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washington wineries going to the dogs

If you are traveling to Washington state with your pooches, you might want to check out http://www.visityakima.com/wine-doggies/

for info on pet friendly activities and wineries in Yakima valley, Washington’s wine country… do Washington wine country with your four legged friends!

there is a winery walking doggie tour, events, doggie stories, a blog and more…


The wine doggies site does list a few places that offer pet friendly lodging, and if you click on some of the wineries and go to their sites, you may find listings of lodging like this, not all specify whether they are pet friendly or not…


Teepee lodging…

enjoy an evening around the campfire before snuggling into your own private 20-foot tall teepee. Experience the romance of the West in cloud-like beds with fluffy down comforters and turn “roughing it” into a luxurious experience.

Barbeque grills, compact refrigerators, separate super-clean and private water closets, along with an open-air shower round out the amenities.


pets welcome… guest house provides comfortable, spacious accommodations for up to six adults.


pets allowed


dog on duty


Walla Walla Valley, WA
Vineyards in the Walla Walla wine region grow in both Washington and Oregon. More than 100 wineries are in the region, get a listing of close to 40 that are dog-friendly. Be sure to take the pooches to Durham Cellars  … their red and white wines are named for their beloved winery dogs and ‘hospitality committee’, Konnie and Maysy, two border collie mixes.




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a man and his dog… and a dog travel network…

Curtis and his dog lugnut sit at a rest area in central oregon. When a car drives up and the people get out of the car, he greets them happily and offers to clean the bugs off their windows. He is courteous, polite and upbeat, even pleasant… He is living in a weekly motel with his dog, a pit mix. The donations he receives from people keeps him off the street and fed.  Enterprising.  get this man a yurt.

cici wants a yurt… buy this dog a yurt… her own yurt. my own yurt.  a yurt to call our home…

Some interesting dog travel blogs including where to find the dog friendly beaches in Italy.











We are now in Grants Pass, Oregon… and may stay here a few days and camp out this weekend… hah, says Cici… I am not sleeping in a tent… and I am not allowed in the campground yurts… oh well…

we are staying at the Sunset Inn in Grants Pass on Sixth Street… Stephanie and her mom have been filling me in on all of the chocolate venues (three) in town besides the wonderfully delicious Cary’s toffee place… Stephanie’s mom said Cici looks like her dog in Hawaii… and we also talked about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  Am looking forward to new chocolate sampling… yum yum…

now here’s more about the Sunset Inn… I stayed at a Super 8 the other night for $80 and got a sorry tiny bagel, no cream cheese… while here at the Sunset Inn, they actually had real bagels, the everything bagel, cheese bagels, a variety of bagels and with cream cheese… and they gave me a $5 gas card, the room smells fresh, none of that motel smell, and the shampoos are eco friendly.  Plus, Stephanie gave me a toothbrush kit and they have other types of kits for shaving, sewing, etc. and told me about where other yurts are in the area and parks where I can take the cici bug… and there is hot chocolate and coffee throughout the day in the lobby… now why don’t other motels give folks amenities like these?

i love this photo because every time I go out of the car, cici goes and sits in the driver’s seat as if she is going to drive the car… she usually waits patiently for me to return… on occasion, yesterday, she would not move over and wanted to drive next to me, the car is too full and there was no room, but a girl dog just wants to cuddle with her mom while driving… or lean her head on her mom’s shoulder or arm or lap. awwww…

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gone with the cici…

cici decided that she wanted to investigate (tear apart and take out to get to the squeaky) the middle of her floatie toy this morning… so much fun to chew it up and spit out the stuffing all over the place… so here is the new improved version according to cici…

the middle is in the trash but she still has the round ropy blue part, the terry cloth and rubber part for more hours of fun… later she chased after a Golden retriever named Wally at the lake…

today, we had to say good-bye to our yurt boo hoo, miss it already… well, cici will be happy to sleep indoors again with me tonight… but it was a really great experience camping out in a yurt… slept better than in any motel… out in nature… healthier… met lots of people, some with dogs, some who want to take cici home with them… many who gave her treats, she received 10-12 treats yesterday, a record… a huge one from the guy at the gas station, at least five from Hope at HomeFinders (if you want to buy a home in Florence, Hope, Randy, John the Surfer, Kathy and Bert are the people to talk to, they are the best !)  a few more from other campers…

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camping in a yurt …

Cici and I are finally staying in a yurt, well actually I am staying in the yurt, she is not allowed… the yurt is quite spacious…

We camped out Saturday night at Sutton’s Lake near Florence, Oregon. Got the tent put up, got the air bed inflated outside the tent and could not get it inside… duh… so I slept outside the tent and Cici slept in the car… there were a lot of dogs there and squirrels, birds, and fun trees to sniff… I kept her under the blanket and then put her in the car for safe keeping… 🙂

Sunday I remembered that there are yurts in campgrounds in Oregon so I decided to check it out and asked at the Visitor’s center, and voila, was told that there were some in the area. I went to Honeyman’s camping area, was second in line and someone on the phone was asking about a yurt. The gal told them that they don’t reserve on the phone and that there was one yurt available… so I scooped it up for $29 last night… it’s big enough for a family of 4-5-6 … and it has electricity and a heater. Cici was not thrilled to sleep out in the car again… I checked on her in the middle of the night and she was fine after that.

I tethered her outside the yurt this morning and she played with two young boys from the yurt next door… squirrel stalking is her favorite activity… she was sniffing and digging and whining at the squirrels to get them to come out and visit with her to no avail…

Now we are out and about in the town… we met up with a couple yesterday also who had a Staffordshire, almost all black, cute as a bug, tried to take photos but the dogs would have none of that… will email them and see if they will send her photo.

We also made lots of friends at the campgrounds… being my social butterfly, she has to lick everyone…

And I had an amazing hot fudge sundae at BJ’s… the best ice cream flavors ever, kahlua crunch, coconut, s’mores and others… it was hard to choose, but they were all good (I had samples)… they make their own ice cream, too. I also put some of the candied popcorn on top of the ice cream and that was yummy.. they also have salt water taffy, which I did not try… nor the brownies, cookies, etc.   they were also willing to give me a dog cone but not free like in Mendocino…

This is a pretty pet friendly place though… lots of dogs galore… the campground is filled with people and their humongous RV’s, trailers, motor homes and all kinds of vans and motor toys…

there is a lake that we have not been to yet, but we went to the beach several times and my beach dog played ran around chasing after sticks.


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when harry met cici…

Cici has a new beau… from our undisclosed location we drove near to yosemite, to a little town called mariposa to visit a gal named Melinda who is building a healing center… the road was VERY tricky and windy up to her place from the town but from 99 to the 41 in fresno to the 49 it was quite lovely… very refreshing and inspiring to see green trees again…


when we got here, we were greeted by the welcoming committee… first, star bear, a very large dog (part Malamute and border collie) put his paws on the car and peeked in to say hi… then irene the hound dog said hello… jenny rose the lab joined in and then we made our way out of the car and harry met cici,  it was puppy love at first butt sniffing…


Harry is a six month old Queensland Heeler…  and cici is still a young gurl, so they bonded instantly, jawing, wrestling, licking and rolling in the dirt and there is quite a lot of that here… cici’s new halter is quite dusty now… she immediately jumped into the filthy pool and swam in the water.  really warmed the cockles of my heart. and i was greeted to find out that we would have to leave early this morning… a fine welcome…  I came here to find out about becoming a caretaker, I think not…

still, there are two yurts going up, a fabulous view from this mountain, cool fresh air and we had turkey burgers for dinner, after dinner entertainment was provided by harry and cici… and soon star bear wanted to get in on the action… jenny rose was the only one who did not seem to appreciate the attention that cici garnered from the two males… irene was not all that thrilled, either. 

we visited the yurt after dinner and all was fine until two neighbors dogs came along and looked like they would attack cici, we hightailed it through the garden, as a precaution and made our escape back to our tiny cabin… it was off to bed at about 8 but of course we did not actually fall asleep until about 3 am, and we got up around 6… cici does not seem to do well sleeping when windows and doors are open and she can see wildlife… star bears came and sat on our porch to protect us and cici wanted to play with him… and she was restless… there were two tiny beds, one a couch, and i thought she would sleep on that and i on the bed… she ran around, trashing the blankets, trying to get settled to no avail… then she decided to come visit me in my narrow little bed, plop she goes… we have not slept together in a tiny single bed since last year, she cradled my legs… then she was off again to the couch… then back to me at some point, where she cuddled my head… and took over the bed… i went to the outhouse, actually it’s a small bathroom with a compost toilet, and came back and there was cici in her usual place in the middle of the bed… the bed is a little high off the ground and i did not want her to jump off of it, so i tried to move her, finally got her and me where i wanted, cuddled in my arms, she was shaking slightly, and we finally fell asleep…  had some weird dreams…

this morning, we arose at the crack of dawn, and I went outside to go up to the main house to go to the bathroom, and the dogs greeted us good morning… star bear first, of course. then we had a nice breakfast, cici and harry played and chased cats and we were ushered on our way… 

we were going to hang out in Mariposa but I was utterly unimpressed (been there before, too) and decided to take the 140 to merced which I thought was madera… we had stayed in a motel there last year. got to merced and realized I was in a different place and decided to head up the 99 a bit and we got off in Turlock, saw a sign for a motel and they take pets, and here we are… my back will mend, nice to stay in a non dusty queen bed, with wireless internet and all of the amenities of modern life, a  tv, phone, etc.

we may go back to the coast in the morning, we shall see… for now, we will rest… cici needs a bath and she met a new friend at the gas station, where they have a taqueria and pizza place.  the pizza guy took care of her while I ran in to get a burrito… very nice… 


don’t forget Gone with the Wind… who played Bonnie Blue?




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free weekly giveaway ends tomorrow… yurts anyone?

ok, you have one more day, the last few days no one else has submitted any entries… which makes us think that we should give people a shorter amount of time… for the next giveaway, you will have a day or two… Internet time is faster than real time…   we have some wonderful new surprises and resources coming up… 

yesterday, while writing about yurts and affordable and alternative housing for my blog for the Seattle newspaper, I came across two cute photos (below)… a dog in a yurt and a couple of llamas in a yurt…since I don’t yet know how to post photos there, and since they are animals, thought I’d post them here for you to enjoy… and if you don’t know and want to know what a yurt is, visit my other blog below (hint: a yurt is a round or circular or dome housing structure used by nomads in Mongolia, Russia and even in the USA)…  am thinking that they will come in handy on some land for the K9 healing center, some yurts for the animals, a yurt for myself, for staff and guests… yurts are in campgrounds across America, there are yurt bed and breakfast inns, and yurts have endured extreme weather such as snow, rain, and heat… they are extremely affordable… portable… and easy to put up, good for emergency relief shelter, nomads, dog kennels, dog weddings, mobile offices, writer’s retreat, artists studio, dog camps, doggie daycare and doggie education centers.  Women writers with dogs retreat and healing center… 

If anyone would like to donate land, yurts, expertise and other resources for the doggie healing and education center, please let me know.  we will need to set up a 5013c non-profit status, grants, and donations… am going to announce a Creative Expression contest this week which will help launch and fund the healing center so get in on the ground floor, for the pups. 








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Dog friendly beaches… from Oregon to California…

ok, getting back on topic, traveling with my dog this past summer…We loved Ashland, as mentioned in my post about Silly Rabbit way back when. Medford was ok. The drive from Ashland to Brookings was very scenic, although the temperature was hot hot hot. 

We found a nice lake in Ashland near Dagoba. The folks there were gracious, gave us a few samples and directed us to a place to cool off. Cici jumped right in the water and splashed her little heart out while I watched. There was not a good place for me to be in the shade and the water was too muddy for my taste but refreshing for my dog who had been in the hot car. Splish splash.

Just north of Medford, in Grants Pass, we stopped at Cary’s, known for its English Toffee. Delish !  We received a warm welcome and free samples. They had just been featured on Rachael Ray’s TV show.  The deep dark chocolate toffee is fantastic so I was a happy camper. Cici had to stay in the car, so she waited patiently and sulked. 


Brookings, Oregon was just plain strange. It was a relief to get to the cool ocean breezes and Cici was anxious to meet some doggie friends on the beach. But first, we stopped in at the Travel Center at Harris Beach State Park. They have a campground with four yurts and there is a beautiful rest area (the best we have ever sniffed anywhere).  It took some convincing and asking several people for permission to visit the yurts, but we managed to view a yurt that they use for kids. The other yurts were occupied by campers. The campground was brimming full of people, too claustrophobic for my taste. Isn’t the point of camping out to get away from everything, including people? 

The beaches from Astoria to Brookings are havens for dog lovers and their four-legged companions, who happily swim in the ocean, dig in the sand, and nap on the beach, according to the hype. The day was cloudy and overcast but we endeavored our way down the stairs to get to the beach. Cici sniffed the entire way, licked some feet of passersby, and we made it onto the sand. The coolness was invigorating and there were a few dogs with their humans. Cici wanted to play with all of them but settled for a large dog (mixed breed). The two pups rassled and chased one another across the wet sand and into pools of water while we humans chatted. Boring. 

Afterwards, we got a bite to eat at three places, a health food place, friendly people, ok carrot juice, and an Italian place, had a sad chicken parmesanlike sandwich. The third place is not even worth mentioning, that’s how bad it was. We had high hopes for chocolate but there were no venues worth mentioning. We were going to rest our sleepy heads in Brookings but the place frankly gave us the creeps. I love small towns and thought that the rest area would be safe. It was still daylight. The motels were not dog friendly and expensive. So it was not to be for us to stay overnight. There were a lot of restless adolescents (gangs) who seemed to be looking for trouble. So spur of the moment, we decided to head south.

Driving back down the coast is extremely twisty, windy on the 101 and on top of that we had weather to contend with. Thunderstorms with litning to boot. It quickly became dark and country dark, which is the darkest dark there is. Tiny towns with no accommodations, either. No place at the inn for me and my pup.  Sure, most people plan ahead  but me and my dog were flying by the seat of our paws. When you do that, you get a mixed bag. Wonderful discoveries and odd happenings. 

If I had done some research, could woulda shoulda found out about other places. We were going to go up to Gold beach but changed our minds. Oh well, another time…





Imagine, B&B’s that allow pets…


and Pet friendly vacation rentals


Finally, after much prayer and supplication for somewhere to rest for the weary, we found a youth hostel in the middle of nowhere. It was full to capacity and then some but we were able to camp out near their parking lot. They locked the gates so that no one could get inside and we felt safe at last. Cici slept in the car while I grabbed my sleeping bag and got some shuteye on the ground. 

The next morning, early, they opened the gate for us ahead of time, and we were off. We flew down past Arcata and Eureka, checked out the wildlife along the way,and the city of Ferndale, revisited the Avenue of the Giants and hunkered down for the night in a Redwood Forest. If you have never been to the Giant Redwoods, go immediately. The hushed forests are enchanting and magical.


The next day we headed down to Garberville, revisited new friends at a friendly gas station there, had a fabulous brunch, got on the Internet at the library. G-ville is a hippie enclave town, much like Sebastopol near Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay.  We checked out the parks, they were pretty small.


According to wiki, The first settlers arrived in 1853 to what was then named “Dogtown.”

We checked out the One Log House… This tiny house was made out of one log and has an eating, sleeping and living area, sort of like a train compartment, only bigger. There is also a cafe where you can get on the Internet for free there. Cici sniffed and ran around on the grass. 


After awhile, we made it to Ukiah, back to the Motel 6. But first, we made some friends at the Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland.  Cici enjoyed her usual run around and meet people, sniffing and licking feet every step of the way. 


Tours of the Solar Living Center allow people of all ages to learn about solar and wind power, environmentally friendly building materials, passive and active solar design in architecture, and organic gardening and permaculture. Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Self-Guided Tours of the Solar Living Center are always available during business hours. Stop by the office to pick up a free self-guided tour brochure.


U.S. and Canada Beach Guide for Dogs

There are about 270 of 1,500 beaches nationwide permit dogs…

Top Ten Dog Friendly Beaches



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