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A New Bed Pest

Beware, there is a dangerous Land Shark also known as a Bed Hog, that encroaches upon human beds and takes them over…once this infamous predator takes over, there is little chance for recovery

Photo 329

Once the Land Shark has found its way upon your bed and has its large rocklike butt near to your pillow, by your face, you can try these moves for possible success but do not budge a sliver or an inch or you will lose ground and then ALL will be lost and your place on the bed will be completely confiscated:

1. The push with both hands or wedge an elbow like a crowbar

2. Plop down right on top of the Land Shark with your entire body or your pillow

3. Cover the Land Shark with a blanket

4. Ask the Land Shark to move in a loud voice

The Land Shark has been known to respond in any of these ways:

1. ignores you

2. opens its eyes and looks bemused at your dilemma

3. refuses to budge one inch of space

4. may stand up and sit down in the exact same spot just to confuse you

5. a sneaky new trick is to stick its head underneath yours

If the Land Shark does NOT move away, it is likely that the next stage of infiltration will take place and you will likely experience:

being pawed in the belly region

licked, bathed and coated in saliva

a tail will be wagged directly into your face

a smelly toot sounding from its nether regions will emit directly into your face

If any and all of the above happen, it is useless to try to recover any ground. The bed is NOT safe for human habitation any longer.

Take the proper precautions or this too can happen to you.

Photo on 2014-01-13 at 02.33

Once the Land Shark has landed and taken over your bed like this, they are unlikely to move over any time soon.  And they may hide underneath your blanket to fool you but eventually they will pant and you will know that they are still there.

Good luck.


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her cuteness…

i was feeding her some bones the other day that I did not want her to chew up quickly, swallow too much of and choke on. she is very greedy and does not seem to want to chew them as much as I’d like her to. I thought that was what bones are good for dogs. oh well, here’s some photos from that fiasco. what do you think, she enjoyed the treat or not?  perhaps these photos show off a little bit more of her personality than previous photos?


she makes me laugh, every day.  Now she’s been sleeping in her chair bed the last few nights, guess she read all those stupid tweets about how sleeping with our dogs is bad for us humans. It is great for me to be able to stretch out and have the bed all to myself and I miss cuddling with her cuteness at night. Oh well…

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let sleeping dogs lie in your bed with you?

Cici has a new boyfriend… a golden retriever named Dallas she met yesterday. It was puppy love at first sight and then she smothered the poor dog with a whole lotta licks and kisses. Jumped on him and would not let go. Thankfully he enjoyed her attention. They wrestled a bit and it was good fun. Nice for her to play with another dog, it’s been more than three months. 

Now what are your thoughts on this subject,  sleeping  with your dog. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. If I want to get a night’s sleep, it is usually better to let her sleep with me. However, she takes up the entire bed and I am often left hanging on, clinging to the side of the bed. No matter how many times I push her over, she eventually ends up snuggling up close to me and taking over the bed.  It is enjoyable to cuddle and it eliminates having to take her out in the middle of the night. When she is on the floor, she wakes me up at all hours to let her out but when she sleeps with me, she does not need to go out. Go figure.I guess from the beginning I did it wrong according to Cesar Millan and others… oh well…


Now this is more like it…


oh please, sometimes humans are way too serious…


is this the cutest?



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