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Advocates for Women

I have been back in the hospital now for two weeks. Three blood clots on my lungs, breast cancer was ruled out and ovarian cyst to be determined. Without housing, how can I get better?  Sleeping upright in my car night after night, my legs swell and blood clots develop in my legs and travel to other parts of my body and basically could kill me.


I want to create a nonprofit called ADVOCATES FOR WOMEN, the mission is to create, build or find housing for women 50+ who are displaced and have dogs since no one else is doing this and too many tell the women to give up their dogs.

What would happen TO HUNDREDS OF DOGS IF EACH OF THE WOMEN GAVE AWAY THEIR BEST FRIENDS, COMPANIONS, and FAMILY MEMBERS???? (Not to mention what would happen to the women sleeping on the streets or in their cars without the protection of their dogs) ?


As the Big Sur Sobranes fire burns hundreds of acres nearby, there are all kinds of fundraisers going on to help the people who have lost their homes due to the blaze. These people deserve the resources that they require. Yet this highlights and proves what i have been saying all along that where there is a WILL THERE IS A WAY. When people actually WANT TO DO SOMETHING,THEY DO IT.

For the past two years since I have been without a home, except for when I had a camper to live in and roommates, I have met numerous women of the hundreds of women also without homes and been displaced due to ECONOMICS. I have NOT seen the community come together in the same way, doing fundraisers to build, create or find HOMES FOR single women without children, women who are not mentally ill, not drug addicts, not alcoholics, with low income, not working or cannot find work, with dogs, many over 50 years of age, some illl and who’s health has deteriorated without having shelter.

We want to create CARETAKERS VILLAGE,  Land or a lot can be utilized to place SHIFTPODS, yurts, RV’s, campers, trailers, tiny mobile homes, etc. to CREATE a village for women over 50 with dogs who need HOMES ASAP.

WILL YOU HELP US ????  it takes a village…to get this DONE.




Cici has been with Mark Anderson again at the Monterey County Weekly, now for two weeks.


This week, she turned 10 years old and Mark gave her a big bone to celebrate.



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meet and greet workshops…

does your inn or business have any meeting space?  maybe you are a group of professional women with or without dogs who are interested in a writing or publicity workshop.  If so, let me know… I want to offer small biz owners, CPA’s, lawyers, realtors and others workshops… (see info below)… and am looking for venues to hold the meetings for 10-25+ people approx… which would be great publicity for the venue (you)…   I would like to schedule meetings (four hours) perhaps Sat. afternoons in Jan., Feb, and March for starters… California venues preferably, but am open to venues in the Southwest in winter, other venues in spring/summer.  thanks !

1. PR on a Shoestring Budget
Do you have an existing business and want the world to know? But, can you afford to do PR/marketing?
Discover how public relations (PR) can assist you in growing your business, expand your bottom line and distinguish your business from the competition even on a shoestring budget. No matter what your business, PR is an organization’s most powerful marketing tool in this economy. Learn how to increase your perceived worth, and the worth of your company, in the eyes of your customers, clients and industry — all with an effective PR campaign. In this workshop, you will learn:

• The difference between Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
• How to Write Press Releases that Get Published
• How to Create an Impressive Press Kit from Scratch
• How to Develop Media Savvy (how to talk to inquiring reporters)
• PLUS, Expert Tips on Creating an Elevator Speech, Hiring a P.R. Firm, Networking for Profits and much more …

2. Power Publishing a Book: Turning Your Expertise Into Gold!

Do you have an interesting or unique life story? Are you looking for ways to increase your visibility, expand your credibility and enhance your image as an entrepreneur or businessperson?

Why not take your knowledge and turn it into a money-making book?

Maybe you’re an expert on weight loss or saving money on your taxes. Or perhaps you’ve traveled extensively through Texas and could write a traveler’s guide. Whatever your knowledge, and whatever the topic, one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is to write a book!

If you’ve ever dreamed about writing a book, but thought you lacked the time, tools or training to get published or the confidence to give it a try … stop making excuses! You’ve just found a workshop that will help you get started (even if you hate to write)!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

• Find a topic for your book and start writing
• Locate an agent and/or book publisher
• Write an effective query letter
• Negotiate contracts, royalties and advance payments
• Plus, book proposals, self-publishing and more …

Call or email me, thanks !


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women writers with dogs…

don’t forget to  enter the contest, only a few days remaining…


My dog is a natural, white with black spots, pretty in polka dots…



came across this site about women with dogs…  dogsforwomen.com


and several books about women with dogs…


Shaggy Muses, a book about the dogs that inspired famous women writer such as Virginia Woolf, Emily Bronte


A Three Dog Life




Women Writers and their Dogs


(have not read any of them)


and I have read and met Natalie Goldberg, author of Zen Howl, and Writing Down the Bones, none of her books are about dogs, they are about writing… and she is funny, smart and wonderful… 





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