 police cars and neighbors come out and stop/halt the painting. I told him to go away. His dog was running loose.

About an hour later, another police car came by. We chatted and he said that there was some city ordinance. I explained that the graffiti had been on the fence for a year and NO ONE came by but now that we were trying to make a mural to COVER the graffiti we were in trouble? He said he was just the messenger. That the artists cannot come by today to FINISH the work, and that I need to go to City Hall and get permission.


The neighbor received no such notice as I did so I thought that they cannot have different rules for neighbors. Besides, our fence is about two feet and the neighbors is about 12 feet. Hello. And the neighbor’s fence is almost done while our fence has just begun. And I found out looking thru the fence, they are now keeping poor Lola the mini poodle chained up on a short leash. Lobos, the Siberian husky, found a way to peek his head up out OVER the fence. If he ever gets out, there will be trouble. I wish I could get those two dogs a new loving home.  I digress. Both dogs were barking a lot.

Frank should have painted MY wall first, completed it and then done the neighbor’s which I asked him to do and he went ahead and did what he wanted to do.  now I’m not happy because my mural/garden did not get done, plus the neighbor who called the police is up in arms, and I got a notice  to go to city hall and my adjacent neighbor did not and it was my adjacent neighbor’s fence that the other neighbors objected to.  My fence is maybe 2 feet and the adjacent fence of my neighbor is like 12 ft.

The 831 Wall Art folks are going to talk to the Mayor and the Police Chief. I will call a lawyer and we shall hopefully get this resolved.

They did take photos and are supposed to send them to me.

Moral of this tale?

if/when someone asks you to do work for them, paid or not, DO IT… complete it… Give the customer/client what THEY want. That is YOUR job (not doing whatever you want to do).


✦✧✦ I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. – John Lennon

the city, neighbors, media did nothing about the graffiti that was on the fence for a year and it was ugly… f bombs and now all the entities are up in arms because I had artists paint over the graffiti…

I was on TV twice tonight, did an interview, TV crews all day here… the neighbor caved and painted his fence,  whitewashed it…

and I got another neighbor to do an interview so at least there were two sane people talking on the interview… and his daughter painted some of my fence too… and he said there should have been a compromise but it was just knee jerk reactions, hysteria.

it occurs to me that what happens when/if graffiti artists come and paint on the neighbors fence AGAIN… how many times will the home owners be expected to paint over the graffiti???

there is a city council meeting tonight and the loud mouths are supposed to be there running their mouths, negatively…

here is our fence… with the mural… am sure my roomie will paint over it… sheeesh…

me on the news… meanwhile Cici was running around wild, barking, wanting to be famous, on the news, too… but alas she is confined sort of. am doing a poor job of keeping her off her leg but at least she is not hopping/limping… what a day !



Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away…


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Learning compassion on the streets

for everyone, especially those in power, it should be mandatory to walk in another’s moccasins… furry paws and all… what would happen if shelter admins actually had to live for a night or a week in a hard damp cell, in a shelter with a concrete floor, no pillow, no blanket, all kinds of upsetting noises, many dogs crying, barking, whining, and little attention.  Double dog dare ya shelter employees to do this as an adventure/experience in LEARNING COMPASSION, growing a heart for the animals you are supposed to be servicing.

Be a Pit Bull for a day from Adrienne Clegg


The Patrick Movement for NJ
~~ edited ~~ “One guy left his dog in a locked car in [a Nevada] Walmart parking lot. Cops were called, man was located in the store, made to put on a heavy jacket he had in his car, and sit in the locked car for 15 minutes while the dog was given water and checked for heat stroke. Then he was ticketed…bet he never does that again!” ~d

As many as 3.4 million Americans are likely to experience homelessness this year  a 35 percent increase since the recession started in December 2007  and a majority will be families with children.

And I commend these people in Tennessee for getting out of their comfort zone and experiencing life through another lens.

(Chattanooga)-What would happen if you were 18 years old, three months pregnant, from Chicago, and your boyfriend left you in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with $5 to your name? A small group of Dr. Lisa Muirhead’s nursing students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga embraced that scenario as part of The Homeless Project.

When her students arrived for what they thought would be a lecture, Muirhead instead divided them into groups, dropped them off at downtown locations, gave them different identities and challenges, and asked them to spend three hours exploring how they would survive.

This “lived experience” allowed students to view lives in a very vulnerable population. Students explored whether they could wash dishes for a free meal, tried to seek shelter, searched for resources and located people who could likely guide them, including homeless individuals.

“At the conclusion of the experience, students examined their preconceived ideas, attitudes and assumptions about the homeless. These ideas and attitudes, when present in the health care system, can lead to poor interpersonal relationships between patients and health care providers, patient resentment, distrust, disparate care and poor health outcomes,” said Muirhead, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing.

One group met with Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield to gather the facts about the local homeless situation. According to the mayor’s office, there is a base rate of 300-400 homeless in Chattanooga. Since the population moves seasonally, Chattanooga’s spring thaw may cause the number to bal¬loon to more than 1,000. Economic pressure has created a growing demographic of homeless single earner families, often mothers with children.

Armed with experience and knowledge of the health issues and needs of homeless individuals, the students developed a community service project that met both their educational and service goals.

“The students decided to participate in a commu¬nity-wide event called Project Homeless Connect. Starting with an operating budget of zero money and no supplies, students had to consider marketing, media, resource procurement, logistics and educating their own group,” Muirhead said.

Students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga respond:

“You look at people and you sort of sum up how you think they live their lives very quickly. And you can be so wrong, so absolutely wrong. So I’m not going to assume anymore.” —Julie Henry


“I don’t spend much time thinking about where I’m going to eat, where I’m going to sleep or what I’m going to wear. That can take up a whole day for a homeless person.

“You look at underpasses differently, you see trash cans differently, you see area businesses differently if you only have $5.” —Abby Lee


“They sleep outside, they get food, they share food, and people are mean to them most of the time. They are normal people, they’ve gone through hard times and they are not happy with their lives. They wish it were different, but they don’t seem to know how to get out of the situation.” —Kathleen Hoffpauir


“When I shook his hand and said, ‘David, it’s a pleasure to meet you,’ I had an instant friend. To actually see someone caring was such a surprise to him. These are people we normally look through, not at.” —Christopher Wheatley


“At the very end they asked us ‘can we ask you for one favor, since we’ve done some favors for you?’ And the first thing that came to my mind was they wanted money, which I would have gladly given them. But all they wanted was a hug. It was a very touching moment.” —Kelly Fuller

please donate pet food, treats or via paypal to Patrick’s Pet Food Bank in Seaside, a Pets of the Homeless site.



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cici home soon aka where do good dogs go, the sequel

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

cici just got home, only a tiny scratch above her eye, she is a miracle baby, i swear she has 9 lives, starving, peeing like a bandit, fed her like a pig, hot dogs, kibble, treats, gonna go cuddle with her. thx

This was NOT Cici just running away.  She was run over by an SUV and was spooked and scared out of her mind. Happened because of owner of this house is cruel and inhuman, let her go out in the street and was laughing about her getting hurt… PS: Cici and I need a NEW PLACE TO LIVE ASAP. More on that Later.

Many many people to thank who kept me halfway sane:

Kelly at Animal Control in Seaside, THE BEST

Megan at the Monterey County SPCA, WONDERFUL

Carie Broecker of Aloha Pet Sitting, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Editor of Canine Coastal Magazine and dog mom/lover in Pacific Grove, YOU ROCK and kept me together this morning when I was falling apart

Jim Fink, who has a HEART OF GOLD in the right place, who walked with me around the neighborhood at midnight and made phone calls this morning, always trying to do HIS BEST and powerful PRAYERS

Lisa Spector’s Calm Canine Music for helping me halfway stay sane, if not for music, cannot even think what

Anna Bougas, Nikhi C my Canadian friend, Catherine Howe Bryant, Taylor and Mark, Lisa Cliffe, Adria Castro and The rest of the gang at The Patricks Miracle and Movement, Amy Brigham, Barbara Bruce, Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me, Nanners Mom, Mary Alice of Dog Jaunt, Lori Manning, Tim Link, Kim Garrison, Marie or Nancy DiSimone, you guys are THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, sorry, hope I did not leave anyone out, forgive me…

and BLESS YOU kind hearted folks who found my fur baby last night and brought her to the SPCA !!!


PS: Been trying to rest/take a nap, but am way too tired… it occurrs to me that my sweet dog is really a cat with nine lives. She got me to rescue her when she was just six months, from a bad situation, when I did not even want a dog. Then she got hit by a van in Carson City and survived, albeit three surgeries on her leg. And now this Easter miracle… imagine how many dogs get RUN OVER by an SUV and SURVIVE, never mind survive UNSCATHED… and then SURVIVE the wild streets of Seaside.  Trust me, my fur baby is truly BLESSED and surrounded by divine canine protection.


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URGENT: my cici is missing

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

it is 7 am, she is still missing… not at emergency vet clinic, and police do not have her either, animal control opens at 8 am, spca at 9 am…

here is her post on craigslist…


please pray for my Cici, she is missing, scared, possibly hurt, it is easter sunday around 11 pm, it is dark, cold, she has been gone since about 4-5 pm, pls pray, thanks. we are in seaside, california … near to Monterey, pls thank u. if anyone is in this area and has seen her, please call me at 702-225-8206.  i called the police and posted elsewhere online, facebook, twitter, etc.


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Let my Patrick Go (Home)

Ok, Cici says, Silly Humans, What are you all fighting about now… ALL dogs deserve to be loved, pampered polka dot princesses/princes. And especially if they’ve been mistreated, abused, starved, neglected, and/or abandoned, they should get extra special treats and fun in their lives. And if you are a pit bull, you’re more than likely been given a bad rap and been treated badly. So, you need a real, true, loyal companion for life. A nice home. A bunch of bones. And some lizards to stalk, squirrels to chase, and grass to roll around in. Simple. Basic dog 101 stuff.

Why cannot humans behave and STOP fighting over Patrick, she asks me as only a canine can do.

Good question.

I am disgusted and dishartened by the comments made about Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter and everyones claim to know “whats best for Patrick” you all need to step back and look at yourselves and what your saying … BASHING the very people who saved him…. SHAME ON YOU! You all make your own judgements as to why they are doing what they are with NO basis….

Now, let’s have a POP quiz about Patrick to see if you truly are a Patrick fan.

who is Patrick?

How did he get named Patrick?

What is the name of his owner?

Where is he now?

How much does he weigh?

When will he have surgery and why?

When will his owner go to trial and where?

Is there a law named after Patrick?

Who is AHS and GSVS?

Where is Patrick’s furrever home?

Good questions, and the last one is the Question of the Day. If you are a faithful and loyal member of the Patrick’s Movement, or an obsessed Patrick fan, follower, pal or miracle watcher, then you know all of the answers to the above. If not, you can catch up here below.

Ok so back to Why are people fighting over Patrick today?


clarifying this situation. It had seemed to me oh no, not another drama about Patrick. Another day, another people drama about Patrick. Now I understand why people are upset. Also, because of a twitter conversation with the Patrick Movement-Maryland, sorry I don’t know your name. I also think Best Friends and BadRap should weigh in on this since they took in many of the Vicktory dogs and had a gag order to deal with for a long time, too where they were not able to talk about the dogs. I used to work at Best Friends and also think that if Patrick cannot be adopted (REALLY HOPE HE CAN BE by the GSVS staff member who has stepped forward), then Best Friends would be a good place for him. Still, it is not a home, I pray Patrick has THE BEST POSSIBLE FURREVER HOME. He certainly deserves all the love, care and training and fun a loving family will give him.

Moving on to our rally on May 6.  Animal Friends Pet Rescue and Patricks Pet Food Bank in Seaside/Pets of the Homeless are hosting a rally and adoption event on May 6, 2011 at noon in the Crossroads Shopping Center, on Rio Road in front of the Pet Food Express. May 6 is the date Patrick’s owner Kisha Curtis is going on trial for abandoning, starving, neglecting and abusing him ( throwing him down a garbage chute in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day (hence his name).  He was found by two maintenance workers, brought to AHS, barely alive, a skeleton weighing 20 pounds. He now weighs 36 pounds and just had surgery this week. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned and also had a hair mass removed from his tummy, that had been lodged in his intestine. He has been lovingly cared for by the good folks at GSVS Hospital.

We are holding this event in solidarity with all of the Patrick Movement rallies across the nation and virtually online on that date.

Pet lovers and the public are welcome to attend. The doggies will be sporting green bandanas in Patrick’s honor. Please wear green, too. We will be providing doggies for adoption, music for dogs, a raffle, information about adoption and abused animals, as well as goodies (baked goods).

If you’d like to donate pet food to Patrick’s pet food bank, adopt a pet, or  to help us at the rally, please give me a call or email me. Thanks for your generous support.  Below is our flyer.

flyer for rally


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