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Who let the pit bulls out?

Below is how to answer fear mongering anti pit bulls pro BSL letters/opinions published in newspapers…  Last week, the Orlando Sentinel published a couple of opinion pieces by noted and discredited pit bull hater Colleen Lynn… all about how safe Orlando will be when pit bulls are banned.

I wrote a letter to Mike Lafferty the Opinion editor and asked if Colleen Lynn should be banned from speaking about pit bulls and suggested that they pick more credible writers and also counter with differing opinions (which to his credit, they did, he informed me).

Here is how the pit bull community responded:

“We all want to live safely, including with dogs. With that purpose in mind, we should adopt policies that have succeeded, and avoid ones that failed.

Breed-specific regulation did not originate with pit bulls. Long Branch, N.J., banned the Spitz in 1878. Massachusetts banned bloodhounds in 1886. Australia prohibited the further importation of German Shepherd dogs in 1929.

None of these breed-specific regulations made communities safer, and all have long since been consigned to the dustbin reserved for government failures.”


“…This is how dog attacks happen. A dog is causing problems in a neighborhood, the owners are not responsive, people try to get somebody to do something and the people who are supposed to be addressing these issues (animal control or the police) don’t respond because there is no injured party and the threat to public safety isn’t abundantly obvious until the dog has either hurt someone or is threatening to do so right before the officer’s eyes.

“Today, the Sentinel ran an editorial from noted pit bull hater Colleen Lynn, who runs an organization called DogsBite.org., called “Banning pit bulls saves lives and protects the innocent.” She claims that pit bull bans will help keep communities safer because, in theory, the dogs that she thinks are doing all the biting won’t be around anymore. She cherry-picks a bunch of dubious statistics (for instance, she cites a dated CDC study that looked at dog breeds responsible for dog bites over a period of years that the CDC itself has said really didn’t prove much of anything; they’ve since stopped using breed as a way of categorizing dog bites because they say their findings weren’t really conclusive enough to draw conclusions) and some sensational information (for instance, she says pit bulls don’t let go of what they’re biting until they’re dead – which is why people sometimes say they are “dead game.” That’s a whole lot of malarkey, but also beside my point for now) and concludes that a pit bull ban would keep people from being mauled by dogs.”







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Border Collie is the first Dog to lead an Occupation

Border collies were bred to herd livestock including sheep. Border Collies are also noted for their intelligence. Occupy protesters are not known for being sheep, so it must be Shelby’s intelligence that prompted Occupy Denver to elect this 3-1/2 year old Border Collie mix as their leader. That and being pressured by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to name a leader in order “to deal with City and State officials.”

One of the organizers, Al Nesby, nominated Shelby as the group’s leader after filmmaker Michael Moore showed up and rubbed him the wrong way by refusing to follow general assembly rules. Shelby’s bodyguard, filmmaker Peter John Jentsch, was happy to comply and Shelby received a landslide vote.  Shelby maintains a strict protest against leashes and has pawticipated in the Denver Occupation for the past month. Protesters have already made an official request for Shelby to meet with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Denver politicians are probably scratching their heads wondering who let the dogs out.

But since corporations are now considered people, the Denver Occupiers feel that Shelby is closer to a person than any corporation: She can bleed, she can breed, and she can show emotion. “Either Shelby is a person, or corporations aren’t people,” said a Shelby supporter at the time of her election.

Shelby is getting her paws wet becoming a real political animal. It is expected that she will not condone any of the usual dog-eat-dog tactics.

Shelby exhibits heart, warmth, and an appreciation for the group over personal ambition that Occupy Denver members feel are sorely lacking in the leaders some of them have voted for on national, state, and local levels.

Newly-elected leader Shelby will be leading this Saturday’s Occupy Denver march against Corporate Personhood, and invites all other civic minded dogs (and their leash-holders) to join.

Cici and I would have really enjoyed a Pit Bull dog being named the leader of the Denver Occupation since pit bulls and pit bull mixes are banned in Denver. That would have been a real coup for the breed. It would take a special ambassador for the breed to lead that march.

Is YOUR dog up for becoming the SpokesDog / Leader of the Pack of your local Occupation?  Cici welcomes dogs of ALL breeds to provide leadership.What does YOUR dog occupy most of the time? Tell US Your Story (photos, too). Thanks.

Today is 11-11-11… time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away


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inside vs. outside dogs…

is your dog an inside dog or an outside dog?  I tend to agree with the blogger below about outside dogs… it is cruel and inhumane to leave a dog outside 24/7 especially chaining it outside… with no human contact, no social interaction…. this neighborhood where we are right now is a great example… whenever I take cici outside for a walk, she is bored and lonely in the yard, about 10 dogs start yapping away, they are confined to their yards and have nothing better to do but bark, sad… terrible… call the ASPCA, except I guess in this neighborhood, this is normal… too bad for the dogs.

one thing that cici does like is eating the grass in the yard and she likes to dig holes which does not go over well… she also likes to zoom around and take sun baths…

for now, I have no choice but to keep Cici outside, for a VERY temporary situation, but I take her for walks, take her with me wherever I go in the car, sleep with her outside in the tent, and we are supposed to be in the RV, but she didn’t like it, seemed afraid of climbing the stairs to it, and play with her in the yard… she’s very good and mostly does not bark, mostly she sits by the door and hopes to come in one of these times… wags her tail at whoever comes by the door, I feel bad… and cannot wait until the situation changes… cannot wait for me and my happy dog to be together INSIDE the house again…



just for fun… you know that you are a dog person when you sleep outside in a tent in the rain with your dog.. 🙂


a dog by any other name is still a dog…  now this is one spoiled inside pooch!!!  🙂


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Who Let My Dog Out…

She is being a real pest today… barking, growling, getting into trouble… ever have one of those days when you wish someone would let your dog out? what does she want? she’s been fed, walked, belly rubbed, check check check… chewed up two bones, we watched a movie together and she even got some popcorn, jumped on the trampoline, not allowed, slept on the couch, not allowed… she had fun with her kong toy, for about five minutes, when she’s inside, she wants to be outside, when she is outside, she wants to be inside, ok, she’s bored and wants to run and play and can’t yet, so what can I do, dog? I saw a coyote in the hills above the house this morning and when I left I did not leave her out in the yard… and this is the thanks I get, sheeeshh… It’s days like this that I say, anybody wanna dog?

A friend and I were talking about how dogs are like kids and how you just have to let go… ok, I surrender, I will lie on the floor and let her slobber all over me… somebody let my dog out… my inner canine says woof woof woof… she is whining now… can’t she just go back to sleep? nope, she’s climbing on the bed… ok, I let go, I surrender, ok, dog, you win… the vet at Best Friends Animal Society is studying dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Virginia to determine if dogs have feelings… well, my dog does. when she is mad at me, she puts her head under the bed and woofs/cries or barks, depending, to let me know that she is very dissatisfied with me or that her feelings are hurt or ??? your guess is as good as mine. any ideas, I’d be happy to entertain solutions…

Now she is doggy dancing on her blankie trying to find a good spot to lie down on… chewing on something, the other day she decided if I wasn’t going to give her whatever it was that she wanted, she would just have to do something bad, like climb the stairs… that accomplished, she got a Big No, and no attention, no treats… exasperating, soon she will likely lie on her back, become all cute again, and give me the alligator mouth… awwwwww… anybody, wanna rent/adopt a dog til then???


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