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Lucky Dogs book review

You Lucky Dog by Kate Kelly

Famous dogs and how they went from nobody to stars

This book is very interesting, tells the stories about all kinds of dogs….go behind the scenes to the real tales…

It is an uplifting compilation of true stories about homeless dogs that survived and thrived against the odds to become celebrities.

Dogs like Terry, the female Cairn Terrier, who had mean owners. She was born in 1933 in Alta Dena, CA and adopted by a couple from Pasadena with no children and no patience. She was not housebroken so the owners hired Carl Spitz who ran the Hollywood Dog Training School. He got the job done but the owners refused to pay the bill and did not want the puppy back so she stayed with Spitz.

Spitz took Terry on auditions to be in movies and she was hired to be in Shirley Temple’s “Bright Eyes.” Terry performed in five other films. Then Spitz heard about The Wizard of Oz. He trained Terry to become part of the cast. Terry was such a success that she made it into almost all of the scenes in the movie. Terry was paid $125 per week, more than the Munchkins made.

Terry’s performance as Toto was courageous and outstanding. She followed her directions like a pro. By the end of the film, everyone called her Toto and her name was changed to Toto.

Toto was best known for The Wizard of Oz but she went on to do seven more films.

She died in 1945 and a book was written to memorialize her.

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 10.19.24 AM

Benji was a shelter dog who also became a movie star. A veteran Hollywood animal trainer found the mixed breed dog at the Burbank Animal Shelter. The dog originally worked on the TV show Petticoat Junction. Every week, he learned different tricks. When the movie Benji was being cast, this dog hit the spot. His offspring were cast in the original films sequels.

There are many stories about Rin Tin Tin. Lee Duncan was his owner and trainer and obtained the dog who was born in Germany. When fighting ended, Duncan could not leave without the pups so he brought back Rinty and Nanette (his sister). He came back to California and got a job at a high end sportings good store in Hollywood.

Duncan trained the dog and took him to dog shows. Eventually the dog made 26 films for Warner Bros. Rin Tin Tin worked hard most of his life. Eventually, the stress got to him and he nipped someone on the set of a film. He died in 1932 but Duncan still had contracts for a dog. He kept the dog’s career going with Rin Tin Tin Junior and successive dogs.

Besides famous movie and TV dogs, there are also inspiring stories of dogs with extraordinary stories such as the dog mayor, Civil War mascot, the dog who delivered the mail, a dog who traveled across the USA by train, and a deaf bull terrier named Patsy Ann who became a harbor master in Juneau, Alaska. In Part Two, there are the stories of dogs who lived at the White House, starting with Bo Obama going all the way back to George Washington’s dogs.


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Pit bull mix attacked by Beagle

I live for the day this type of story is commonplace and makes the news.  It makes me ill to constantly see “news” stories that report that pit bulls mauled somebody or their dog. This story below is actually based upon an experience Cici and I had just yesterday. And Cici has been attacked at least five or six times. After she was thrown down on her back, throat attacked, blood drawn, Cici still wanted to play with the dog that attacked her. After her head was bitten by another vicious dog, she still has scars, she did not thankfully want to play with that dog.  Sometimes I think she is too forgiving. Don’t know if the dog yesterday was actually a Beagle because it was sort of old and brown and mangy looking. But suffice it to say that these types of stories never get reported, ever. Not now. But maybe someday they will.

Woman saves her pit bull mix from beagle attack

The Astute Press
SEASIDE, Ca. — A Seaside woman was walking her pit bull mix dog down San Pablo Street going to the store on Noche Buena when an 8 year old mangy-looking Beagle attacked her dog through an old dilapidated wooden fence. The owner of the Beagle apologized for his “overprotective” dog.  “He’s just an old guard dog doing his duty,” said the neighbor.

The Seaside Sheriff’s Office reports that 61-year-old Sue Grace was wary of walking on that side of the street because the Beagle had viciously tried to attack her dog once before. But the owner of the Beagle insisted that his dog was safe. She proceeded to the other side of the street after the man closed the fence door leaving the Beagle behind it. But as she and her pit bull mix proceeded down the street and passed the fence, the Beagle went crazy Wednesday afternoon.

Grace quickly pulled her dog away and went on her way. Her pit bull mix had been wagging its tail and wanting to play with the Beagle. But the Beagle growled viciously and tried to bite the pit bull through the fence.  Her dog, Cici, whines every time she goes by the street.  She still wants to play with the mean old Beagle.

In the past three years, 4 year old Cici has been attacked by a nasty Shiz Tzu, Cairn Terrier, mutt of unknown origin who got her by her throat drawing blood at a dog park, two Labrador retrievers, an unsocialized Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, and a Border Collie. She has played nicely with more than 600 dogs of many different sizes and breeds including poodles, Yorkies, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Dalmatians (she is part Dalmatian), Boxers, Great Dane, hound dog, Golden Retrievers (her favorite), Labradoodles, an Australian Shepherd she loved the most and many others.

Animal control does nothing about dogs unless they are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The pit bulls and pit bull mixes are blamed for the wrongdoing of other dog breeds such as malevolent Beagles even though American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier’s temperament testing studies have concluded that Beagles, Lassie (collies) and Toto dogs (cairn terriers) tested with scores below that of the Pit Bull breeds and mixes.


The American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS) conducts annual evaluations for all dog breeds, and pit bull mixes consistently rate higher than some of their more popular counterparts, including the Golden Retriever and Collie. Bully breeds also excel at the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training, which is a program that teaches good dog manners and responsible pet ownership.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), many dogs involved in attacks are incorrectly identified as bullies in media reports, which fuels the belief these breeds are always to blame. But the Center for Disease Control reports that the chow chow, German shepherd, Rottweiler and even the Yorkshire terrier have all been responsible for fatal attacks throughout the years, so it’s not a breed-specific problem.

Six US presidents have had bullies.
The executive pooch to Theodore Roosevelt was a bull terrier named Pete, but Pete wasn’t the only bully to garner good favor with a commander in chief. Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren Harding, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter have all called a bully breed their First Dog.

Nanny dogs
Bully breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier have a long history of being good with children and are often called “Nanny Dogs” in England thanks to their sweet and nurturing demeanor around kids. Bullies that are well-socialized and properly cared for are generally wonderful pets for children, as they are able to handle any rough-housing and are drawn to kids’ carefree dispositions.

can pit bulls even be heroes? yes, say many people who know and love them.

And the lesson learned from the supposedly most vicious dogs from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels have taught many is that even fighting dogs can become good canine citizens, therapy dogs and service dogs.



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happy halloweenie…

think it’s appropriate for halloween, a holiday where scary things go boo in the night, and some people are still afraid of pitties to share the links below plus our day at the mall.

today at the mall, cici got a lot of positive attention, as she usually does. she ignored five dogs, a really cute poodle, a huge dog of unknown breed, one poodle mix dog dressed up with antlers, they sniffed each other, and then there were two chi’s that were very loud and  cici barked back… guess who people looked scared of, uh huh, but the scariest boo moment was when this dyed pink poodle passed her by, cici’s tail went between her legs, she was seriously scared, don’t blame her…

it was also funny, people were standing in line wanting to pet her… typical comments: “she is adorable. is her name spot? she looks like the Lil Rascals dog, she is so sweet, calm. What a great dog. Love the spot on her head.”

tomorrow they will have a doggie dress up day, and we will NOT be there… I don’t dress cici up, she is a dog after all…

and if you still think pitties are scary, check out the links below:

which is the most vicious dog breed? dobie, pit bull, rottie, shepherd? http://www.cesarsway.com/dogwhisperer/episode-archive/season-2-episode-1

american pit bull terriers and staffies temperament tested nicer than beagles, toto, (cairn terrier), & lassie, (collie), http://www.atts.org/stats2.html

play the find the pit game, http://www.understand-a-bull.com/Findthebull/findpitbull_v3.html

What’s Up With That: Breed Specific Legislation


if you believe the headlines that pit bulls chew on children, infants, babies, then, you just don’t know the truth… pit bulls were bred as nanny dogs, to love children, to take care of and protect children…

cici loves babies, newborns, 3 months old, kids of all ages, she loves children…

ANY dog should be supervised, just like kids… and ANY DOG BREED can become unsafe if not socialized, if tied up 24/7 on a chain, brutalized and traumatized repeatedly. Animals, like humans, have feelings and will protect themselves from constant attack, eventually. Although, cici has been attacked by other dogs at least 5 times  and the worst she ever did was bark, growl, and hold a dog’s ear in her mouth (when three dogs were surrounding her barking, growling, snapping at her)…




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we love you, Martha Stewart !!!

on Martha Stewart’s daily wag, she wrote about pit bulls…about what loving overgrown lap and nanny dogs they are…


this is such a welcome post esp. since the marines, in their infinite devil dog mentality wisdom have banned pit bulls and other so-called aggressive dog breeds from marine bases… sure, as if dogs are the marines biggest problem…


here is what I wrote to one reporter of this story…

first of all, the military in its infinite wisdom has no problem sending young men and women into war and battles to die without proper equipment including armor… but they must protect military families from dogs??? I worked as a Newspaper Reporter in 29 Palms, and often followed stories at the Marine base there. The military leaders also had no problem with soldiers abusing their wives and children turning a deaf ear… but hey, it must be aggressive dogs that are the military’s most pressing problems. Basically, these breed specific laws are based upon fear and ignorance.

Most people do not even know what a pit bull is… can you find the pit at the link below there are photos of 40 dogs… which one is the pit???


2. I recently met three survivor dogs from Michael Vick’s kennels… all of these pit bulls (so-called aggressive breed dogs) that have been taken in by Best friends Animal Society, Monterey SPCA, Bad Rap and other animals organizations (millions of dollars spent to take care of them, a tiny percentage paid by Vick, who also has not made ONE inquiry into how ANY of the dogs are doing) have been trained and healed from the terrible traumas they were put through at the hands of violent psychopaths, including Vick, several of the dogs have become therapy dogs, and most are being adopted as loving pets.

3. Perhaps the marines should make sure that ALL breeds of dogs on bases go through such training or none at all… since

in a series of dog temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls had a passing rate of 95 percent.

These tests put different dog breeds through various situations. Some tests involved the participation of strangers. Any sign of aggression and stress from the dog resulted in a failure of the test.

Golden Retrievers scored an 83 percent and Beagles scored a 78 percent.

The American Kennel Club believes Pit Bulls are the ideal family pet and recommended the breed as an especially good dog for children.

The American Temperament Test Society continually ranks Pit Bulls better in temperament than many other breeds. The Airedale Terrier, Basenji, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Chihuahua, Collie, Dachshund(4 of 6 varieties), English Setter, Lhasa Opso, Pomeranian, Shar-Pei, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, and Toy Poodle all score below average and many more far below that of the Pit Bull. Even though these other breeds temperament score is less than average many would not even think twice in their ownership as a family pet.

My sweet rescue dog (3 years old) is part Dalmatian and probably pit bull… She is a loving and gentle dog who has walked away from three fights with other dogs who have attacked her, including a Cairn terrier (Dorothy Toto dog)… But hey, the military is not going to ban Toto from their marine bases, are they???

thank you, Martha !!!

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doggie discrimination in NYC…

great article about doggie discrimination on Huffington Post… plus his dog Louie is adorable…


he did not really get into polka dot discrimination and breed discrimination per se, the breeds he mentioned were rotties and big dogs, but hotels such as Doubletree Hotel discriminate against what they call ‘aggressive’ breeds… what the heck is an aggressive breed? a tiny little Cairn terrier attacked Cici the other day, that’s right, Dorothy’s dog Toto was a Cairn terrier… when the dog attacked Cici, what did she do, strike back with full power? No, she walked away… she could have done a lot of damage to the aggressive terrier but she did not… but given that Cici is part Dalmatian and part terrier (probably Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire), her breed is considered an aggressive breed… the people that discriminate do not take into consideration that ANY DOG of ANY BREED can be aggressive, and the stats prove that other breeds besides the ones considered aggressive are the ones that bite and can be aggressive…

like all stereotypes, the aggressive dog discrimination is just not based on FACT but on FEAR…

off to see the wizard…


spare US from this…



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